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Have you heard the news?

George Clooney has found love!

Thank GOD.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been so worried about poor George.

I mean – his life just seems so empty…

All that hobnobbing with fellow major movie stars like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle must get so tire- some…

All that time he spends at his mansion on Lake Como in Italy must be so lonely…

All those awards (including an Oscar for his role in Syriana in 2005)…

All that time raising money and awareness about the atrocities in Darfur…

All that pressure of being hailed one of the world’s greatest actors, an Academy Award nominated director, and screenwriter.

Not to mention People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” not just once but TWICE.

Poor George.

And all those gorgeous girlfriends including “Maxim’s Hottest 100” models, Budweiser girls, and Vegas cocktail waitresses, are clearly the desperate attempts of a miserable man crying out for help.


I’m kidding, of course.

This is the story I tell my husband.

He doesn’t believe me, either.

So now George, arguably Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor (who was married once and insists he’ll never do it again – or have children) is walking the red carpet and holing up at home with a gorgeous thirty-one year old Italian model named Elizabetta Canalis.

And the press can’t get enough of the twosome riding George’s motorcycle and going to film festivals.

Is it love at last?

More importantly, will it last?

George has confessed in recent years that, although he “doesn’t believe in happy endings” he does believe in “happy travels,” and he wants to be in love like his friends Brad and Angelina.

So is Elizabetta his Angelina?

Will George and Elizabetta become “Gelizabetta?”

Or will she be in his life for the usual one to fourish years like all of his prior relation- ships?

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

I’m not going to look at what you think…

I’m not going to look into the compatibility of George and his new lady love.

I actually believe George that he’s going to stay happily single.

Let’s look instead at what’s going on in his stars that leads me to think that.


Believe it or not, your astrology chart and that of everyone else, reveals if you’re likely to be a “loyal sheep dog” of a lover (as Patrick Swayze, married thirty-four years, called himself) or a restless lothario, preferring the company of many…

And so if you’re wanting to settle down and even have a family, the most important thing ISN’T that you find a man you’re compatible with.

It’s your FIRST JOB to find a man who also wants those things and can actually DO THE JOB.

In other words, pick a man who’s a RELATIONSHIP- ORIENTED man.

(And THEN make sure you’re compatible!)

If, on the other hand, you want an amazing romance, full of glamour and excitement (and hot sex on private jets and yachts), then look for a rich playboy.

So, why is George a rich playboy?

A BUNCH of reasons.

In my program, “Signs of Compatibility” I describe the qualities of each of the signs of the zodiac, and which ones are more loyal and likely to commit all the way…

…and which ones cause a person to “mix it up” in love.

I explain how each of the twelve signs of the zodiac are in love (you know, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.) but then go MUCH DEEPER…

You see, WITHIN the twelve Greek signs we all know, there are twenty-seven smaller, more psychologically significant signs which make up the zodiac of Vedic astrology.

And it’s REALLY these signs that matter when looking at how someone will be in love.

And most people (even most professional astrologers!) haven’t even heard of them.

Here’s the deal with George…

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) George is an Aries with the Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the rising sign of Aquarius.

A few things strike me right away…

Men with the Moon in the sign of Capricorn are late bloomers in love, happier in partner- ships that form in later life.

(They’re more successful in their mid-thirties and on, as well. George has said he struggled in his twenties, even living for a while in a friend’s closet…)

Capricorn is the sign of career, and having the Moon here makes a man very career-oriented. He’ll only commit to a woman who supports his work goals, and helps him to attain them.

Aries and Capricorn (the signs of his Sun and Moon) are both MOVABLE signs.

The Moon sign of a man reveals how he RELATES. The Sun sign of a man reveals how he BEHAVES.

When both are in MOVABLE signs, he’ll like to be on the move (and his heart will as well), and he’ll have lots of constant changes in his life.

