WTH? Johnny Depp Got Married – Astrology Tip of the Week….

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Did you hear the news? Johnny Depp and his gorgeous fiance and “Rum Diary” costar, Amber Heard, got married in February not once but TWICE (at their home in L.A. and again days later on his private Island in the Bahamas.  Yup, Jack Sparrow style!) 

Yeah, me niether… I heard he hurt his hand a couple of weeks ago on yet another “Pirates of the Caribbean” shoot, but completely missed the ridiculously massive story that he GOT MARRIED. 

(Is it me? Am I just totally out of it? Yes… And, yes, I realize I never covered Cameron Diaz’s speedy wedding in January, either. Ugh. So many celebrities – so little time…) 

Anyhoo – my hair dresser has moved to a “classier” salon and no longer carries trashy magazines (sigh) and my hubby does  all the shopping these days (LOVE THAT – thanks, Honey!) so I’m never near a magazine rack, and so am TOTALLY out of touch, and months behind on the happy celebrity happenings. 

So – let’s catch up with the excitement, and find out what the stars have to say about Captain Jack/Willy Wonka/The Mad Hatter marrying his oh-so-glamorous twenty-eight year old beauty… 

And let’s check how their stars hold up against Johnny and his other longtime loves, Vanessa Paradis, and Kate Moss (and see if they hint at why he never married them). 


Johnny has always been a lover of love, and as much as he could have always been a swashbuckling ladies man (see what I did there?), he’s always been a relationship guy, marrying very young to a very young hair dresser (for just a couple of years), and later becoming romantically linked to Winona Ryder. 

They were together for years, and he even tattooed “Winona Forever” on his arm (and cleverly had it altered to say “Wino Forever” after they called off their engagement). 

After Winona, Johnny spent four Tabloid-tastic years with the super model of super models, Kate Moss. Theirs was love at first sight, according to Moss, and she cried for years after they broke up. (It’s always a huge shock when those movie star/super model couples don’t work out, isn’t it? Aw, now that wasn’t nice. I’ll try to stick to the facts going forward.) 

Soon after splitting with Moss, he was besotted with French actress/pop star Vanessa Paradis, with whom he spent fourteen years, and had two children. They never married, but were massively famous all over the world (bigger than Brad and Angie in Europe, apparently) and lived for many years in her home country of France. 

It’s much more common to live together and have children out of wedlock in France than in America, and when asked why they didn’t marry Johnny would always say there didn’t seem to be a need for it – it was “just a piece of paper” but that they would if Vanessa wanted to – but that he didn’t want to ruin her “excellent” last name. (He had a great point there.) 

But, as is so often the cliche, he married the next girl that came along… (So don’t fall for that “piece of paper” excuse, ladies!) 


At first glance it’s easy to see why Johnny is such a relationship guy, and why his relationships are long-lasting, in spite of the glare and pressure of fame and public scrutiny and endless opportunities and temptations everywhere he turns (I would imagine!). 

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) Johnny is a Taurus with the Moon in Sagittarius, and the rising sign of Cancer. 

Tauruses LOVE being in love, being the natural second sign of the zodiac, the sign of family and being “ruled” by Venus, the planet of love and romance (he also has Venus and Mercury there, which only strengthens this, as Venus indicates how we love and Mercury indicates how we think). 

What’s nice is that most of the planets in this chart fall into FIXED signs (having planets in Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) giving him the capacity to stay attached and fully focused on one person. (Look for that, if you’re still “looking,” that is!) 

(BTW, this also is a “success yoga” – a combination of planets that makes a person successful, and able to stay successful for a long time, as Johnny clearly has. 

Despite the fact that his last movie, Mortdecai, was a total box office failure, and many of his recent films weren’t big successes, he’s not going anywhere any time soon… In face, he’s in a WONDERFUL Jupiter cycle for the next several years, and it’s in the oh-so-successful 9th house in one of its most powerful signs – Pisces – in a Vedic constellation called “Revati” which means “The wealthy” – so he’ll be very prosperous and happy for years to come.) 

