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As you know, when I write about famous people it’s usually couples, and it’s usually about their love lives….

But this past week and a half, all the press seemed to be focused on was the ongoing media-frenzy that is Donald Grump – I mean, TRUMP, current front-runner for the GOP presidential candidacy…

(While we all may want to laugh him off, so far he’s wayyy ahead, and will likely be here for a while).

So I couldn’t help but be curious about his stars.

And Donald is an utterly amazing example of someone living out his destiny… and acting from his inborn celestial nature.

Why is he so successful? Why is he so brash and dominant? Why is his face orange? It’s all easily seen in his horoscope…

So let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?


Not surprisingly, the man born into wealth and privilege has an extremely powerful chart.

Also not surprisingly, it’s full of conflict, and dramatic ups and downs.

And, no matter what you may think of him, you gotta hand it to the guy – he’s a powerhouse.

(In researching him for this, I was bowled over the vast array of industries and endeavors he has stamped his name – and his fortunes – on.

Besides being a real-estate tycoon, beauty pageant owner,  and TV personality, he’s written numerous Books, and, according to Wikipedia:

“Trump has succeeded in marketing the Trump name on a large number of products, including Trump Financial  (a mortgage firm), Trump Sales and Leasing (residential sales), Trump Restaurants (located in Trump Tower and consisting of Trump Buffet, Trump Catering, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, and Trump Bar), GoTrump (an online travel website), Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (a line of menswear, men’s accessories, and watches), Donald Trump The Fragrance (2004), Trump magazine, Trump Golf, Trump Chocolate, Trump home (home furnishings), Trump Productions (a television production company), Trump Institute, Trump The Game (1989 board game), Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon (a business simulation game), Trump Model Management, Trump Shuttle,Trump Ice, Trump Mortgage, Trump Vodka, and Trump Steaks. In addition, Trump reportedly receives $1.5 million for each one-hour presentation he does for The Learning Annex.”

Man, do I feel like a slacker right about now!

And I gotta get me some Trump chocolate and fragrance for my Republican relatives… but I digress!)

Why is he so successful, and so “all over the place,” needing to do more and more and MORE than just run his family biz?

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from Western by almost an entire sign) he’s a Gemini (they like to diversify, are easily bored, and enjoy new challenges – writing and media, especially) with the rising sign of Leo, and the Moon sign of Scorpio.

The Leo and Scorpio parts of his nature are why he’s so brash, and “large and in charge.”

The rising sign indicates the way the world sees you, and your public persona. Leo, of course, is the sign of royalty. And his rising sign degree is in early Leo, falling into the ancient Vedic constellation of Leo known as Magha, meaning “the mighty one.” Magha is the most competitive and driven of the three Vedic signs in Leo. (L. Ron Hubbard had his Moon here…).

So, Donald sees  himself as a King, and others do as well.

Not only was his station in life inherited (like any royal) he has vast territories, and his holdings are garish and ostentatious. (Ever seen pics of Trump Tower or Mar-A-Lago? Super palatial…)

The thing that really makes him a king, though, is that he has Mars in the first house in Leo.

For those blessed to be born with this regal sign in the position of the first house in their horoscope, Mars becomes a planet of great power, known as a Raja Yoga planet, because it “rules” both an angle and trine (in this case, the 4th and 9th houses).

(This is a  bit astrologically technical – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it – just know it means it’s helped Donald Trump A LOT in life!).

Mars is, of course, MARTIAL and when associated with the rising sign (and in his case his Sun and Moon, as well, due to the signs and Vedic signs they fall into, and by aspect in the case of his Moon) it makes a person Martial, as well!

Competitive, ambitious, impatient, blunt, athletic and (no kidding) RED in color – these are all things Mars represents…

(The first house is the appearance, so having red-colored skin and hair is also thanks to Mars here!)

Mars people are courageous and bold, but have to be careful they don’t “leap without looking” and become too brash and blustery.

It’s interesting to note that in the recent brouhaha with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Trump himself said, “We don’t have TIME for political correctness… there’s too much to do.”

Spoken like a Mars man! (Who cares about getting along, and keeping the peace? That’s a waste of time!)

Martial men are very classically masculine and exciting… but they can be really hard to partner.