Here’s what I say about this in “Signs of Compatibility.”:

“The movable signs are the most changeable, creative, innovative, enterprising, and initiating. They cause a person to experience the most changes in life. In relationships they have the most ups and downs…”

For a man to be loyal and stable in love it’s best if he has SOMETHING in FIXED signs…

The Moon in a fixed sign would make his emotional loyalty FIXED. The Sun would make his behavior more FIXED. Even a planet associated with partnering (like Venus, or Jupiter) in a FIXED sign would be a big help.

But, alas, George has NO PLANETS in fixed signs.

His rising sign is fixed, so he’s a solid person with strong beliefs and self-certainty.

But his eye and heart can’t help but roam…

Now, when we look at the smaller signs within the signs it gets even clearer.

George has the Sun in a constellation called Bharani. Each of the constellations has an animal symbol, and Bharani’s is a male elephant.

The elephant is a nomadic animal, and though it may “never forget” it lives by moving from place to place.

Bharani people are like that. It’s ruled by the planet Venus, making people born here good- looking and artistic.

And VERY passionate.

This constellation is very noted for being highly sexual.

And… (I’m NOT making this up) it’s symbol is a woman’s sex organ. You know, a vagina.


(When a good friend recently discovered that her husband, who has both the Sun and Moon in Bharani, was cheating on her – for the FOURTH TIME – my astrology mentor quipped, “Well, yeah, think about it – his signs are that of a woman’s HOOHA.”

Sorry, it seemed funny at the time…)

Interestingly, Sigmund Freud was born on the same day as George so also has his Sun in Bharani, and spent most of his life and career pretty darn obsessed with sex.

But back to George…

George’s Moon is in a subsign called Uttarashadha. This constellation is VERY good for career success as it’s noted for victory and high character.

(One of its names is “the undisputed winner” and it just happens to be the Moon constellation of Napolean and Abraham Lincoln, known for their victories…)

But… people with the Moon here are noted for being in MANY relationships.

His close friend and colleague Brad Pitt also has his Moon here, and you don’t need me to remind you of his long list of past loves. (Which helps to explain why they’re so close. It’s VERY bonding to share a Moon sign and constellation with someone…)

So, what does George’s chart say about partnering?

If we look to the house of partnership, we see that Rahu is there.

Rahu is an eclipse point – it’s not a planet but is a mathematically calculated point that has as much power as if it were a planet.

Wherever Rahu is in the chart, that part of the life is what the person FOCUSES on – a LOT. Even to the point of obsession.

Rahu is also an indicator of change.

When it’s in the house of partnership it tends to indicate a person with MANY partners.

I was taught, and have observed, that when Rahu is in the house of partnership, it makes a person have many “marriage-like relationships.”

(Not necessarily all at once, but many over the life time…)

If we look to the house of partnership from George’s Moon sign, he has Mars there.

Mars makes thing happen FAST. When it’s 7th from the Moon it makes a person get into, and OUT OF relationships quickly.

They tend to have a lot of short relationships…

As for Venus, the planet of love and women, it’s in Pisces, its most powerful sign.

So George meets incredible, beautiful women who adore him.

And he always will.

So to sum up…

He’s a MOVABLE, highly sensual man who loves women, and has amazing women love him.

But he also LOVES being able to roam around and enjoy his freedom.

His focus is his work, and it’s his destiny to love many people throughout his life.

So, be careful Elizabetta!

I wish them much happiness and fun…

May they have an exciting, romantic adventure that they always remember with a smile…

But for reasons that I think I’ve made clear, if I were her I wouldn’t get my hopes up about that “happily ever after” stuff with him.

When she’s ready to settle down, she needs to look for a very different kind of man.

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Maybe he’s (fill in the blank) because it’s just WHO HE IS.

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– late blooming…

– fickle

– moody

– sensitive

– stubborn

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– needing no changes

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– romantic

– practical

– impatient

– emotional


– and more…

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Please don’t try to fight Mother Nature and the forces of the Universe.

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And when you find him, thank your lucky stars and hold on tight.

Photo By: Nicolas Genin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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