People born with the rising sign of Cancer (or the Sun or Moon there) are mushy, snuggly love-bugs (I can personally attest) who are happiest with strong, close emotional attachments, vs. dating around and being players. 

(My 24-year-old hottie of a nephew who happens to have the Sun in Cancer NEVER wanted to date a bunch of girls, and is so happy in his first serious relationship that he’s utterly devoted and never even notices anyone else…) 

What also makes Johnny’s emotional nature ultra romantic is the fact that he has the Moon (the indicator of the emotions) in a constellation “ruled” by Venus, as well.(The Moon/Venus combo is the most poetic and dreamy of them all.) 

So let’s review – the Sun is with Venus and ruled by Venus, Venus is powerfully strong in its own sign of Taurus, the Moon is in a constellation ruled by Venus… and the ruler of the rising sign (Cancer, so the Moon again) is in a Venus constellation. 

All of the “Big three” in Johnny’s chart – the Sun, Moon, and rising sign, are strongly influenced by Venus. 

Venus isn’t just the indicator of love and romance and women in astrology… it’s everything Johnny is – it’s the ruler of all the arts (he’s not just an actor but a musucian, too) charm, looks, style, and the finer things in life. 

Venus is considered the “greatest benefic” of all the planets (the most important “good guy” in the sky), bringing to us everything our desires could possibly want. 

But that’s the downside of Venus – that little word “desires.” 

Venus makes us want it all… it makes us focus on the things of the senses, and satiate them, sometimes to the point of no return. 

Johnny has to be careful of over-indulging, and having “too much of a good thing.” 

His chart indicates he’d love the good life – he’s a former smoker, and a self-admitted “self-medicator” who has openly talked about his struggles with drinking too much, and using alcohol to avoid his feelings and be more comfortable in social settings. Over the years he claims to have “mellowed” and credited Vanessa with helping him. 

But the bigger cause of that would be his emotional sensitivity, which is indicated by the Moon being in the 6th house – the house of addictions, with the most sensitive of indictors, Ketu. (Ketu and Rahu are not actually planets – they are mathematically calculated points where the earth’s orbit around the Sun intersects with the Moon’s orbit around the earth… Don’t worry about it – just know they make us all more sensitive and touchy – especially when with our Sun, Moon or rising sign.) 

He broke his sobriety on the set of “Rum Diary.” 

That’s not all that happened on that fateful film. He met his “missus.” 


Amber’s chart is also (not surprisingly) blessed by Venus. (Celebrities pretty much always have that going on…) 

She, too, has Venus in the oh-so-Venusian sign of Taurus. 

And her rising sign constellation (a smaller sign within the sign – one of the original 27 Vedic signs) is the same as Johnny’s Moon sign – and it (as you’ll recall) is “ruled” by Venus. 

She also has Mars here, making her super passionate… 

Speaking of which, Johnny’s friends all refer to Amber in the press as a “free spirit” and way before she got together with Johnny, she was getting a lot of attention for her love life, and for being unconventional. She spent years in relationships with women, and doesn’t consider herself gay or straight. (There are so many names for different sexual orientations lately, and she doesn’t label herself as anything, apparently.) 

Her unconventionality can also be seen by her Sun being in a constellation ruled by Ketu (that crazy eclipse point again), and in the same sign (Aries) as Rahu (the other crazy eclipse point). Ketu/Rahu people are always different and “counter-cultural” in some way. (I should know… yup, they’re prominent in my chart, too! In my life it shows up in my career – I’m sure you’ve noticed!) 

Johnny has referred to her as “sharp as a tack” and that is easy to see from her Moon sign being in Virgo, and Mercury taking center stage in her chart, by being in her 4th house, the house of the emotions. (Virgo is one of the more intellectual sigs, and Mercury is the planet of the intellect.) 