Trump has said of his ex-wives, “They had a hard time because I love what I do…” meaning, he works all the time, and is away a lot.

Again, Trump is just living out his destiny… Ancient astrological techniques concur (used in the “Chart His Heart Report” which determines a man’s capacity to partner a woman) saying of a man with Mars in the rising sign:

~Mars conjunct Lagna~

“Mars can actually give a man a lot of desirable qualities such as strength of character, strong will, an action centered personality and a logical nature, so it is really easy for a woman to fall in love with a man with this Mars position. The downside is that Mars needs his independence more than he needs a woman. Mars is happy single, does his best on spur of the moment adventures and can find the committed relationship lifestyle to be a bit boring.

“Mars does not want to be held back by anyone or anything, including the love of his life. He will be really strong in doing what he needs for himself and will never sacrifice that for a relationship. If you are the type of woman who can give this man a lot of independence, and if the things that he is focused on accomplishing in his life do not conflict with a relationship, then you can have a good relationship with him. But if you need this man available all the time or if his ambitions are constantly changing or his ambitions take him on the road all the time (yes, and yes!) then this Mars position will be the source of a lot of frustration in the relationship.”

(Hopefully his current wife is happy in spite of this…)

While the rising sign represents our “Mask to the world” it’s the Moon sign that reveals our emotional nature.

As I said, Trump has the Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

One of my astrology teachers always said that people with the Moon in the sign of Scorpio were POWERFUL.

(I see it in the charts of entrepreneurs and dynamos of all kinds all the time – Oprah has this, as well!)

Scorpio people are also “ruled” by Mars and it’s important to note that Trump’s Vedic Moon sign (the smaller sign in Scorpio) is translated to mean “The Chief.”

It’s classified as a “demon” constellation – this doesn’t make him “bad” or “evil” – but it does make his emotional nature and way of relating to be very emotionally intense, dramatic, and independent. Those born in the “demon” constellations are happy to be “out of step” wish social mores, and to “March to their own drummer.” They care more about living from their truth than pleasing people, hence his insistence that “getting along” and “political correctness” aren’t what matters.

(If you’re wondering if perhaps YOU or someone you care about has a “demon” emotional nature, or is “mighty” or “a chief” you can discover this and so much more.

Find out your Vedic signs, and why I’m so grateful to have learned this little-known but incredibly insightful 27-sign zodiac, in my 11 hour program on them all called “Signs of Compatibility” – and read up on yourself and everyone you love and discover the TRUTH about your compatibility by going here).

Back to Trump – his Sun is in a Vedic constellation ruled by (you guessed it!) MARS again, and falls into the 11th house, the house of CASH FLOW and power.

One of the best things a chart can have for success is either the Sun, Moon, or ruling planet of the chart (the planet that rules the rising sign) fall into the 11th house.

In Trump’s case the Sun is two of these – it’s the Sun AND it’s the ruler of the sign of Leo, so it’s the ruler of his chart… falling into his 11th house helped open doors for him in areas that allowed him to grow beyond his inherited role, and also gives him a Midas Touch – as does the fact that Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini here, and it doesn’t hurt that Jupiter, the planet of MONEY and abundance and good fortune, happens to be in his 2nd house – the house of income.

There was NO WAY he wouldn’t be rich with all of that going on!

I could go on and on about why he’s wealthy – but also why he over-extends (Mars again!) and gets into tons of lawsuits and has declared bankruptcy many times…

One of the problems in his stars that weakens his capacity for consistency and stability, is that the Sun is on the cusp of Gemini, and it’s within a few degrees of Rahu, aka the “North Node of the Moon,” an eclipse point.

This has caused Trump to have BIG swings in his affairs, both personal and professional…

And it’s contributed to his problem of “flip flopping” on his beliefs and alliances. (He’s donated large sums of money to both Republican and Democratic campaigns).

He also has a very rare combination – ALL of his planets (except for the Moon) fall between Rahu and Ketu (the North and South Nodes of the Moon) – forming what’s called a Kala Sarpa Yoga. (A sarpa is a snake in Sanskrit). People that have this experience DRAMATIC lives… they are either very financial abundant, or very broke… they have wild ups and downs… they are NOT here to be normal.


