Your Compatibility With A Man And The Very Destiny Of Your Relationship Is Written In The Stars...

     Ever since the dawn of time, people have been relying on astrology to help them navigate the uncertain waters of love.

     For most of the world’s history, men and women didn’t “date” or have multiple partners over their lives.

     They had just one shot at love, so they did everything they could to make it a success.

     And the best, most reliable way they did this was by turning to their astrological charts.

     And trust me, as someone who has studied and practiced astrology professionally for almost 20 years – accurately decoding and communicating the wisdom of the stars in no easy task.

     But when done right... it’s the most powerful tool you can possibly use to ensure you have a loving, deeply satisfying and peaceful relationship.

     When an astrologer reads your chart, he or she is able to uncover a TREMENDOUS amount about your relationship today, where it will be tomorrow, and WHY it makes you – and your partner – feel and act the way you do.

     You can find out important things like:

  • If you feel passion or “chemistry” with a man, and if those feelings will last, or mislead you into staying in a relationship too long.

  • If you have the same sensibility – if you can agree on small things like what wallpaper to buy, and big things like your core values.

  • If you have an innate ability to understand each other and to meet each other’s needs, or if no matter what you do you’ll just feel frustrated.

  • If your man can handle you when you’re emotional – if he can reassure and comfort you when you’re upset, angry, or depressed, making you feel loved even when you’re not “perfect.”

  • If you’ll bring out each other’s best, and help you to become better than you already are – or if you amplify each other’s insecurities.

  • If you share a sense of purpose, or if over time you’ll drift further and further apart.

  • If you have that special “wow” or “zing” that will make you feel that “in love” feeling for life – and if he feels it, too.

     I’ve literally read thousands of charts and seen them correctly reflect exactly what was happening in relationship after relationship, and had women of all ages and walks of life tell me what a comfort and relief this specific, ancient knowledge can be…

Now You Can Get A Personalized Reading From An Experienced Astrologer... Without Spending A Ton Of Money Or Leaving Home!

     I’ve been using the complete, accurately interpreted technique for over ten years.

     It’s the most detailed, comprehensive, specific proven astrological tool I’ve ever encountered in my almost twenty years as an astrologer. In fact, using it in my private practice is the single most fulfilling part about my job, and is the #1 reason I love astrology.

     Armed with this technique using the astronomically correct calculations of this amazing system, I’ve been able to help women in over 5,000 private sessions interpret the wisdom of the stars to ensure their romantic happiness.

     This system ISN’T based on misleading information from comparing Sun signs, or mere “planet to planet” techniques.

     It INCLUDES the specific, CRUCIAL information about birth place and time of day.

     And it’s rooted in Vedic astrology – the ONLY system of astrology that has a compatibility technique that reveals how you and a man will actually FEEL in a relationship.

     And the best part is, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, an astrologer no longer needs to meticulously calculate your horoscope by hand (which, believe me, used to take astrologers hours and hours, causing them to easily make tons of mistakes...).

     Now a computer program can do the calculating in a matter of minutes.

     Seriously – it can generate 729 different combinations that make you and your man unique. A professional like myself will then take the combination you form and interpret what it all means in your relationship.

     But here’s the exciting part...

     While it’s great to spend private time with a personal astrologer if you have hundreds of dollars and tons of time for all the guidance and insight...

     Now, with my “Right Man Reports,” you don’t need an astrologer at all – not even me!

     This report contains up to eleven pages of detailed insights into your compatibility, as well as the very energy flow of the relationship itself...

     Just as when I give a private reading, I cover 15 areas that reflect a relationship’s many facets, explaining the positive things you’ll experience if these areas work between you and the negative if they don’t.

Here’s How It Works

     It doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that finding out if he’s the “right man” for you is easier than you think!

     When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to my secure order page for your credit card information. Your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

     You'll have 7 full days to try it out before you have to decide if it's for you... If for any reason, you decide it's not for you, simply let me know (and KEEP the report!) and I'll give you a full refund. And because I want as many women as possible to benefit from the insights contained in this report, I’ve priced it at just $19.97 per report.

