Back in 2008, there was a lot of drama in the personal lives of pop divas.

Britney lost custody of her kids to her ex., Kevin Federline

Madonna and her hubby called in quits

Sarah McLachlan and her hubby did, too

Pink and her hubby separated (but soon after reunited)

But the biggest shocker of all involved the biggest diva of all (‘cuz hey – she’s ranked just second after The Beatles for #1 hits in the U.S.).

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you:

Mariah Carey got married to a much younger man she knew ALL of SIX WEEKS!!!

Now, that was just downright crazy.

What would make a woman do such a nutty thing?

Why, the stars, of course! (Yes, let’s blame it on that! :))

Mariah, who was married in the nineties to record producer Tommy Mottola, said at the time she never thought she’d find a love like she’d found with former Nickelodeon star, Nick cannon.

She was just sure they were soulmates.

And Nick seemed to feel the same way because, although he was ten years her junior and not nearly as successful, he managed to put a $2.5 million sparkler on her finger.

(Can you IMAGINE walking around with TWO MILLION BUCKS on your hand??? I can’t, but I’m gonna work on imagining it!)

Now, I’m as romantic as the next girl but I have to say, I was very worried about Mariah.

Nick had a history of being a bit of a player, and had already been engaged before

I always advise clients to know a man at LEAST a year before making “forever” plans with him.

You need to see how a man handles himself over time, and if you can really trust him.

It’s easy in the rush of new love (and the hormonal high that accompanies it) to think the best of another but you really need to see how a relationship goes for a while.

I knew my husband SEVEN YEARS before I’d even consider marrying him And even then there were SCARY surprises!

Terribly painful ones, too – like suddenly once the ink had dried on the marriage certificate, he wouldn’t let the cat sleep with us anymore Don’t worry – the cat and I won that one! 🙂

But Nick and Mariah seem to have made the right decision! They’ve spent the last two years blissfully proving the naysayers wrong, happily at each other’s side and continuing to rave about one another to anyone who will listen.

And last week they announced the news everyone’s been suspecting for months – Mariah is pregnant! (And they’ve revealed that she suffered a miscarriage two years ago, saying it strengthened their union all the more.)

So, let’s see what the stars have to say about Mariah and Nick’s love and why it’s survived “Against All Odds” and they’ve never said, “Bye Bye.”

Couldn’t resist – that’s the title of the song that’s the reason they met – he was in the music video

Let’s open the “astrological vault,” shall we?

I practice the system of astrology of ancient India, called Vedic astrology.

For thousands of years, the Hindus of India have been using astrology to arrange marriages.

So commonly to this day – men and women who have NEVER MET or only MET ONCE or TWICE get married.

Without even having the benefit of knowing each other six weeks!

Because of this, they need some sort of GUARANTEE that all will go well.

So they have their astrologer give the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to their relationship.

And, since they’ve had THOUSANDS of years to work on their techniques, they are AMAZING.

And, I must say, any way you slice it, Mariah and Nick get a celestially PERFECT score.

So that certainty and “soulmate” thing they felt about each so quickly was real.


When looking at their charts, the thing that strikes me right away is that Mariah and Nick have their Sun signs in the position of PARTNERSHIP to one another.

This makes two people feel instantly familiar and comfortable.

It creates a lot of glue between them, and makes them have a great deal in common.

But the most important thing is how their Moon signs go together, because it’s the Moon signs that reveal how two people RELATE.

And not just the signs, but the twenty-seven more subtle, emotionally significant SUB-SIGNS of Vedic astrology.

Mariah and Nick’s Moon signs are in one of the best positions to one another

Hers is third from his, and his is eleventh from hers. The 3/11 relationship is one of “friends and family” and “hopes and dreams coming true.”

This is also why they felt such an instant SHAZAM toward each other, and are still so happy.

When I look at the most important compatibility technique, it gets really exciting.

There are five steps to this technique that are considered the MOST important.

If any of the five steps aren’t good between two people, that’s the part of the relationship that’ll be a constant problem.

With Nick and Mariah, they have all of the five WORKING for them.

So, there are no big BUGABOOS that will get in the way of their love.

He’s the leader, she feels loved, he feels respected, circumstances support their union, they can have mutual security and support, they both feel bonded, etc.

It’s soooooo easy to be in a relationship in which none of these five things are a problem.

Even couples that have otherwise GREAT connections truly suffer when these aren’t ALL good.

Now, relationship studies prove that the most important thing to make a marriage last is COMMUNICATION.

So – more good news

Mariah and Nick have the SAME sensibility.

He claimed that as soon as they met, he could be utterly himself, and that they had many of the same beliefs and values.

And that’s what this creates.

When you have the same sensibility as a man, he GETS you, and you GET him.

Not only will you agree on everything from which wallpaper to hang to which movies to see, he’ll be able to HANDLE YOU at your worst, and give you the emotional comfort you need in times of stress.

It’s SO great.

The other thing this technique does is give a relationship a compatibility “score.”

Several of the steps are given a range of possible points. A cumulative score of twenty points or higher is excellent.

It makes two people want the same things at the same time – as though they’re on the same wavelength. (Which may account for why they seem so aligned they even wear matching ski clothes whenever in Vail! :))

A score of eighteen or less makes it harder for a couple to do that – they never want the same thing at the same time. She’ll want kids when he doesn’t he’ll want kids when she’s not ready It really weakens a relationship and robs a couple of the happiness they might otherwise have.

But, you guessed it, Mariah and Nick have high points. 27.5 to be exact.

Now, as if all of that weren’t enough, Mariah met Nick right on schedule.

She was in a “season of love” in which I would have predicted her dream man would have showed up.

She was in a DOUBLE VENUS period for the first and only time in her life (Venus is the planet of love, romance, and marriage), and the planet of success and divine gifts and blessings – Jupiter – was sitting in her house of partnership for the first time in twelve years.

That’s a once or MAYBE twice in a lifetime power combo that brings Mr. Right

Mariah could’ve been in a cave in a coma and they STILL would have met! 🙂

And now she’s in a beautiful time to be pregnant. Jupiter, the planet of fertility and divine gifts and blessings, has been sitting in the sign of Pisces since last May. (This is according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of “regular” astrology by almost an entire sign.)

And Mariah is a Pisces. Not only that, but the planet that “rules” her house of children, Venus, is also in Pisces, getting the blessing of Jupiter for the next several months.

This has helped her to conceive and promises to make things continue to go smoothly.

Mariah’s chart is amazing, by the way

Her Moon is in a constellation of Scorpio called, “The Star Of Success” and the ruling planet of her chart is in a constellation of Pisces called, “The Wealthy.”

The planet of music and art is exalted in her career house, all the money houses are strong, and she has the karma to always overcome obstacles

So I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Nick DO continue to beat the “pop diva” odds and end up being very happy together “until death do they part”

The good news is that, when two people are as compatible as they are, they’re always grateful to have met and been together no matter the ultimate outcome.

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