In case you don’t know what all the fuss was about (because you have a life!) in recent days, during the first Republican presidential debate, moderator Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his history of making derogatory comments about women.

While Trump tried to joke that the only woman he ever said rude comments about was Rosie O’Donnell, Kelly corrected him by noting numerous times in numerous press appearances Mr. Trump said not nice things.

He became defensive, and acted indignant… how DARE she question him!

He then went on CNN and called her questioning “nasty” and went on to say, “There was blood coming out of her eyes… blood coming out of her WHEREVER…”

So – why is he so misogenystic? Does he hate women?

Again, Trump sees himself as a king. Anyone that questions a king is exiled… or has their head cut off.

But it’s more than that. It’s good old sexism. (Right, ladies? You didn’t need me to tell you that!)

Interestingly, Donald has the planet of women (Venus) in the 12th house with Saturn.

The 12th house is the house of foreign countries, and Venus also represents the wife in a man’s chart. So, amazingly, his first wife, Ivana, and his third wife, Melania, are both foreigners!

The 12th house is also clandestine or “hidden” behavior… so Donald, of course, has had at least one public extramarital affair (his first marriage broke up when his affair with Marla Maples – who became his second wife – became public knowledge), and likely more. (His Moon sign is also shared by Tiger Woods, and is also translated to mean “the two-faced man.” Ugh…)

And Venus combined with Saturn can make a man see women as objects… and is part of why he owns beauty pageants, and has often said things showing he’s attracted to attractive women. The Venus/Saturn combo is commonly seen in the charts of models and prostitutes – women who objectify THEMSELVES, even! It also makes a person happiest in love in later life, and helps explain why his third marriage has (so far) been lasting and without public scandal…

(He’s been getting a lot of heat of late for another inappropriate comment he made – this time on “The View” when talking about his own daughter, saying, “She does have a very nice figure… I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Although his reps swear he was joking – and by all accounts he’s very close to all of his children – that was just a tad creepy…)

(Personal story: Years ago he approached my own VERY HOT sister years ago at a big event, picking her out of a crowd of thousands… she’s a journalist and writer, and ultimately interviewed him in NYC, and he was verrrrrrrry nice to her… But I digress again!)

So, what do we make of all this???

Trump has a chart well-suited to being what he is – a busy business person, and media personality…

I wouldn’t recommend him as a husband, or leader of the free world (and I would say this even if I were a Republican, which in the interest of transparency, I am not…).

Here’s why…

When we look at his “relationship capacity” – his capacity to get along with others, and be a good partner, VERY SIMPLE, basic astrology techniques reveal VERY big problems.

And, interestingly, the feud between Donald and Megyn Kelly is an EXCELLENT example of what to WATCH OUT FOR in a man…

I’ve learned so much from being an astrologer… and from my wonderful astrology mentors.

There are THREE main things to watch out for when trying to determine if a man is healthy and generous enough to have a relationship with.

(These are BIG – and again, SO SIMPLE… yet SO profound!)

Watch what happens when:

1.     you disagree

2.    you say “no” to him (about anything)

3.    you try to hold him accountable

Healthy men won’t freak out, or shut down when any of these things happen…

If you disagree, they’ll want to understand your point of view, and while it may not make them “come around” they won’t attack you for it… or make you wrong.

If you  must say no to something they want, they will respect you and your reasons, and would never push you into agreeing to anything you’re not comfortable with.

When you try to hold him accountable for his behavior or promises, he’ll fully cooperate… and try to behave well, and do what he said he would.

(Now, to be fair, when I say “healthy” and “generous” it goes without saying that there is a spectrum for these things, and everyone falls somewhere between “complete jerk” and “saint.” And even “saints” have their bad days, and bad moods, and don’t always do this stuff perfectly. But a man to AVOID is one who acts out – becomes angry, sullen, blaming, attacking, or physically or verbally abusive.)

In Megyn Kelly’s interactions with Trump, it seemed to me she was trying to “hold him accountable” – fairly asking a man applying for the office of LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD to account for rude things he’d said on more than one occasion about women.

And at first he tried to play it all down, making a joke. When Megyn pressed him (by using facts and data, quoting back to him HIS own words) he became upset, and instead of addressing her question, turned on her and played “the victim.”

