All smiles Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton

I’m sure you’ve heard the news – the most eligible bachelor in the world is off the market…

It’s been expected for years.

And speculation has been really heating up of late.

If you’re a fan of history, and have followed royal protocol at all, then you can’t help but be just a tad impressed and even amazed with the story of Prince William and his fiance, Kate Middleton.

I’ll tell you why…

Kate will be the first “commoner” to marry an heir to the throne of England in a whopping 350 years!

And she’s not just a commoner – she comes from a long line of coal miners on her mother’s side.

Not only that, she and William are 15th cousins – it seems way, way back one of those coal miners worked in a mine owned by one of his distant great-great-great-ancestors, who was a woman… and they got together.

How crazy is that?

(You could argue that if you look back far enough, we’re pretty much ALL 15th cousins. I recently found out, for example, that my own sister is my 5th cousin – because our grandparents were 2nd cousins… which explains a lot! :))

But being remotely related isn’t the most amazing part of their story – oh, no. What’s really crazy is that William and Kate have LIVED together on and off for YEARS – since college, in fact.

The reason that’s CRAZY is, if you’re old enough to remember what his father, Prince Charles, had to deal with (and, uhum… I am!) then you may recall that standard royal practice historically has stated that the future king of England must marry a virgin.

Oh yeah – and a “blue-blooded” one, at that!

Hence the reason it’s such a miracle that a commoner who he’s OBVIOUSLY slept with (I’m assuming, of course) is being ALLOWED to marry him.

And that he’s ALLOWED to marry her.

Seriously – Prince Charles had to marry a virgin.

And it was strongly encouraged that she be from “the right” kind of background.

Which is why Princess Diana was so young… and from an aristocratic family complete with titles and their own MASSIVE family home. She was nineteen and had never slept with a man before (and had to pass the physical exam- ination to prove it!).

And you may recall that THAT marriage didn’t go so well.

And so, it seems they learned their lesson and have “loosened” the rules for William.

So how did Kate capture William’s heart, and what do the stars have to say about it all?

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of the more commonly known Western or “Tropical” system by almost an entire sign, William’s chart actually indicates he would find his wife when he was young, and she’d be very different from him…

This can be seen from Gemini being in his 7th house, the house of partnership. Gemini is a youthful sign (being ruled by the planet Mercury, depicted by a strapping adolescent in astrological lore) and containing an eclipse point, also known as Rahu, or “the North Node of the Moon.”

When Rahu is in a person’s 7th house, they commonly partner with someone from a different background, and there’s often something unconventional or strange about their relationships – hence all the “bucking of tradition” William has been able to do.

Good news for Kate – William’s chart indicates that he’d be a relationship guy and that he’d prefer to have a partner to being single…

Which is why they’ve been together eight years already, and they’ve spent much of it “playing house” when he could have been living an exciting single life, dating women the world over.

This can be seen by again looking at his 7th house. He has the Sun and Moon there. Wherever a person’s Moon is in their chart indicates where they put much of their emotional focus.

The Sun rules his 9th house, the house of legality. When the 9th house and 7th house connect (the house of partnership and the house of legality), it leads to “legal partnership” – hence, marriage.

He has the planet of love and romance, Venus, in the sign of Taurus, a “fixed” sign.

The “fixed “signs are the most stable and unchanging.

And the “ruler” of his house of partnership, Mercury, is also in Taurus.

Having both Venus and the ruler of his 7th house in a fixed sign has greatly helped him to stay loyal and should continue to do so, despite his being a flirty, friendly DOUBLE Gemini.

(The Sun and Moon both being in this social sign can otherwise make a man hard to pin down). As for his compatibility with Kate, they have some lovely connections.

They are born just a few months apart and so share many of the same planetary positions.

They were both born when the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Rahu, and Ketu were all in the same signs.

This would make them feel extremely comfortable with one another, and familiar right away.

(It’s especially lovely to have the same Moon sign. The Moon, far more than the Sun, is the indicator of the feelings and emotions of a person and when two people are born with their Moons in the same sign, they’ll have a great deal of mutual agreement and understanding. Ahhh…)

To help things a great deal, they have compatible Mercurys which is excellent for enabling them to be able to communicate well.

And they have highly compatible Venuses, too, allowing them to naturally give and receive affection in harmonious ways.

Best of all, perhaps, is the fact that their Sun signs are in the position of partnership to one another (his being in Gemini as I’ve already stated – remember, this is according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, not “normal” astrology, and hers being in Sagittarius).

When two people have their Sun signs in the position of partnership (or their rising or Moon signs) they’ll feel very much like they’re supposed to be partners…

And the Sun is especially the main indicator of a person’s looks and behavior, so when two people such as William and Kate have their Sun signs virtually smiling across the zodiac at one another, they’ll LOOK great together.

And I must say, at the risk of sounding like a giddy school girl – they do.

When we look to the most important compatibility technique in all of astrology, the one used to arrange marriages for thousands of years in India, and used in “The Right Man Report” – an in-depth write-up on any relationship, there’s more good news.

It says that William and Kate share a very special mutual connection called, “Innate Giving” which makes them genuinely want to make each other happy and willing to make constant sacrifices for each other.

This is one of the three most important “soul mate” kinds of celestial blessings the stars can bestow between two charts, helping William and Kate be able to be mutually supportive and willing to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work.

It’s pretty amazing that they have it mutually, because often this extra special connection is just form one person to the other, but not reciprocated.

And that person will give and give and may not feel like they get as much back – they’ll swear they’re the one doing a lot of heavy lifting in the relationship.

But lucky for them both, she wants to take care of him and he wants to take care of her.


“The Right Man Report” also says they are “on the same wavelength” – able to want the same things at the same time, and to easily be able to mutually support each other.

I don’t know their entire “celestial story” as Kate’s birth time is not available but it’s interesting to note that no matter what time she was born, they DO NOT have a painful issue between their charts called, “Obstacles” which would have made for constant outside interference between them – like other lovers, his family opposing the union, and more… So that’s partially why they were able to merge their lives and become a full couple despite their young ages, her “non-royal” ancestry, and the attentions of other women I’m sure he’s attracted…

As for why Kate is so impressive, there are many lovely things in her own chart – most notably she has Venus and Mercury in a sign beside the Sun.

This “Solar Yoga” makes people first notice Venus and Mercury qualities in her, which include charm, intelligence, style, poise, diplomacy, humor, and overall like-ability…

It’s especially powerful to note that her Venus is retrograde, which Vedic astrology believes makes it STRONGER in terms of her natural talents and abilities.

Venus is the planet of fashion and style, and young Kate first WOWED the prince in a school fashion show (they’d already been platonic friends for a while, but it was only when William saw her in a slinky, see-through number that it occurred to him he might want her as more than a friend…) and has since been named in numerous “best- dressed lists” all over the world.

I think they are genuinely in love and well- suited, and I wish them many decades of happiness together!

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Are you on the “same wavelength”?

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Okay – stopping the cheesy puns now, I swear!

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Photo By: Robbie Dale, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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