Is He Your Destiny… or Just Misery?

By Carol Allen

Is He Your Destiny… or Just Misery?

Let me tell you about my client Lisa. She’s in her late thirties and has never been married. She really wants to settle down and have a family. (This is usually when a woman like this calls me…)

She’s longing to have a full relationship with a man who will be there for her and be her partner in life. She’s ready to give herself fully to someone and has so much love to share.

So what has she been doing all these years?

Well, for the last six years, she’s been seeing a guy “on and off.” They’re madly in love. They have mind-blowing chemistry. He FEELS like he’s her guy.

Whenever she’s with him she has no doubt that he’s the man for her. They talk every day and are very affectionate.

There’s just one little problem…

He can’t be faithful. He has cheated on her many times.

She finds out, they break up, and then he comes back and says all the right things: He’s sorry, he loves her, it won’t happen again. And then it does. (You KNEW I was going to say that.)

She believes him, and the cycle starts all over again.

Believe His Actions, Not Words

Is Lisa crazy? Is she without options? Is she stupid?

No, but she’s making a classic mistake that’s keeping her from ever having her dreams of love come true. She’s trusting her feelings ahead of what her guy is doing.

She feels soooooooo connected to him, and so much love for him, that he must be her guy, right?

She admitted to me that she (wrongly) thinks that this is her fate and that she has no choice in the matter.


Now, I gotta say, Lisa rocks. It takes a strong woman who is ready to change to admit what she was admitting. I was so glad she called.

Here’s what I saw…

“When a man has ‘low capacity’ he’s not capable of being a good partner – with ANY woman, no matter how compatible.”

It’s Not You, It’s Him

When I learned how to help people with their relationships by using astrology, the first thing I was taught wasn’t compatibility. It was how to tell if both people could do relationships in the first place.

Because you can be wildly compatible with a guy who’s NOT a relationship guy.

And that was Lisa’s problem. Her guy (let’s call him Bob) is a classic “bad boy.” His astrology chart shows he’s selfish, moody, and inconsistent.

He’s what’s called, “astrologically afflicted” with “low capacity.”

When a man has “low capacity” he’s not capable of being a good partner – with ANY woman, no matter how compatible.

Men like this should come with warning labels. Because they can be so confusing. They can be sweet, and funny, and cute. They can feel deep love, and act like they want a relationship – calling all the time, making plans, acting like a boyfriend or husband…

But they can’t put a woman’s feelings first before their own. So, when you really need him, he’ll always disappoint. He’ll always put his feelings first. He’ll always take what he wants and not give you what you need.

The Ultimate Baggage

You see, men like this DO come with “warning signs.” You just have to know what they are, and how to find out before you’ve given them your heart and soul…

Because it’s easy, like Lisa, to spend years with a man like this. Please don’t let this happen to you.

Is He Your Destiny… or Just Misery?

Believe me – he’ll happily keep you around indefinitely. Why shouldn’t he? He’ll take your support, and time, and attention. And one day you wake up and you can’t have children anymore… or you’ll feel like you have a child – him.

This is so common and such a huge problem that I devote an entire chapter to this very issue in my eBook “Love Is In The Stars.” I’ll tell you all about “afflicted men” and how to avoid them – or get him to grow up and show up.

I just go crazy seeing a woman waste years and years on a guy who will never be good enough for her.

To get to “happily ever after” you have to be with THE RIGHT MAN, and you have to be compatible, and it has to be the right time.

When all of those things come together, your destiny will have arrived…

And you’ll know it by how well things are going, and how happy you are, and how great you’re being treated by him…

Anything less than that is NOT what’s “meant to be”… I promise!

Read my eBook now and find out if he’s destined for you… or destined for doom. Click here: Love Is In The Stars.

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