Is He The Right Man At The Right Time?

By Carol Allen

How Astrology Compatibility Will Help You Find The Right Man?

Susan came to see me because even though she was married to a great man and had been with him for several years, their marriage had hit the ultimate test: She’d fallen for someone else.

And so she was in terrible agony, torn between two loves. If you think having no love is hard – try being torn between two. It’s worse.

She sat on my couch and told me her sad tale of woe, and I ran to my computer and looked up her astrological compatibility with both her husband and her “forbidden” love.

And the choice was clear – it wasn’t even a question…

The chart said her husband was the better man for her, and that if she left him for this other man, it would never work.

Not only that, the boyfriend’s chart was pretty darn impossible for relationships and showed that he’d end up hurting just about any woman he is with, no matter how good their compatibility…

Wrong Guy, Wrong Time

And as if that all weren’t enough, Susan was in the most challenging, painful, “love-blocking” astrological cycle that is the worst possible time to start a new relationship and guarantees it won’t work out.

This is caused by the planet Saturn and is no darn fun.

So, in terms of the two of them – his ability to do relationships – and the point of view of timing, there was no way this infatuation was going to end well.


I begged her to forget him. I told her what the stars said. I tried to explain to her how to get over an outside obsession and recommit to her marriage.

But her heart and mind were already decided. She broke up with her husband, moved across the country, and gave what she thought was a “soulmate” a try.

And a few heart-broken, drama-filled years and five break-ups later, she was sorry…


“There are five ‘critical keys to love’ that must all be fulfilled for love to last.”

Time Will Always Tell

So, why had I been so sure? How could the stars be that correct? Was I just a super genius or psychic or something?

Didn’t Susan have free will and couldn’t her love for him be enough? Here’s the deal…

There are five “critical keys to love” that must all be fulfilled for love to last. The first and foremost one is: “Can both people do relationships?” Susan could, but lover-boy could not!

The second one is: “Is the couple compatible?” They weren’t…

And the third one is: “Are both people in good timing for love?”

Susan was not – she was in a “love-blocking” Saturn cycle that makes people fall for the wrong people, and any relationships begun during this time often take great sacrifice and involve tremendous loss… only to leave us alone in the end.

Save Yourself The Pain of Heartbreak

These Saturn cycles are so powerful and challenging, often leading women to do just what Susan did – go for the wrong guys and put all their hopes in the wrong relationship only to end up hurt – that I created a thirty-year report about them to help you plan and make the most of them, and not end up getting let down.

The methods I use in my Cycles of Saturn report are not my invention – they are many thousands of years old and have been passed down from guru to disciple, and father to son for generations, and I’m just blessed to have learned them.

How Astrology Compatibility Will Help You Find The Right Man?

And it’s my privilege and responsibility to pass them on to you.

Don’t be like Susan. Don’t leave a good man for the wrong man. Don’t make major life decisions when the tide of timing is against you…

To have your report ready in minutes, go here: Cycles of Saturn. Discover what would take you possibly years of heartbreak and disappointment to figure out on your own.

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