Why It’s Hard To Get A Gemini To Commit

By Carol Allen

You’ve probably heard that anyone born a Gemini is supposed to be two-faced or have a “split” personality – so you just can’t trust them.

I’m here to tell you that’s all just hype… But one thing is certain, and you’ve probably heard it before:

Those born under the sign of Gemini (whether it’s their Sun, Moon, or rising sign) love variety. And freedom. And change.

Which is why they often get a “bad rap” when it comes to relationships, which is too bad because when they’re good, there’s nobody better.

These are some of the friendliest, most positive, most interesting people around.

In fact, take them to a party with 100 people and give them an hour, and they’ll have connected with each person about something by the time that hour is up.

But here’s the thing… Gemini is considered one of the most difficult of all the signs of the zodiac to pin down (i.e., get to COMMIT) as their energy is considered more sensitive and changeable than any other.

They’re known for preferring to bounce from thing to thing and be lifelong dilettantes, gathering a little of this, and a smattering of that – staying “Jack of all trades and master of nothing” for life.

The real problem is, they’re just so darn good at EVERYTHING that they don’t want to limit themselves to just ONE thing. You see, the “mutable signs” are the most adaptable and flexible – interested in everything (and sometimes EVERYONE) and multi-talented.

Hence, they’ve been known to change jobs, partners, and residences, often.

“Since he’s a sucker for communication and media, get ready to text your twin lover like crazy.”

The “air signs” are the most intellectual, so if you’re in love with a Gemini, you’d better let him do lots of talking.

If you’re a Gemini, be sure to pick a man that WORSHIPS your mind… It’s exceptionally fast, so the real challenge will be finding a man who can keep up!

These are natural researchers and life-long students. They’d read the phone book since they just LOVE to read, as Mercury, the planet “in charge” of Gemini rules literature, media, communications, language and speech.

NEVER seem disinterested in what they say, what they write (they make excellent writers) or what excites them mentally.

(Which will be LOTS of things…)

To find a Gemini, hang out in bookstores, seminars, game stores (Mercury is the planet of skill and play), travel films (it’s the natural sign of short trips), and newsstands.

Since he’s a sucker for communication and media, get ready to text your twin lover like crazy.

In fact, a great gift for him would be the latest cell phone with Internet connection, games, and the ability to play videos (of you!).

He’ll love technical gizmos, so have all the latest video game equipment, the most cutting-edge wide-screen, high-def, flat television you can afford (with Tivo and cable), and a fabulous sound system.

Then have them all turned on at once.

Be sure to have an active social life and several magazine subscriptions, or your Gemini man may start to feel restless.

Exercise is a MUST.

If you’re a Gemini gal, this will be one of the few things that can actually quiet your mind. And if you’re involved with this whirling dervish of a man, his brain may ZING, ZIP, and ZOOM around so much that he can’t sleep.

If you pay attention to his mind, join him in his hobbies, and engage him in lots of conversation, you may find that those nasty rumors are all lies – he’s easy to pin down after all!

Which is great, because while life with your Gemini may be unpredictable, it will NEVER be dull…

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