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What more is there to say?

I’m sure you’ve been amazed and perhaps even agog at the outpouring of love and appreciation the world has shown over the loss of this beloved mega-musician a week ago.

I don’t remember this kind of reaction to the death of anyone ever – not even the weeks when Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died so close together. (Of course, we didn’t have social media then…)

I’ve never seen buildings and bridges and cityscapes all over the world lit up in the color of a celeb before (probably because no other celeb has ever had their own color!), entire cities have spontaneous dance parties, SNL dedicate an entire show to one person (unless he was a former cast member, which Prince obviously was not!), or so many other famous people come forward with every anecdote, handwritten note, and funny story about someone so intensely.

(Ever seen Stevie Wonder cry on CNN? Or heard of a celeb’s TWO ex-wives be so completely heartbroken at their passing so many years later? Me, neither…)

This guy was L-O-V-E-D.

It’s like he wasn’t just “Prince” – it’s like he was King of the World!

(Many millennials and kids unfamiliar with Prince and his massive contribution are apparently like, “Huh? Why all the fuss over this guy?”)

I was in high school exactly when Prince was becoming PRINCE… and it’s been bittersweet to be reminded of what a massive presence he’s been in our time.

I’ve been loving listening to his music again… and remembering how racy some of his songs and videos were.

I saw him in concert once when I was 17, and was so blown away by it that I wrote an essay about the experience for a local junior college newspaper.

I was shocked a year later when the editor of the paper called to say he’d submitted my essay to a statewide journalism contest and it had won.

It was the first thing I ever wrote that was published anywhere, so you could say that even little old me was powerfully impacted by His Purple Highness!

So WHY was he so talented, so successful, and so one-of-a-kind? And so androgynous, so sexual, and so philanthropic?

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?


Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7th, 1958 at 6:17 p.m. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

And his chart is soooo him. (But of course!) Check this out…

In Vedic astrology (which uses astronomical calculations that differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), this made him a Taurus with the Moon sign of Aquarius, and the rising sign of Libra.

While his signs make TOTAL sense to me (especially his Moon and rising sign – the Air signs are always so multi-talented, and Aquarius is so innovative, humanitarian, and workaholic…), there are more powerful things about his chart that just make my jaw hit the floor.

For any of us to have something MAJOR going on in our lives – to be very talented, wealthy, sensual, powerful, or any of the things associated with Prince – there must be MANY factors all “stacking up” at once.

It’s never just one influence that will create a “for sure” result.

(So if you or someone you love has one or two of the things I’m about to share, it doesn’t mean you’ll be a rich rock star or crazy womanizer – so please read all the way through before you compare yourself or anyone you love to the details below…)

Prince was born when the “shadow planet” of Rahu (also known as the “North Node of the Moon”) was in his rising sign, the sign of Libra. When Rahu is in the first house like this, it makes a person very well-known with a big presence and power to attract intense attention (thus, it’s one of the influences that led to his fame).

(Interestingly, when Rahu is in the rising sign it’s known to cause “hard to diagnose and hard to treat” illnesses in the childhood, and Prince was born with epilepsy and even had seizures. One day he told his mother that an angel had visited him and told him he would no longer be sick, and his symptoms stopped.)

It’s also not surprising he was an artist (and known as “The Artist”) given that both his Sun and Rising Sign are “ruled” by Venus, the planet of the arts… (and sex, and fashion, and luxury living – all things also associated with him).

Venusian people always have a great interest in the arts, even if not artists themselves.

The Rising sign of a person is the thing most noticeable about them and has a great deal of impact on their identity and image.

Libra is the sign most associated with music.

And it happens to be the sign of partnership… And, boy, did Prince like to “partner.” (I’ll get to that later…)

In Vedic astrology we care more about how planets, signs, and sections of the chart (called “houses”) create combinations we call “Yogas.”

A simple “yoga” involves counting how many signs the five major planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) and the Sun and Moon are in.

This has a great deal to do with forming the foundation of a person’s personality, character, and interests throughout their life.

In Prince’s case, he has something quite special…

All of his planets fall into six signs, which means the five main planets and the Sun and Moon each is alone in a sign without the others except for in the case of the Sun and Mercury which are together in Taurus.

This yoga, also known as “Wreath” or “Garland Yoga” (indicating a string of merit or success) is said to make a person extremely special, wise, and generous with others.

Ancient books are quoted in my favorite astrology book ever (“Core Yogas” by my teacher and friend, Ernst Wilhelm) as saying:

“One born with Garland Yoga has great patience and learning, gets contented to see his treasure (i.e., achieve their goals), is inconstant, kind-hearted, and the most excellent person. One is generous, philanthropic, devoted to public welfare, obliging, a benefactor, and extends a helpful hand to all. One is very liberal, bold, courageous, famous, affluent and red-lettered (meaning special or auspicious). Wise and rich he is. One will be happy and foolish.”


