Will Love Ever Find You?

By Carol Allen

Will Love Ever Find You?

When you’ve been heartbroken more than a few times, you’re not just afraid that you’re going to end up alone. Oh no, it’s much worse. You’re afraid that you’re defective in some way. Damaged. Screwed up. Unlovable.

So why even bother dating, or trying to find anyone? What good will it do you since you’re so obviously broken to the point that even if you met someone fabulous, you’d only send him running for the hills, anyway?


How Do You Like Them Apples?

So here’s the deal. It’s as though you have an apple tree. You’ve planted the tree in the finest soil, so that it receives just the right amount of sun.

You lovingly water it with only the best pure water (making sure it goes through at least SIX kinds of filtration processes).

You’ve hired a Swiss horticulturist to tend to the tree night and day. He carefully fertilizes the tree with only the highest quality fertilizer and prunes the leaves and branches just so.

But you’re not satisfied. Why? Because you’re longing for apples. You’re aching for apple cider. You’re “Jonesing” for apple strudel. You’d sell your soul for some apple chutney. You’d trade your mother for an apple pie.

But the darn tree is not producing apples. It can’t be the soil, or the sun, the water, the Swiss horticulturist, or the fertilizer…

There must be something wrong with the tree. If it isn’t producing apples, then clearly you were sold a bad tree, and there’s nothing to be done but cut the tree down. You’ve an ax in your hands and you’re about to do the terrible deed.

But here’s the thing about apples. (You know where I’m going with this…)

They only come when it’s apple season.

“Finding true love is like waiting for apples. When it isn’t time, it ain’t gonna happen.”

Your Seasons of Love

Only apple season will bring you apples.

Finding true love is like waiting for apples. When it isn’t time, it ain’t gonna happen. All the set-ups, Internet dating, flirting with handsome strangers and going out to meet men isn’t going to lead to marital or relationship bliss if it isn’t your personal astrological season for it.

Because don’t get me wrong – you can get a partner and even end up married before Apple Season. It’s just not going to be bliss! Kinda like trying to make that strudel when the apples aren’t ripe or have rotted…

And the amazing thing is that when it IS apple season, you can have all the apples, cider, strudel, chutney, and pie your heart desires.

And here’s what’s wonderful in astrology: Your chart reveals when it’s Apple Season, and when it’s not. There are forces greater than you at work, and it’s not all your fault. But you have to surrender and keep the faith while still tending to that darn tree, i.e. keeping your heart open.

Don’t Give Up On Your Romantic Destiny

So many women say to me once they pass a certain age, “Game over.” Meaning, “It’s too late. No one will ever want me now. I missed my opportunity and blew my chances, so I’m cursed to be alone and childless the rest of my life.”

They harden their hearts, stop meeting anyone, take their profile down off of Internet dating sites, let their appearance go, and get another cat.

Will Love Ever Find You?

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the charts of these women all point to the same thing: There’s nothing wrong with them and they aren’t too old! They’ve just never been in apple season before.

That fruitful, tasty time is still in the future – when they’re even older!

Because love doesn’t happen on YOUR time. It happens in DIVINE TIMING. And you can no more change your “astrological season” than you can make a tree blossom or bear fruit.

There are astrological cycles that also show when you’re in a time that’s the OPPOSITE of “Apple Season.”   When you’re in a “love-blocking” cycles in which, no matter what you do or how hard you try, you won’t meet HIM.

You may THINK you meet THEN ONE, but he’ll live far away, be married to someone else, or have HUGE problems that ultimately make you wish you never met him at all…

So  watch out – when women are in these challenging times they can really get squished.

Most women are in one of these periods when they come to see me, and they’re SO RELIEVED to know that this difficult period isn’t their imagination – or their fault… and it WILL end.

It’s been so helpful for my clients all these years that I’ve created a report to let you know when you’re in a “love-blocking time” and when you’re not – so you can know when to RAMP UP your efforts to meet men – or when to focus on the other parts of your life and not waste your precious energy.

It’s a thirty-year customized report, going back ten years (for context) and forward for the next twenty – telling you when you’re in “success” phases, when you can take more risks and put your heart out there, or when you need to watch out for those “impossible” men (the ones married to other people or living far away, etc.).

This report will also reveal:

— When it’s okay to keep your “close but not quite” boyfriend, and just enjoy him for what he brings and not worry that he’s “in the way” of Mr. Right – because he’s not!

— When it’s time to be extra financially conservative so you don’t take on debt or suffer losses you can’t handle later (knowing this can seriously save your YOU-KNOW-WHAT…)

— When it’s wise to go back to school, get more training, or commit more fully to your dreams so it really pays off down the road…

— Why you may be more depressed or run down than usual, and what to do about it. That’s right, you’re not just being a big baby or “whiner” – you just need extra T.L.C. and support.

— And when you’re in a “Golden phase” with the “magic touch” – both personally and financially, so you can make a big effort and find your guy or be extra happy if you’re already with your guy…

It’s called, “Cycles of Saturn – Charting The Ups and Downs of Your Life and How To Make The Most of Them” and you can learn more about it, or order yours by going here:

When Will Love Come For You?

