Carol Allen: The Dish On Vedic Signs

Discover the real truth about the zodiac and why the astrology of ancient India gives you a far more complete picture. Your sun sign is just one ingredient; your Vedic chart is the whole seven-layer cake.

Why Is Vedic Astrology Diffferent

Your REAL Sun Sign: Why Is Vedic Astrology Different

Your chart, and your sign, is different than you think. Find out why Vedic astrology is different, and why this incredibly accurate calculation has been arranging marriages in India for thousands of years.

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Zodiac Signs In Love

Zodiac Signs In Love

Find out how to leave an Aries awe-struck, snag a Scorpio, or tame a Taurus. Secrets about all of the signs can be found here – whether you want to learn more about yourself or the man in your life.

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What Sign Are You Really

Your Moon Constellation – The Key To Compatibility

Your moon sign determines how you feel and relate to others. But if you want accurate compatibility insight, you need to go even deeper. Read about your moon constellation here.

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Compatibility Report: Is He The Right Man For You?

Get Detailed Insights Into Your Relationship, and Learn:

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  • If your love will last, or fizzle fast
  • If your relationship brings misfortune and obstacles
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