The other main indicator of a person’s identity and image is the Sun, and not just the sign it’s in, but the house.

Prince had the Sun in Taurus in his 8th house.

The 8th house is the part of the chart that indicators things that are hidden and unseen… for this reason it’s associated with scandals, drama, and extreme ups and downs.

It also happens to be the house of sex. The 7th house (and 7th sign – Libra again) is partnership (as in,  marriage contracts, and business partnerships) but the it’s the  8th house and 8th sign that are associated with sex and “private parts.”

Speaking of private parts, there are many astrological influences that led Prince and his image and music to being so sexual. He was linked to legions of lovers (many of them celebs themselves), and had two ex-wives.

Sheila E., a former bandmate and lover released a memoir a few months ago, claiming they’d been engaged but that she didn’t like how much he pushed her to be sexy (in her style of dress and the racy lyrics of the songs he wrote for her) and the constant “harem” around him.

In the charts of great lotharios, there are usually combinations of Mars (the planet of passion) and Venus (the planet of sex and indulgences) and Rahu (a.k.a. the “north node of the Moon” – an eclipse point – the “planet” of obsessive focus).

For example, Bill Clinton has Mars and Venus together in his Rising Sign, and Rahu in Venus’ sign of Taurus… Tiger Woods has Mars in Venus’ sign and Venus in Mars’ sign (Scorpio, the sign of sex), with Rahu in Venus’ sign of Libra… Arnold Schwarzenegger has Mars and Rahu in Venus’ sign of Taurus, Jesse James has Rahu and Venus together in the same sign. I could go on and on.

Prince had combinations like these, too. He had Venus is in Aries (a sign ruled by Mars) and Rahu in Venus’ sign of Libra.

More than that, though, is that Venus is in a section of Aries that is the Vedic sign of Bharani, one of the original 27 signs of Vedic astrology.

No kidding, Bharani is symbolized by a vulva… (I am NOT making this up!) and is ruled by Venus… so Venus being in a sign ruled by Venus was almost as though Venus was DOUBLY powerful in his life… like he had TWO of them.

When a man (or a woman, for that matter!) has one of the major indicators of sex in Bharani (like Mars, Venus, the Sun, or Rahu) you KNOW they will be highly sexed. (Madonna has Mars here, and she WROTE a book called “Sex” and posed naked all over it, one with her body angled so all you SEE is her vulva…! And if you’ve seen one of the limited edition copies released in the early 90s as I have, I’ll meet you at an upcoming AARP meeting!)

But wait, there’s more… Venus wasn’t alone in Aries in his chart… it was also with Ketu, another “eclipse point” also known as “the South Node of the Moon.”

Venus/Ketu people have unconventional love lives that often undergo sudden changes “out of the blue” and reverse themselves. They are extremely open-minded when it comes to relationships and are here to enjoy “unbounded love…” (In other words, beyond the constraints of commitment or monogamy.)

So these multiple sexual and open-minded combinations are why Prince’s style, demeanor, interest, and art centered around sex… his songs covered topics like masturbation, deflowering underage girls (he often got involved with teenagers, including his first wife who was 16 when she became one of his dancers), and even bisexuality. He even put a recording of him having sex with a former flame, the actress Kim Basinger, in the middle of one of his songs!

(Just today I read that an ex-lover took him to court in 2003 for his borderline-criminal sexual behavior with her, claiming her had a sex dungeon and was into super kinky stuff, like bondage, whips and chains, and total domination. None of that is illegal, unless participants are there against their will…

She insisted he had sex parties in which he locked women up in cages! Hmmm…. that’s exactly the lyrics of a hit song by a band Prince once fronted, produced and made famous, The Time, called “Jungle Love”: “I’m gonna take you to my cage, lock you up and hide the key…” (And, oh gee, I just looked it up – Prince wrote the song!)

She went onto say he demanded she be “on call” at all times, and that women at his sex parties call him “God” while he punished them – all things he vehemently denied…  He was known for championing women professionally – his most recent band was all women – but when it comes to this sex stuff I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t be surprised!)

Why? Well, not only were his stars super sexual, they were super dominant…

They fall mostly in masculine and fixed (unyielding and stubborn) signs (something GREAT for lasting success, by the way).

(Interestingly, despite being masculine signs, his Moon and Sun both fall into Vedic signs that are considered “gender neutral” and his rising sign – Libra, a masculine sign – falls into a Vedic sign that is feminine… thus his often feminine and gender-bending clothing and hair styles.)

