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Harnessing Universal Power for Love: Use the Stars, Numbers, Handprints and Feng Shui To Manifest Your Soulmate

From the “Attract Your Soulmate NOW!” Telesummit series hosted by Arielle Ford…

This panel, featuring yours truly (Carol Allen), world-famous hand analyst Baeth Davis, acclaimed feng shui consultant Ellen Whitehurst & the numerologist behind, Roy Kirkland

Understood and used correctly, the laws of the universe are powerful forces that can help you attract and recognize “the one.” But they’re often misunderstood and misused… Arielle had us team up to offer you some of our best tips and step-by-step instructions for tapping into these ancient modalities.

You’ll discover:

How to use your “intuitive feng shui” before you commit!
How the first thing you see each morning and the last thing you see at night impacts your love life
Why being “on purpose” in your life helps attract lasting love
A simple heart-centered technique to prepare for more love
How to avoid creating co-dependence in your relationship
Why knowing your “soul urge” is key to manifesting love
How clutter in your home is blocking love
If you can alter your romantic destiny
What you can do to “hurry” your soulmate to you…
And much more!

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