Having Mars in her first house would make her spunky, courageous, and able to keep up with Johnny’s mental gyrations. 

When we look at their compatibility, some very lovely things are obvious right away. 

As I said, Amber ALSO has Venus in Taurus. When two people enjoy the blessing of Venus by having it be in the same sign, it amplifies Venus energy between them. (Remember – love, romance, sensual pleasure, anything that satiates the senses…) 

I see it all the time in the charts of married couples. 

Her having the same sign rising as his Moon sign (Sagittarius) in the same smaller Vedic constellation (which, by they way, is noted for people who are popular or famous when young – which has been the case for both of them) is very bonding. 

They should communicate extremely well – they have highly compatible Mercurys (his being in the earthy sign of Taurus, as I said, and hers being in the watery sign of Pisces… when you combine water and earth things grow!) 

Best of all, they have a conjunction of Jupiter from his chart in Pisces, and Mercury in hers, helping them to just talk and talk and talk and talk… 


When I look to the most important compatibility technique in all of astrology, used in India for centures to arrange marriages (and looked to in “the Right Man Report”) they have a lot more good news… 

They enjoy an extremely high “wavelength Score” – indicating they’d have easy agreement and understanding together. (It’s much easier and higher than what he shared with Vanessa, and a bit higher than what he enjoyed with Kate Moss.) 

And they get the highest possible score for communication (again). They have the same emotional “Sensibility” – which enables them to instantly know how the other is feeling, and to easily imagine feeling the same way in the same situation. 

Although he had decent “wavelength scores” and compatible Mercurys with all three of these true loves, Amber is the only one he has the ideal “check list” with when it comes to wanting the same things, and thinking the same way. 

(I have this with my husband, and it’s a life saving miracle time and again… Couples either have this or they don’t. When you don’t – you feel you have to explain yourself again and again, and that even if your partner really loves you and wants to understand, they just can’t all the way… And this can make people feel too separate from one another, even when they love is otherwise strong.) 

Johnny has chosen women he is largely compatible with – but Amber is the only one of these three who totally gets him to the highest possible degree, and with whom I bet he feels he can be completely himself. 

(Which is what we all dream of, right?) 

Amber and Johnny say again and again in the press that they are private people, who wish to keep their relationship out of the limelight. So I apologize to them publicly for adding to the noise and lack of privacy… but hey, I gave them a few weeks to themselves, right? 

But seriously – they are a beautiful couple, and seem well matched. I wish them a lifetime of happiness… 

If you’d like to know things like your own “Wavelength Score” and “Sensibility” with a man – can he be fully himself with you, and do you speak the same language? Or will you always have to knock yourself out in the hopes that he’ll FINALLY understand? 

Find out! Check out your “Right Man Report” with him, and learn what’s really going on, and what you can do to improve things (or not improve things).And if you’d like to know your own Vedic constellations – are they “Wealthy” and known for popularity and fame? Or are they unconventional, and extra sensitive? It’s SO amazing to uncover this little-known/almost lost 27 sign zodiac, and how your own chart is impacted (and so powerfully explained) by it.  

See why Vedic astrology is thought to be more nuanced and profound… find out why your sign isn’t as important as you think it is (and neither is anyone else’s) but how much these Vedic signs hold the key to everything, by reading a special letter I wrote about it all here.  

Whew, that’s enough gossip for one night… 

I gotta go subscribe to People now, I guess, so we don’t miss out on more amazing news! 

Until next time, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love! 

Carol Allen

P.S. Seriously – if you want to find out if a man can be “the captain” of your heart… or if he’s just “mad” and “wonky” (or should I say, “wonka-y”?) check out “The Right Man Report” here

But remember – it’s not just compatibility that matters. It’s also a man’s CAPACITY to love you that must be high – and those are NOT the same things. 

(Johnny is a total love bug, like I said, so is able to make a woman extra happy.) 

Find out if the man you’re wondering about has got that, too, or your good compatibility will never be enough.

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