Bruce Jenner and The Transgender Movement – Astrology Tip of the Week…

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Bruce Jenner 1996

If you’ve been “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” then you’ve likely discovered along with the rest of the world that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to being a woman.

The tabloids have been hinting at this for a long time, regularly commenting on Bruce’s nail color, ever growing hair, diamond earrings, and strange Adam’s Apple reducing surgery last year (ouch!) but the big news was only formally announced last week.

As a Gold Medal Winning Olympian and reality TV star father of a small nation, this is obviously a huge change for a man always associated with more masculine pursuits.

One of the wonderful (and complicated!) things about living at this time in history in Western civilization is that people can now live more honestly and authentically than ever before.

We have incredible freedoms that have never existed until now (and incredible medical interventions that people of the past could only dream about…).

And the ability to CHOOSE one’s gender is one of the most cutting-edge of them all.

(Or to play within multiple variations of this idea – Facebook recently came out with over fifty categories of gender to pick from, and later expanded it to 71, don’t forget! If that confuses your binary “boy/girl” brain, go Google it, and have that brain of yours cracked wide open – or shut way down.)

Now, to be fair, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Men and women have self-identified as “other” than their assigned gender at birth for forever.

It’s just they couldn’t so much talk about it, let alone embrace it and live out loud.

(Unless they were celebrated in the arts by being something like a drag queen, Kabuki actor, or castrati…)

In the last few years, Transgender people have stepped into more and more mainstream roles in society including high positions of government (a transgender woman was appointed by Obama in 2010 as Senior Technical Advisor to the Bureau of Industry and Security), starring roles in hit TV shows (like Crazy Sexy Money, Orange is the New Black), competing in beauty contests and reality TV shows (Miss Universe Canada, America’s Next Top Model), being involved in major scandals (sharing military secrets with WikiLeaks), and participating in popular athletic events (from mixed martial arts, to golf, to tennis).

They can be seen giving TED Talks, telling their stories in “O Magazine” and writing best-selling memoirs about what it’s like to be trapped in the “wrong” body and later choose to do something about it, whether it’s just to cross dress, undergo hormone therapy, or go under the knife, or some combination.

(There’s even a Golden Globe-winning new series you’ve likely heard of called “Transparent” about an older father of several grown children who’s divorced from their mother, and despite loving women, decides to become one and comes out to his family… hey, wait a minute… talk about life imitating art!)

Because this topic is being more talked about now than ever before – thanks largely to the internet, and brave individuals being more and more open about their private lives – I thought I’d take some time to research the topic.

There’s much speculation about what causes a person to question/rethink their gender.

(It’s EXTREMELY rare, despite all the attention the topic is getting – roughly only 0.3% of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community (LGBT), which is roughly 4% of the population of the U.S. I’m using U.S. stats because – although it’s still controversial – it’s much easier here for people to ‘come out’ than in many other places, and we’ve been collecting such data.)

Is it biological? Genetic? The result of early childhood trauma or sexual abuse?

Is it, as some claim, a psychological disorder?

Or is it the woo-woo argument, that transgender people reincarnated too quickly, causing them to still identify with their LAST body from their LAST life?

Obviously, I look at life through the filter of astrology… and after years of doing so, I believe that all of us are acting out of our inborn natures ALL THE TIME. And that even the most personal of decisions we make and behaviors we participate in, are ENCODED within us.

So, are they REALLY our decisions and behaviors?

After looking at the charts and birthdays of Bruce Jenner and a multitude of other famous transgender people, I feel that’s what’s going on.

Interestingly, the ONLY thing you cannot tell from an astrology chart is gender.

If you were to study the birth charts of twins born just moments apart (with virtually the same chart) and were told that one was male, and the other female, you’d have NO way of knowing which was which.

However, when I was a student of astrology, I found it interesting to discover that the idea of gender is intrinsic to astrology itself.

Much like how languages “assign” gender to objects (a book is classified as masculine in French, for example, but the table it sits on is considered feminine… don’t ask me why!)… ancient astrologers assigned gender to all of the planets and the Sun and Moon, as well as all the constellations.

All the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), for example, are considered masculine, while all the water signs are feminine (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

(This example PROVES feminine energy is more powerful than masculine – as water “puts out” fire – but I digress. Ha ha…)

Venus and the Moon are considered feminine, while Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun are considered masculine.
Mercury and Saturn are more “gender neutral” (Mercury takes on the energy of the planets it’s with – when with Feminine planets, Mercury becomes Feminine, but when with Masculine planets “he” becomes Masculine. Saturn is considered “neuter” – neither male nor female, but instead androgynous).