     Going to an astrologer for this kind of information normally costs 5 times as much!

     It’s that easy! With this report, you will find out how compatible you are, why you feel the way you do when you are with him, and if your relationship would be a positive, fulfilling one in the future. It’s a no brainer!

Don’t Decide Now...
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     This is a special opportunity.

     You’re going to be able to use the things that you'll learn in your report to create instant changes and “shifts” in your love life that will either make you more successful in a relationship, or give you more peace as to why a relationship didn’t work out.  

     This report may have that one exact “piece of the puzzle” you need that will change things for the better with the man in your life… but I want you to be absolutely sure about it.

     That's why I'M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU TO fully commit to it until you've had a chance to read it and see for yourself what it can do for you.

     When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can download the report right now (just use a valid credit card for your order...).

     Read the report from cover to cover and you'll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your love life. I promise.

     Take 7 days to read the report and start applying what you learn.

     If, after you've read the report you decide that it's not for you... or you didn't find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you'll receive when you download your report, write “cancel” in your message, and we'll refund you all of your money. And you can KEEP the report. (Because it's digital, and you can't actually "return" anything.)

     If you'd like to keep the report and do find it valuable, you don't need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed.

     I truly want to help you make your relationship the best it can be. I work with women every day who are DRAMATICALLY happier and at peace in their relationships because of this amazing knowledge and I want to help you, too.

     Order My Right Man Report - Risk-Free For 7 Days

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     My favorite thing about being able to offer this to you, is that, as the testimonials clearly show, I’ve personally witnessed this information bring instant clarity and great peace of mind time after time after time...

     Women are AMAZED by the level of detail and specificity of it. They’ll say, “Wow – you mean I’m not crazy? That’s EXACTLY how he makes me feel...” They’re so relieved to learn that much of what to them has felt SO personal, is actually not – it’s like they’re living out a script that was written just for them and the object of their affections. It’s no longer this way because “he doesn’t love me,” or “I must be doing something wrong...”

     It’s just the deal.

     But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out what people I've used this technique for in sessions have to say about the accuracy and peace of mind my Right Man Report created for them:


Hi Carol,
I recently met a lovely man, a Gemini. I am a Taurus! I didn't know he was a Gemini until about the third date. We got on so well and had a beautiful connection. When he told me he was a Gemini, my heart sank. I managed to find out his date/time of birth and I sent for your report. When the report arrived it told me everything I felt already - that we were compatible. It was great how it told me about any possible problems, of which there are few. We have a fantastic wavelength score! It got me thinking and I wondered how many women join dating sites and dismiss men because they are the 'wrong' sign. I wish your work was more widely known. There must be so many women missing out on potential happiness because of misinformation. Your report put my mind at rest. Instead of worrying about the (so-called) pitfalls and problems of a Taurus/Gemini combination I'm concentrating on the beauty of my new relationship with a wonderful man. I have the biggest smile on my face as I write this because I am so in love. Thank you again. Much love to you.

 - Anna


What a relief too look at all of this in reality; your report was wonderful. It really was accurate. It's like a burden is lifted off our shoulders when you realize how discombulated it is the way people have traditionally looked at composites and given the whole relationship over to that... I have been following astrology like that for 17 yrs. and you are right!!

Best to you,

 - Susan


After reading both mine and my husband's charts, Carol perfectly described our different decision-making styles and offered me ways to increase the harmony in our relationship. For example, I'm quick to make up my mind and move forward, whereas he needs to weigh the possibilities, analyze all the variables, and then come to a conclusion. Ugh! Used to drive me crazy. But with diplomacy, humor and warmth, Carol helped me realize that neither way is superior. I found it fascinating that she could glean this info about us from our astrological charts.

 - T.M., Journalist, Carlsbad, CA


Carol's session was helpful to me because when my most serious relationship had fallen apart, she charted us and came up with the (FRIGHTENINGLY ACCURATE) fact that we had switched roles, and that was the problem. It was so comforting to understand that the problem was in how we complemented each other instead of me imagining that I had a slew of painfully unattractive personality tics. Phew.....