But more than that, as I said he had the Moon in the sign of Aquarius… in a section of Aquarius that is a Vedic sign called “Shatabisha,” (which also happens to be one of the most open-minded and unconventional of the 27 Vedic signs… Shatabisha people are always here to break the rules and forge their own way).

One of my mentors always said that people with the Moon in Aquarius were super entrepreneurial… calling it one of the “Power signs.” (Interestingly, Michael Jackson had his Moon in Aquarius, too! Just not in Shatabisha…)

The Moon sign, specifically the smaller constellation of the Vedic sign, is the most important thing to look to for a person’s emotional nature and psyche.

Shatabisha is the most powerful of the three Vedic signs in Aquarius, called “The King of the Constellations” (kinda crazy that a man with the royal name of “Prince” would have his Moon sign be here – but even more amazingly, the man we called “The King,” Elvis, did, too!) written about in ancient books as “giving the power to pervade over all and support all.”

The main thing that made Prince “large and in charge” (though he wasn’t large) and more like a king than a prince, is he had the planet of dominance, Pluto, taking center stage in his chart by being EXACTLY conjunct his Midheaven point.

(The Midheaven point is a point of sensitivity in the chart that typically falls in the 9th, 10th, or 11th house… Prince had it in his 11th house in Leo, almost exactly opposite his Moon in Aquarius.)

Amazingly, when Pluto is with a person’s Midheaven point (especially in Leo! The sign of royalty, after all…) it makes them long for power, and to empower the people around them (as Prince so often did!).

This is a big reason he was the boss of his musicians, doing all the arranging and band leading musically, and the boss in his biz – insisting on owning all his copyrights.

It’s truly this Pluto/Midheaven combo that is why we saw the world respond to Prince the way it did for so long, and why we are seeing this incredible reaction to his death… A blog called “Astro Arena” has an amazing write up of Pluto on the Midheaven in Leo that sounds EXACTLY like Prince.

Get a load of it here: “An enormous presence characterizes these people from as early as high school (Prince formed a band with a fellow classmate in high school, and landed his first record deal shortly thereafter)… There could be an intimidating quality about them. Pluto/Midheaven people have a reputation for being forces of nature in some manner… They smash barriers in their field, with a firm sense of determination and lack of fear. This air of power heightens the strong feelings they provoke in their community. They may be the target of total obsession, seeming to truly drive others into a frenzy of devotion, hatred, admiration, envy, or primal lust.” (In his case, “others” seems to mean the whole flipping world!)

I mean, can you believe that??? I gotta tell ya, whenever people tell me they don’t believe in astrology, I just laugh! Makes me wanna say things like, “Yeah, I don’t believe in food… Let’s all just stop eating. Ha!)

When Pluto is opposite a person’s Moon, it makes them extremely private and secretive, causing them to have a hard time trusting others.

Privacy and introversion can also be seen in Prince’s horoscope by Saturn being in the sign opposite his Sun (which also helped to make him have an incredible work ethic and standard of excellence)!

Saturn/Sun people also tend to be thin, and extremely concerned with their appearance… he would not perform unless dressed to the nines.

Saturn is in Prince’s second house, the house of speech and food. Interestingly, it’s the planet of restriction and discipline, and when here it causes a person to be quiet and to not eat much – and to be very disciplined with his diet, which he was known for. Hence his lifelong thin frame, and famous shyness and awkwardness in interviews.

(Apparently, he loved to throw parties – a very Venusian thing – but drinking and smoking were forbidden, and only healthy foods were served. Friends joked they’d go grab a hamburger before going over to his house, knowing he’d have nothing they’d want to eat… And even though his home had a nightclub on the premises where he’d often perform!)

Sadly, there’s another reason Prince was secretive and private…


Although we all initially heard Prince was ill in the two weeks before his death due to the flu, it’s come out in the last week that Prince was abusing prescription pain killers. The salacious website, TMZ, reported that he was treated just a week before his death at an emergency room for a drug overdose.

An overdose of pain killers can sure look like the flu… a medical website describes Percocet, the prescription pain killer he allegedly was on, this way:

“High risk for addiction and dependence. Can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.”

An alleged former drug dealer of his confessed to the Daily Mail in the U.K. that Prince used opiates for decades. (Of course, this man’s story and identity have not been verified, and many of Prince’s colleagues and associates swear it’s not true… but the article is utterly convincing, and in light of his sudden, mysterious death it sure answers a lot of questions…) And as I type this, “Variety” reports that prescription pain killers were found in Prince’s possession and in his home by police at the time of his death.

