Vedic Astrology Compatibility

By Carol Allen

Vedic Astrology Compatibility

I have been studying and practicing Vedic Astrology for a very long time… And one of the things that fascinates me about it is that using an ancient, yet powerful compatibility technique, I’m able to look into any relationship and break it down into fifteen steps – explaining why some aspects of your love can be so right, while others can be oh-so-wrong.

This compatibility technique is the one used in the Right Man Report and it’s helped thousands of women make the most of what their stars have in store… just by understanding all fifteen elements of their compatibility with a man.

Below I summarize some of the most critical of them, so you can have an idea of how important and powerful they are in your love life.

Obstacles (known as “Vedha Kuta”)

When you have the connection of “obstacles” between you, you’ll face constant challenges in trying to be together. As soon as you overcome one problem, another arises. Other lovers, family dramas, money dilemmas, geographic distance, unsupportive friends and health issues seem to plague your love at every turn, getting in the way of your ability to make a full life together, no matter how much you both want to. When “obstacles” aren’t present between you, you’ll easily be able to overcome any outside interference and join your lives.

Misfortune (known as “Rajju Kuta”)

When you have the connection of “misfortune,” it’s difficult to relax and enjoy each other or your relationship. Just as you start to get comfortable and cozy, it’s as if you trip over a landmine — a big drama seems to hit out of the blue. You won’t even know what happened — who said what, or how it started — but you’ll suddenly feel torn apart and extremely upset. This can reveal itself as a lack of shared goals, constant confusion as to what you’re supposed to do together (Should we just be friends? Should we get married? Should we get divorced?) and an endless “one step forward, two steps back” gyration to your romance. When you don’t have the connection of misfortune between your stars, you enjoy a far greater chance of being able to have your connection easily unfold and grow.

Respect (known as “Strii Diirgha”)

When you don’t have the right balance of “respect,” it causes a role-reversal relationship. The woman will feel like she’s always the one trying to convince the man to be with her. She’ll feel more invested in the relationship, and like anything that happens between them, it’s because it was her idea and she made it happen. By the time he calls or makes a plan, she’s frustrated. Over time this makes a woman feel unloved, and a man feel pressured — like no matter what he does for her, it’s never enough. This can take a while to notice, but over time will really erode the once-good feelings you enjoyed. When you have the right balance of respect between your stars, you’ll naturally be close and connected. The man will attend to the woman and in turn, she’ll appreciate him.

“We all have a true self under our “social mask.” It comes out in times of crisis or extreme stress, or during the more intense aspects of physical intimacy.”

Excess (known as “Nadi Kuta”)

We all have a primary fundamental disposition with which we react to the world — emotionally sensitive, fiery and high-strung or analytical. In love, it’s best if two people complement one another. If you’re the same, you’ll amplify each other’s tendency to feel intensely, react impulsively or think too much, hence the term “excess.” So, two emotional types become excessively emotional together, making everything a bigger drama than it needs to be. Two fiery types get easily annoyed and irritated by one another, and can’t stop arguing. Two intellectual types will put everything under their mental microscopes, and question and evaluate every move they make together. If you and a lover are of different energies, you won’t trigger each other in these ways and will feel more secure and at ease.

Temperament (known as “Gana Kuta”)

We all have an inborn point of view that has a great deal to do with our values, beliefs, attitudes and ways of being. Unlike with the last step, “excess,” it’s best if you and a partner are of the same temperament. This allows you to have the same sensibilities and tastes — you’ll laugh at the same things, want to see the same movies and agree on everything from politics to wallpaper. Best of all, when you share temperaments, you truly GET each other — when you’re upset, your partner will understand, and when you’re hurt, there’s no need to explain yourself. You won’t freak each other out or shut each other down, and so you will feel connected even through tough times. When you aren’t of the same temperament, however, you’ll both feel you have to explain yourselves too much — or that you just don’t understand each other.

Instinctive Compatibility (known as “Yoni Kuta”)

We all have a true self under our “social mask.” It comes out in times of crisis or extreme stress, or during the more intense aspects of physical intimacy. When you and another are compatible in this way, you’ll be able to bond through intense experiences (like between the sheets) and stay close and connected during difficulties. Your instinctive nature can be disruptive to someone else’s, just so-so or very harmonious. Very harmonious couples have the most mind-blowing sexual connection, while couples that are disruptive to one another may find themselves disappointed or bored with this part of their relationship.

Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Magnetic Attraction (known as “Vasya”)

Sometimes two people seem like true soul mates. They feel a magical “wow,” that defies logic and reason and is obvious to everyone around them. A couple can really be in love without this extra celestial blessing, but if this is also present, they’ll have an extremely hard time resisting one another or staying apart if they should ever break up. (Yes, even Brad and Angie have this!) If you have this with a lover, then you’d better be compatible in other ways or you’ll both feel over the Moon, but miserable at the same time. The old, “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em” syndrome…

Sense of Purpose (known as “Mahendra”)

Couples that have the connection of “sense of purpose” feel just that — a deep feeling of meaning and satisfaction that grows and grows with time, making them feel they truly belong together and are “meant to be.” Even if they have a lot of disagreement or differences, they’ll share a strong bond that will draw them back to each other again and again. Like “magnetic attraction,” it can work against a couple, causing them to feel that they have to work things out even when they shouldn’t… But if their compatibility is otherwise good, this gives them shared goals and that “this is it!” feeling we all long for.

Assertive Pressure

Ideally, two people come together as equals, and share a healthy balance of power in which both of their feelings and opinions matter. When you have the same level of force as your mate, this naturally occurs. You both have a say in your lives, and can find a happy solution or compromise to any issue. When one of you has more “assertive pressure” however, this will be a problem. The more forceful of you will naturally always get their way, and the other will constantly give in or feel powerless in the face of what their lover wants. Over time, the less assertive partner will become increasingly resentful, and will usually leave, citing this as the main reason why.

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