That told me allllllllllll I needed to know about what Donald is like interpersonally when the going gets tough, behind closed doors.

A guy like that can be just great – WHEN YOU ARE AGREEING WITH HIM, and when you can always give him what he wants… and when you never question him.

But as SOON as you can’t do any or all of that, the gloves are OFF.

Amazingly, the techniques of Vedic astrology that reveal a man’s relationship capacity reveal JUST what’s going on… they are looked to in the “Chart His Heart Report.” Check out what Trump’s says:

~Rahu conjunct Sun~

“This position will first give this man an aura or power and magnetism that you will likely find very attractive. He will also have a tendency to behave as if everything in the world is there for his use and often the world will appear to agree as it gives him everything wonderful. Underneath all that apparent power and magnetism, however, often lies a very weak and wounded personality. Instead of being open with his vulnerabilities he masks them by exhibiting false bravado and egocentricity. This is the astrological combination that creates a big ego and a weak soul.

“This combination can be very disappointing as a woman will think she is falling in love with a powerful and magnetic man only to find that he is, at the core, weak.”

    Speaking of Rahu, Trump has Rahu in his 10th house, the house of career. This is another POWERFUL factor in his stars, and is why he’s so focused on his career, and why he does so many things (on top of being a Gemini). Rahu here makes a person have influence over the masses, raising to high heights, and falling to low lows… Whatever part of the chart Rahu touches usually is where the person puts their focus, even to the point of obsession.

In reading about Rahu in the 10th house for a man, the “Chart His Heart Report” says this:

“The main difficulty of this Rahu position is unrealistic expectations. Additionally, a man needs to be aware of how his actions are making others feel, something this Rahu position often neglects.” I think Megyn Kelly would agree!

(Do you see why I flipping LOVE Vedic astrology? This technique is craaaaaazy good! And the report about it all is here.)

Despite what you may think after reading this, I sincerely wish Donald Trump well… and hope he goes back to doing what he does best – create exciting TV entertainment!

I won’t predict who I think will win the election until it’s down to two candidates, but (SPOILER ALERT) I don’t think Trump has a chance…

Despite having a very powerful chart, and being in a popular time in his life (thanks to the mighty planet Jupiter moving into his rising sign just last month, where it will stay for the next year) he’s in the middle of the WORST “Cycle of Saturn” – one that brings great disappointments, financial losses, and hard work with frustrating results…

Guess who had that going on in the LAST presidential election?

Yup, Mitt Romney.

And guess what president had that going on during his presidency, and left the office with his tail between his legs, in financial and diplomatic shame, and is still remembered as one of the worst presidents of all time? Yup, George W. Bush.

(Seriously – these guys should call a Vedic astrologer before they “throw their hat in the ring…” Think of all the millions of dollars, and tons of pressure we could spare them!)

Donald has been on a roll this election cycle, getting away with so many shocking behaviors that would have crushed virtually any other candidate sooner… but I truly believe that on election day most of America will say to Trump, “You’re fired.”


Until then, what about you and any “king” in your life?

Is he Martial, too independent to partner?

Is he a “demon” – here to be intense and controversial, and break the rules?

Is he “the two-faced man” or can you trust him?

Find out! The zodiac of Vedic astrology can tell you all of this and more… Don’t worry about what sign he is, worry about what VEDIC sign he is! It’s here.

Does he have the “capacity” to love you as you deserve to be loved? Or will he fall apart, and turn on you the minute you have a disagreement, or you can’t give him what he wants?

Many men have adorable personalities, but they just can’t do right by a woman.

But so many women don’t figure this out until it’s too late… find out in a matter of minutes, for just under $20 here.

And if you or the man (or men!) in your life are considering running for president, PUHLEEZ be sure the time is right!

(Better yet, find out what “love blocking” phases are going on so you can stop thinking that your challenges in love are all your fault, and you can discover when things will get easier, and love can come.) It’s here.

As for me, I’m gonna try to not think about politics just yet… but instead hope to enjoy these last few weeks of summer.

(And I’m not kidding… I’m gonna track down that Trump fragrance, and chocolate, but I think I’ll forgo the steaks. I’ll let you know what I think. Stay tuned…)

Until next time, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!


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