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Whenever I hear about someone having big problems that are either heartbreaking or life threatening, I always know one planet is to blame…

The planet Saturn.

In Vedic astrology, it’s said that the planet Saturn treats everyone the same – no matter how rich, famous, beautiful or powerful.

And when Saturn is “transiting” a person’s Sun, Moon, or rising sign in their astrology chart (by being in the same sign in the night sky) is when Saturn’s influence can be felt most.

And this can bring some of the greatest challenges the person has ever experienced.

So, last year, when I heard that Michael Douglas’s son was in jail for dealing drugs and heroin addiction, I thought of Saturn…

And then when his son was sentenced to five years in prison this past Spring – I thought of Saturn again.

But when Michael was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer back in August, I really thought of Saturn.

Sure enough, Michael is in not one but TWO Saturn cycles…

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign, Michael is a Virgo.

And since September of 2009, the planet Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo.

So Saturn is in Michael’s Sun sign.

His rising sign is Libra, which makes Virgo the 12th house from his rising sign. When Saturn is “transiting” a person’s 12th house, this is commonly when they have problems that are outside of their control – and when they have to surrender to circumstances greater than their will or efforts (like what happened with his son).

The 12th house also happens to rule hospitals, clinics, and prisons – any place of retreat.

Wherever Saturn goes in a chart, whatever “house” or part of the chart Saturn is going through, is the part of the life where we’re forced to put our focus and attention – whether we want to or not.

Michael and his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones (who is ALSO a Virgo in Vedic astrology, making her life challenging now as well) moved back to New York from their home in Bermuda so they could be near Michael’s son, and able to visit him.

So sadly, hospitals, clinics, and prison have been at the forefront of Michael’s life this year.

Even the character he plays in the “Wall Street” sequel out in theatres now, Gordon Gekko, starts off the film by being released after a long stint in prison! Whoa…

The 12th house also rules something nice – far, distant lands… Michael has said that when he gets done with his treatments and is feeling better he wants to go around the world for a year.

Interesting – as Saturn will stay in the sign of Virgo – his house of remote lands – for almost exactly one more year, November of 2011.

Not only that, the Sun symbolizes a person’s health and vitality. And Saturn is considered the planet of fatigue and disease. So – no matter your age, when Saturn is in the sign of your Sun, it’s commonly when any “weak links” in your health come forward, and you’re forced to take better care of yourself.

Ironically, when Saturn is in your Sun sign, it can be a time of increased career success and opportunities.

So it’s no surprise that, despite his personal and physical struggles, he’s in a big box office success now – the biggest he’s enjoyed in years.

And he’s slated to play Liberace opposite Matt Damon next year – another major role…

These Saturn cycles are so intense and slow, and so life-changing and frustrating, that I’ve created a report to let you know when YOU are in Saturn’s grasp.

It’s called, “Cycles of Saturn – Charting The Ups and Downs Of Your Life and How To Make The Most of Them.”

It can be literally life saving to know what’s going on, and what to do deal with it all – and best of all – when it will end!

Seriously – Michael’s would have told him to watch for health problems and family dramas, and that wonderful professional opportunities and recognition would be coming his way… (He just won the “Golden Icon” award at a film festival in Zurich) literally saying,

“This is often when you can ‘ascend your throne’ and step into your greatest position of power and prestige. At the very least, it’s a much more positive time for you than the last couple of years. Expect greater opportunities to come forward, as well as more recognition, appreciation, promotions, raises, and awards. So be bold and ‘throw your hat in the ring’ when the chance presents itself. Your efforts are starting to pay off and be worth it and you’re enjoying yourself more than you have in a long time.”

To find out when YOU are in a “Cycle of Saturn” and if this is possibly to blame for difficulties in your life, go here: Cycles of Saturn.

I’m so happy that despite all of his drama, Michael has someone to love him through it…

Catherine Zeta Jones. (What man wouldn’t want her bringing him chicken soup and on his arm in court rooms?)

Born on the same day twenty-five years apart, these two Oscar winners and Hollywood Royalty have been married since 2000 and have two children together.

While researching this multi-talented May- December romance, I noticed a fair amount of controversy first surrounded them.

Michael was married when they met – yet fell in love with the Welsh beauty while watching her star turn in “The Mask of Zorro.”

A meeting was arranged, and he declared that first night that he’d “father her children…”

The fact that their whirlwind relationship overlapped with his thirty-year prior marriage, (not to mention his tremendous wealth, Catherine’s incredible beauty and their significant age difference) led many to doubt the sincerity of their union.

It didn’t help that their pre-nup supposedly guaranteed her $3.5 million for every year of their marriage, and a PENALTY of several million if Michael cheated on her…

(Something his first wife alleged was a regular problem when she was his wife…) Yikes.

I found a Western astrology site that predicted they wouldn’t last more than a few years – based on their lack of compatibility.

So – I was curious – would Vedic astrology agree?

Let’s go to the astrology vault for the answer, shall we?

I checked Catherine and Michael out using an amazing fifteen-step technique that’s been used in India for thousands of years to arrange marriages, and is the basis of “The Right Man Report.”

The result?

Catherine and Michael get a PERFECT score…


As I said, the report looks at fifteen aspects of a relationship.

They include:

– Sensibility – Do they have the same taste?

– Wavelength – Can they communicate?

– Attraction – Are they drawn to each other?

– Assertive Pressure – Is the balance of power equal between them?

– Obstacles – Will they have supportive outside circumstances around them, or constant problems getting in their way?

– Misfortune – Will they be able to move forward smoothly and feel secure together, or will they feel like their love is always hitting land mines?

– And more…

Of the fifteen steps, five are considered CRITICAL.

And in the case of these two, all five of them are excellent…

They do not have outside OBSTACLES in the way of their love.

They do not have constant MISFORTUNES ruining their happiness.

He’s able to make her feel loved, she’s able to make him feel respected.

Of the fifteen steps, several are given a series of points possible.

To truly be on the same “wavelength” a couple needs to score at least 18 points together.

Catherine and Michael have 25.5.

Of the fifteen steps, three are extra SPECIAL.

If a relationship has any of these three, the twosome will feel that “true love” or “meant to be” feeling.

Catherine has said in interviews that she’s “madly in love” with her husband.

And the stars concur…

Catherine and Michael have one of the three extra special connections – and it makes Catherine feel especially devoted to Michael…

So – he’s a rich man in more ways than one!

I’m happy to report that it’s my professional opinion that Catherine and Michael share a very sincere love – that can weather any storm – even a Saturn storm!

If you’d like to know if you and a man have such celestial support as Catherine and Michael, consider running a “Right Man Report” on your relationship.

Find out if you are on the same wavelength, if you can be yourselves, if you’ll feel cherished and adored…

Or if you’ll only end up constantly drained and insecure together.

Relationships have a destiny and a life span all their own.

Knowing this stuff can take all the “blame and shame and pain” out of your relationships and allow you to make the most of them.

To learn more, or order your report and be reading it in five minutes for less than $20 with a money-back guarantee, go here: Right Man Report.

I wish Michael a speedy recovery, and he and Catherine and their children a wonderful time touring the world…

Photo By: David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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