- A.T., TV Writer, Los Angeles, CA


For everyone I date, I would consult with Carol. For the last person I was involved with, she helped me admit to myself all the things that were in the back of my mind as red flags. When you’re dating someone, it takes a while to assess all the little things that aren’t necessarily right. It’s nice to hear it from someone else, especially when these ‘little things’ are inherent in a person. If someone is not capable of being a good partner for me, then isn’t it better to know that as early as possible?

- D.V., Publishing Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL


Carol helped me gain perspective on a crumbled relationship by confirming the undeniable attraction my ex held for me and also summing up his flaws and pointing out that the unhappy side of the relationship wasn't going anywhere. She helped me get closure and I moved on to happier times.

- T.H., Executive, Santa Monica, CA


Knowing from Carol that my husband has a very methodical and analytical thought process (which causes him to take more time to consider decisions) has made me realize that I can slow down my impulsiveness and not rush him through our joint decisions.  Also, Carols' Vedic reading indicated that we are highly compatible and she had affirmed my husband would be an excellent partner for me before she ever met him.

- R.L., Homemaker, Los Angeles


Carol did a compatibility reading for me and S. a very long time ago which turned out to be totally accurate.  She predicted that S. cared for me a lot but was not romantically or sexually attracted to me and would not be interested in a relationship with me.  It wasn't what I wanted to hear, and I was not in a place at the time where I was able to stop trying to make it happen, but it turned out to be right.

- B.H., Computer Programmer, Austin, TX


Carol definitely steered me straight with the Vedic reading regarding my long- term off and on again ‘boyfriend.’  For so long I always wondered when the right time would come when we would be in sync and he would finally fully commit to me.  Then the reading!  I then understood from our charts that we were meant to be friends and that the connection we had and continue to have is more intellectual than emotional.  What a relief to not beat myself up about it anymore.  I no longer feel rejected but, instead, appreciated.  As always, thanks Carol!!!

- M.H., Executive, Manhattan Beach, CA


Thank you so much for doing a compatibility analysis for M. and me.  Using Vedic astrology was cool as it illuminated some areas I wasn't aware of from other astrology readings and provided lots of detail I'd been missing.  Though things had been challenging, your reading gave me the peace of mind I needed as well as insights into how to handle our relationship dynamics in order to take it to a deeper level.  It has really helped!

- K.M., Store Manager, Los Angeles, CA


Through Vedic astrology Carol offered a clear explanation of why the unfulfilling relationship I was hanging on to for years was so powerful and challenging to leave. She identified and clarified the key issues I had struggled to understand about myself and him that years of therapy never got close to, which allowed me to move on and open myself to a new life. Thank you, Carol!

- M.M., Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA


Carol Allen has helped me understand my relationships, and put them into perspective so many times!  I don't take things personally and can forgive, and move forward so much easier, having the richer, deeper understanding Carol's Vedic astrology counseling has provided me.  With much gratitude, I would recommend her and her methods to anyone.

- S.P., Financial Broker, Santa Clarita, CA 


As much as I didn't want to believe it, Carol was right about the man in my life. Our relationship was as impossible as the stars predicted. No matter how much I tried, it was inevitable that his life path and chart made it virtually impossible for us to get along. If you want to save yourself some time, and most of your glorious energy, get a reading and get a life.

- H.H., Mortgage Broker, Scottsdale, AZ


A few years ago you told my spouse and I a few very helpful insights. First you explained that although we seemed to be opposites in many respects i.e., my partner is more aggressive or pro-active in life – ‘go out and get it,’ while I seem to have a more laid back, ‘take it as it comes’ approach, we are compatible enough that we balance each other, instead of our styles being too different to work. Second, you explained we seem to be ‘off ‘as far as our communication. We both tend toward being ‘nice’ and not saying how we feel until it finally explodes out. Knowing this we first of all understand one of the dynamics of our relationship way better and we both try to be more ‘up front’ with each other.