So whenever I hear of someone who feels born into a body that is not aligned with their emotional or sexual nature, I always think of this…

I’ve assumed if they were a man who identified as a woman, they’d likely have a chart that shows the planets to have been in mostly feminine signs at the time of their birth, with the feminine and “neuter” planets more prominent.

If a woman identified more as a man, they’d likely have a chart that shows the planets all in mostly masculine signs with the masculine planets more prominent.

But is that what’s actually happening? And is that what’s going on with Bruce Jenner? (And what was his compatibility with his longtime wife, Kris, anyway?)

Let’s go to the Astrological Vault, shall we?


Bruce (who apparently will go by the name of “Belinda” soon) was born on October 28th, 1949 at6:16 a.m. in Mount Kisco, New York.

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), this makes him a Libra with Libra also as his Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant or first house), and Capricorn as his Moon sign.

The Rising sign and Sun sign both have to do with a person’s physical appearance and identity.

The Rising sign in particular is a person’s sense of SELF.

Bruce’s Sun and Rising sign both fall into a smaller Vedic sign (also known as a Nakshatra) called Swati.

It’s called “The Self-Going Star” and Swati people are determined, and willing to do things their own way…

There are twenty-seven Nakshatras, and each has a planet that “rules” it, or gives its energy to it.

Swati is “ruled” by an eclipse point known as Rahu, also referred to as the North Node of the Moon.

Swati’s ruler, Rahu, makes people unconventional when it is associated with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign… It can also help to create fame, and influence. It always makes people strange or different in some way – and tends to create big ups and downs in their lives, with more sudden changes than the average person.

Rahu has been more prominent in Bruce’s life in the last couple of years… it was in the sign of Libra from the end of 2012 until this past summer, sitting in Bruce’s Rising sign, and causing the other eclipse point, (also known as the South Node of the Moon) to sit in his house of partnership.

And as of this past October through September of 2017, he’s in a planetary period of Rahu… which is in big part why he is coming out now.

(He’s actually in a major period of Saturn – a neuter planet, remember – and a minor period of Rahu, which is in a famine sign. The combination of Saturn and Rahu is one of most painful and unhappy in anyone’s chart. While I think he will make a lot of money in this time – Saturn is in his house of fame and cash, and Rahu is in a constellation referred to as “the Wealthiest” – I think he’ll likely have health problems and feel less loved and supported than he’ll like.

He also was just involved in a terrible car accident this past weekend that involved a fatality and may be found to be at least partially at fault – stay tuned… Sigh.)

When Rahu goes through a person’s Rising sign (which it only does every 19 years) they typically make sweeping changes to their personal appearance and self-care. When Ketu or Rahu influences a person’s house of partnership (the 7th house), it commonly brings sudden upheaval and restructuring to their romantic or professional partnerships. It’s very common for couples to either marry or divorce when this happens, as did Bruce and Kris.

What’s really amazing, is that all of the Vedic signs have particular things they aspire to achieve, and when we have significant indicators in our stars in those Vedic signs (again, like the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign) then those goals will become ours, as well.

Amazingly, Swati’s goal is (wait for it…) TRANSFORMATION.

(I’ll say what I always say when writing about astrology: “People – I couldn’t make this up if I tried!”)

I studied the charts of twenty-five transgender people other than Bruce (including the first man to have a sex change operation; Cher’s grown child, Chaz Bono; Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s child who was Kathlyn at birth but refers to himself now as Stephen Ira;  as well as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt – who, according to Brad and Angelina, wants to be called John and “wants to be a boy”) and virtually ALL of them have Rahu significant in some way – either WITH the Sun, aspecting the Sun, “ruling” the constellation of the Sun, or doing some version of that with the Moon.

(The Moon indicates the mind and psychology in astrology, and when with Rahu, makes a person an unconventional thinker, with extra sensitive emotions.)

It was also extremely common for them to have Neptune be prominent, as it’s the planet that brings abstract thought, illusions, the desire for escape, and things being not as they seem. Neptune is often referred to as “the master of disguise,” which any drag queen or cross dresser would tell you is what they’re going for.

How crazy is that?

