Create Here Your Vedic Astrology Chart

Use the form below to create your Vedic Astrology chart and find out the positions of your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign. Then, listen to my “Signs Of Compatibility” program to understand what it means and how to better your love life with this information (Don’t have Signs of Compatibility? Go here for more info)

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(Charts are calculated using the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology, and will differ from Western astrology by roughly 23 degrees. The method of measurement or “ayanamsa” used is called “Ardra, Galactic Center” and is very similar to the Lahiri ayanamsa, the official ayanamsa of India, though slightly different. The two charts above are the same, just displayed in different formats. The word “Ascendant” in the box, means the rising sign, or first house of the chart. In order to print the charts, make sure you click somewhere in the charts, then simply go to menu “file” and select “print.”)