- C.H., Consultant, Clifton, NJ


When I came to Carol with the birth data of my boyfriend of 4 years and my own, I thought she'd help me fix the relationship. Instead, she told me they were the most incompatible charts she’d ever seen and proceeded to describe our relationship in such excruciatingly accurate detail that I was speechless. It was as if she'd been living with us for the last few years. And this was the first time I'd met her!  She said, ‘If you choose to stay with him, understand that he’ll never change and that you must accept the relationship exactly as it is. If you can't do that, then get out as fast as you can.’  She gave me the strength to finally leave what was truly an unworkable situation. Without Carol I may have lingered for years. Do I recommend her? Hell yes!

- A.N., Filmmaker, Sherman Oaks, CA


My husband and I are very different – we were nothing like what we both expected to end up with. We have different backgrounds, eating habits, lifestyles, education levels – the works. But we got along so well, that I couldn’t seem to let him go, but I couldn’t commit to him either. Carol told me we had some of the best compatibility she’d ever seen, and helped me to feel confident that we could have a good life together despite our differences ‘on paper.’ We’ve been married ten years now and I can’t imagine ever having found someone better for me.

- C.T., Massage Therapist, Berkeley, CA


I don't hit date three without checking Carol Allen's 'Right Man Report.' It gives me inside scoop on my potential Mr. Wonderful. It's the bomb!

- Rhonda Britten, Emmy-Winning life coach of NBC's "Starting Over" and author of four books, including Fearless Living.


Hi Carol,
I am quite excited ! I am just checking 'the right man report' with a relationship that I had difficulty with--although spiritually and in all areas - we are o.k. yet it was difficult to the point that we had to just be friends. Your report hit the nail on the head.
Amazing. You're a blessing--where have you been all my life?
Thanks, Love, Joy and Overflowing Blessings,

- E.


Wow, I looked at the report. Soooo much was right on the money. Even some of it was word for word with what my partner has told me in emails or in conversation.
Much of it is stuff that we have really had challenges in. Goals, respect, security, temperament. We have spoken about separating, just detail work... Anyway.
Thanks again,

- S.T.


I heard Carol Allen speak on interview CD with Christian Carter and bought Carol's ebook & also a compatilibity chart with someone I briefly dated (and it was spot on and confirmed 'bad' things). Thanks!

- A.D.

     Trust me, you’ll feel a HUGE sense of relief to know that these dynamics are NOT ALL YOUR FAULT... That you SHOULD be feeling the way you feel – overly attached, like you can’t be yourself, that you are more invested in things, that there are constant obstacles to be overcome despite incredible passion with him, etc. and that, with the right solutions for your specific issues, there are things you can actually do to make things BETTER.

     So, if you’re struggling in a relationship, or wondering how much romantic potential you might have with a man (or MEN!) you feel drawn to, or are still wondering about someone from your past that you think may have been HIM, you really can find out how things will “play out” between you to help you decide if you should continue to pursue a relationship and give it your “all,” or if you’ll just end up knocking yourself out for nothing.

     Wouldn’t it be great to find out – without having to do it the hard way? Without going through good old “trial and error” – that expensive, exhausting, emotionally trying way most of us do everything...

     Think what it could do for you to understand your relationship, or potential relationship, quickly and easily without having to go through so much effort, in a way that could save you years of doubt and heartache.

     Think of the pressure that would take off of you (and him!) to understand your connection for good and bad at last.

     Think of how much time and energy you’ve wasted in your love life confused, wondering, resenting, wishing things were different, waiting for things to change...

     What if there was a way to stop all that? What if there was a way to find answers without dragging him to therapy, calling his mother behind his back, interviewing his old girlfriends, or breaking into his email?

     Well, now there is. Order your “Right Man Report” right now and find out what it can do for you.

     Just click this button to download your personalized Right Man Report for your 7-day trial:

Download Your Personalized Right Man Report

     If you have any questions about the Right Man Report, or if you have any technical problems with our website or your order, just go to our Support Page to send us an email and we'll get back to you with an answer.

     And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!


     Carol Allen

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