Sadly, Neptunian types often feel persecuted in some way (typical of transgender people).

(Just to be clear, if you or someone you love has Rahu or Neptune prominent in their astrology chart, is does NOT necessarily mean they will be Transgender. But it will mean they are unconventional or unusual in some way, with more than average changes in their life, and they may have more doubt about their identity or sense of who they are than is typical.

It’s just interesting that virtually ALL the charts of Transgender people I looked up had those issues going on, so in THEIR lives that is how that energy is expressed. Whew – had to clear that up!)

My theory that people born female who identify as male would more likely have most of their planets in masculine signs (and vice verse) worked out to be mostly true in the charts I studied.

(Bruce has 8 out of 12 planets in Feminine signs… including the “ruling” planet of his entire chart, Venus, in a feminine sign AND a feminine planet, for example… While Stephen Ira Beatty has ten out of 12 in masculine signs.)

And again – pretty much across the board – if a man FELT more like a woman, he had his Moon sign in a feminine sign (the Moon is the mind and the emotions, and how we RELATE to others).

And if a woman felt more like a man, her Moon was in a Masculine sign.

Bruce’s Moon sign is Capricorn, falling into the Vedic constellation of Uttara Ashada.  Amazingly, this helps to explain his athletic success. This is one of the most powerful of the 27 Vedic signs, and is associated with bringing “unchallengable victory” and making someone “the undisputed winner.”

Others throughout history who have also had their Moon sign here are – oh, gee – Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and a French dude named Napolean Bonaparte.

(Perhaps you’ve heard of them, and know of their victories and tendency toward “winning.”)

Another constellation that helped him to be a national hero as a man, and will (I predict) help him become a national hero as a woman (in the Transgender community especially) is the sign his ruling planet, Venus, falls into, called Jyeshtha, female constellation in a female sign (Scorpio), known to “rise and conquer, gain courage in battle” and “become a hero.”


When I ran the “Right Man Report” on Bruce and Kris, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are HIGHLY compatible, which makes sense given that they were married for over two decades, and managed to raise multiple kids (theirs, his, and hers) and manage multiple businesses together.

She was born on November 5, 1955. Her birth time isn’t known, but I ran the technique for the entire day, and they have an extremely high “wavelength score” and a lot of agreement and mutual high regard no matter what time she was born.

Because they were born just a few days apart, they are both considered Libras in Vedic astrology. Having two people of the same Sun sign together is very bonding and creates a lot of familiarity (and similarity), but also makes for “two kings in one castle.”

Which is just what the rumor mill said – that Bruce couldn’t stand how controlling Kris was (who knows… she DOES have the Sun and Saturn in the same sign – a VERY perfectionistic/inflexible combo), but that she was the one who wanted the divorce.

(He supposedly is still often seen wearing his wedding ring…)

The tabloids go on to say that she’s NOT supportive of his Transitioning, and has been having a very hard time with his decision.

What’s EXTREMELY interesting in Kris’ chart, is that she not only has the Sun in Libra (with Saturn, as mentioned, and with Mercury, also a “genderless” planet ) but she has Neptune there, as well.

The Sun is the indicator of MEN in a woman’s chart, and Saturn (remember) is considered GENDER NEUTRAL… and Neptune (remember) is referred to as “the master of disguises.”

Saturn and Neptune being with her Sun, reflects the fact that it’s HER destiny to have a significant man in her life who would have these Saturn/Neptune tendencies. And it falls into the Vedic sign of Swati, as well, the sign of TRANSFORAMTION.

(I’ll say it again – I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!)

And guess what else??? She has Venus, the planet of sex, love and romance, in Scorpio – the sign of SCANDAL… and, oh gee, it’s with Rahu, which I spent practically half of this newsletter explaining is ALWAYS involved in the charts of people with unconventional love lives, sexual anomalies, and infidelity.

(Rahu also represents anything foreign, and her first husband, Robert Kardashian, though born in the U.S. was known for being Armenian. Rahu, when with Venus, also commonly causes a person to have more than one marriage, and Kris has had two.)


So – in a nutshell, Bruce is living out his destiny, as are all of us.

I wish him and his family peace and healing throughout the coming turbulent years, and I hope (as I expect) that his journey makes that of others like him easier.

We shall see!!!

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Until next time, may God and His MASCULINE, FEMININE, and GENDER-NEUTRAL planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

Photo By: John Mathew Smith & from Laurel Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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