Read your Cycles of Saturn report and learn:

Cycles of Saturn

  • Your love-blocking cycles and when they will end
  • Your best times to fall in love and when to focus on you
  • If your temperaments match for fun and friendship
  • When to make a commitment or get to know him better

Regular Price: $60
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If your report tells you you’re in a “love-blocking time” you can smile to yourself in the midst of the latest love drama and say, “This guy’s just a bad apple.”

If it says you’re in a good time for relationships, however, then you want to make the BEST possible effort to find the right man for you.

In my experience, most women are far too passive when it comes to love…

They SAY they want a relationship and that it’s the MOST important thing to them – but they make little effort, or the WRONG kind of effort (dating bad boys, staying with men they aren’t happy with, hiding at home on the weekends or with their married friends) thinking that part of their life is just supposed to magically “work out.”

The bulk of my private practice is made up of FABULOUS women who are like this – too busy to date or making next-to-no effort to find the right relationship, and then wondering why they’re alone.

And often there’s something ELSE going on in their charts other than timing… often, five specific PERSONALITY patterns can be seen in their stars that cause them to unknowingly be and STAY single.

I call them the five astrological archetypes of single women.

So I’ve created an entire program on these archetypes, and what women of each need to do to dramatically improve their odds of finding and keeping their dream partner.

It’s called, “Single Syndrome – the Five Astrological Archetypes Keeping You Single and How to Overcome Them.”

It teaches you which archetype dominates your nature, what fears this causes and how to heal them, what kind of man you require to be happy, and then gives you the very best “real-world” advice on where to go to find and attract that kind of man…

It’s said that the best predictor of the future is the past – we all get into rhythms and patterns that become as natural to us as breathing.

I promise you, if you’re chronically single then you’re PARTICIPATING in being that way – by the way you behave and interact with men (or don’t interact with them as the case may be), by the signals you send (or don’t send), and by things you don’t even know you’re doing (or not doing).

“Single Syndrome” will help – I promise. I’m so thrilled with this program, and so thrilled with the feedback that I’ve received about it that I’d love to send it to you for thirty days to see if it can help you.

If it can’t – simply send it back and you won’t be charged a thing.

I’ll even ship it to you for free if you’re in the U.S.

It’s that easy.

This program is a digitally recorded seminar, complete with my BEST advice for single women, and three amazing guest speakers (one of whom has a best-selling book on the secrets of meeting your soulmate).

It’s a very unique program because not only does it tell you the ASTROLOGICAL reasons you’re still single, it also gives you the very best psychology- based, “real-world” findings about dating, attraction, where to meet men, what men want and need, and more.

And finally, there’s a whole section where I show you the very best SPIRITUAL TOOLS and “tricks” to help you use the Law of Attraction to draw love into your life and help you get past your old “baggage” (like an ex you can’t get out of your thoughts and heart).

I go crazy meeting great women every day who tell me they’re lonely and feeling unloved in their lives, when I know they can have what they want.

They just need to know how – and when.

“Single Syndrome” will tell you how – in a way that will work FOR YOU.

It’s right here:

Single Syndrome

Discover How Your Astrological Archetype Is Keeping You from Finding and Keeping a Great Guy & Learn:

Single Syndrome

  • How to read your astrology chart and diagnose the love-blocking archetype contributing to keeping you single
  • The 1 thing you must know that will dramatically improve your experiences with men from now on!
  • The 4 top ways to meet the man you’d want to marry

Learn more

And “Cycles of Saturn” can tell you when.

It’s right here:

When Will Love Come For You?

Read your Cycles of Saturn report and learn:

Cycles of Saturn

  • Your love-blocking cycles and when they will end
  • Your best times to fall in love and when to focus on you
  • If your temperaments match for fun and friendship
  • When to make a commitment or get to know him better

Regular Price: $60
Your Price: $29.97

So relax. Take heart. Maybe your dreams of love are just around the corner… So please don’t waste precious dates (or YEARS!) on Mr. Wrong, and by all means don’t marry him!

Smell the blossoms. Enjoy some plums and grapefruits. Be happy for your friends enjoying their apple harvest before you…

When it’s Apple Season you’ll know. And the apples will be the tastiest you’ve ever had – so good that you’d be happy to eat them every day, every meal for the rest of your life!

There’s so much more I can’t wait to share with you about this “Divine Timing” stuff, and the personal seasons we all go through. I cover all of it in detail in my eBook, “Love Is in the Stars.”

I address why so many of us are “late bloomers” – finding the right love only in the second half of life.

I describe my favorite, most inspiring stories of working with real women like yourself, who’ve been helped and healed by knowing the truth about their seasons of love, so they could stop beating themselves up and fighting the forces greater than themselves.

Once you understand more about the profound power of the planets and the perfect order of the universe, you’ll have far more faith with which to make the healthiest possible choices for yourself in your personal life.

You’ll be calmer, and more confident, knowing at last that everything that shows up for you isn’t all your fault, or all to your credit, but part of a larger plan that was literally written in the stars at your birth.

Amazing but true.

You can read more about it or download a FREE trial copy of it and be reading it just a few minutes by going HERE:

Love Is In The Stars eBook

Your Romantic Destiny Revealed

Love is in the Stars

You will discover:

  • The truth about your astrological sign and his
  • Real-world relationship advice you can use now
  • If your temperaments match for fun and friendship
  • The four critical keys to creating a stellar relationship
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