I’m sure you’ve noticed “Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol and all manner of Mind-Altering substances” is part of the job description of Rock Star.

It’s cliché, because it’s so common…

Can addiction be seen in the stars?

Of course… and again, Prince’s stars light the way to this obvious conclusion in numerous ways.

When there are issues with drugs in a person’s life, they always have some significant indicators showing sensitivity… and compulsivity.

Prince has both.

This can be seen through Rahu again, and Neptune.

And Prince had Rahu and Neptune together in his Rising Sign.

Rahu brings obsessions, as I already said before, but it’s also the indicator of anything that intoxicates us. When Rahu is connected with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign, it always sets a person up to be compulsive in some way, and is commonly seen in the charts of addicts. And Rahu was affecting all three in Prince’s chart.

(Michael Jackson had Rahu with his Sun… So did John Lennon, who was famously high on pills and drunk throughout the sixties and seventies. He and Yoko also admitted to using heroin over a period of time.)

Prince had Rahu impacting his Moon, too… It’s the ruling influence of his Vedic Moon sign, Shatabisha. And it aspects his Sun, so it lends its energy to all three of the main things in his chart that matter.

As for Neptune, this distant outer planet makes people dreamy and creative and romantic, but also makes them want to escape reality, and live in a dreamy state.

(Neptune is known as “the king of disguises” and the rising sign most indicates our appearance – this is part of why Prince’s clothes were more like costumes, and he switched up his appearance so much.)

Opiates will take a person to that dreamy place, for sure! [I took a friend to get a colonoscopy – my most Type A, “in charge,” uptight friend. As her dose of synthetic heroin (Dilaudid, rumored to be Elvis’ favorite drug) was wearing off she said to me, “They could have done ANYTHING to me and I wouldn’t have cared… I would have given them everything I own to make that feeling of pure peace and euphoria last.” YIKES!]

So I fully expect the results of Prince’s autopsy to pinpoint drugs as the lethal culprit in his early demise.

Yup, it was Rahu, Neptune, and Shatabisha that were to blame.

But he wouldn’t have been HIM without those.

And he wouldn’t have been the humanitarian he was, either.

Shatabisha’s higher nature gives it the goal to “rid the world of problems…”

People with the Moon here either have BIG problems, or they strive to SOLVE big problems, or both – hence, Prince’s big-time involvement in funding extensive charitable activities.

(His funding of a company that put Solar panels on homes, and another that created programs to educate children in how to be coders is SO Aquarius, the sign of innovation and technology!).

I should probably mention that Princess Diana (who spent all of her professional energy on charitable work) and Paul Newman (who gave hundreds of millions of dollars to numerous charities through his Newman’s Own food company) both have the Moon in the sign of Shatabisha, too!

So, I’ll state the obvious by saying Prince was clearly a complicated guy… Creative and talented beyond measure, generous and wise, with a dark side and all too human frailties.

In spite of being a veritable “force of nature” and enduring presence on the cutting edge of popular culture for so long, he was human like the rest of us, and his number came up.

He was in the planetary period of Mercury, a planet found in his 8th house – the house of death… And he was on the last leg of a 7 ½ year Cycle of Saturn and in his “Saturn Return” – both a time in which none of us “gets away” with our bad habits or unwillingness to face reality and heal our lives any longer.


There is so much to tell, that I’ll cover that in another newsletter soon. (See? Even I am doing more for Prince than I’ve ever done before – writing about him in two parts! Stay tuned…)

Lastly, I must mention that according to New Age thought the color purple is purported to be the highest frequency color – associated with the crown chakra… And it’s been associated with royalty for hundreds of years (Queen Elizabeth forbade anyone but members of the royal family to wear it!)… so it only makes sense that Prince would claim it as his own.

RIP, Sweet Prince… we will not see the likes of you again. You leave a huge legacy of music and memories behind, and will always be remembered as one of the greats…

I wish his many friends, family members and fans peace and comfort. When we think of him, let’s GO CRAZY and Party Like It’s 1999…

May God and His planets and stars shower you in purple love!

Carol Allen

P.S. Prince’s tragic early death brings to light a terrible trend going on… Death from prescription pain killers is now one of the leading causes of death in America. According to the Center for Disease Control, deaths from Opioid Pain Relievers now exceed deaths from car accidents annually… Between 2001 and 2014 the death rate from prescription pain relievers increased 3.4-fold. If you think you or someone you love may have a problem, please seek professional help!

P.P.S.  If you’d like to learn more about the amazing Vedic zodiac (are your signs extra charitable, sexual, or dominant? What do they reveal about you and those you love? Find out!) go here.

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