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Christian Carter

Carol Allen isn’t just an inspirational woman with light and wisdom to share, she’s one of the rare real sources of change and transformation. Any woman who’s smart enough to take the truths and insights she has to heart will grow to find more love in her life, whether she tries to ‘work’ at it or not. If you want a great relationship, and you want real answers about you and the special man in your life… get with Carol Allen.”

Christian Carter, author of the mega best-selling eBook, “Catch Him & Keep Him”

Marci Shimoff

I love Carol’s work. Carol writes a newsletter called, ‘Love Is in the Stars’ and I read it all the time – I read it every time she sends it out. I’m blown away by not only how interesting it is to read and the quality of the writing but how practical and useful it is. It’s a fantastic newsletter to get. She didn’t know I’ve been on her list and reading it for quite a while. The other thing I want to say about the work that she does is that it’s based on the system of Vedic astrology… I’ve used the Vedic astrology system for the last twenty years both in my personal life and in my business life with such remarkable results… I call it my secret weapon. It’s the secret tool I use in life for guidance and clarity. And Carol does an amazing job of helping you see all of the patterns of love in your life in the stars. It’s so insightful and truly, truly helpful to your heart and your personal growth and to expanding the love in all areas of your life. Thank you, Carol, for all you’ve done for me.”

Marci Shimoff, author of the NY TIMES best-selling book “Happy For No Reason” and coauthor of the women’s books in “The Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, featured teacher in the film, “The Secret”

Kathlyn Hendricks


Love Is in the Stars is very readable and has a lot of wisdom in it.”

Kathlyn Hendricks, New York Times best-selling author of ten books including “Conscious Loving”, and “The Conscious Heart”, and co-host of “Spirit-Centered Relationships” on “Hay House Radio”

Rhonda Britten


I can’t wait to get my hands on anything Carol Allen writes!”

Rhonda Britten, Emmy-winning Life Coach of NBC’s “Starting Over,” author of “Fearless Living”, “Fearless Loving”, and “Change Your Life in Thirty Days”

Arielle Ford

I’ve been a longtime fan of astrology and have had many personal readings, yet have never heard how it relates to relationships and love explained so fully and powerfully as they are in Love Is in the Stars. Carol offers such hope and inspiration for any woman that’s been waiting for her romantic destiny to kick in, as well as all the best tools and tips to keep it alive and thriving once it does. I highly recommend it.”

Arielle Ford, best-selling author of “The Soulmate Secret”, and the “Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Soul” series.

Lauren Frances

Carol’s amazing relationship advice combined with her penetrating astrological insights make this book a must-read for any woman serious about getting a love life.”

Lauren Frances, the official love coach of “Victoria’s Secret” and author of “Dating, Mating, and Manhandling – the Ornithological Guide to Men”

Chellie Campbell

Love Is in the Stars is the astrological relationship book you’ve been waiting for. Carol’s sparkling wit and savvy advice comes with the voice of your good friend who has just the knowledge and perspective you need. This guide will get you the relationship with the one you love—who loves you back!”

Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire”

Chellie Campbell

Carol Allen fills the gap between relationship coaching and astrology! Carol, the coach, tells us what we can do to improve what is going on in our love lives. It’s great to know what’s broken, and how to fix it….but even better yet, Carol the astrologer tells us how to use principles of astrology (especially Indian or Vedic astrology) to be proactive and avert relationship problems ahead of time.”

Bill Levacy, author of “Beneath A Vedic Sky”, “Beneath A Vedic Sun”, and “Vedic Astrology Simply Put”. President of the “American Council of Vedic Astrology.”

Lisa Steadman

Here’s what Carol Allen brings to the table — a deep understanding of real relationships, a passion for being of service, and powerful intuition. Together, these natural gifts make Carol a masterful coach as well as a wonderful teacher.”

Lisa Steadman, relationship coach and best-selling author, “It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown”

Rori Raye

Carol Allen is so totally wonderful and unique – she’s merged her incredible talent and experience as an astrologer with her amazing talent and experience as a personal relationship coach to help women get the love lives they want and deserve. She’s able to combine her knowledge of how the stars influence us with her knowledge of how we can affect our love relationships ourselves by understanding men and communicating with them in ways that truly work. Love Is in the Stars is fascinating, insightful, and very specifically helpful. I love Carol’s sense of humor – it shines through her writing along with her compassion and caring and makes her book very special, terrifically fun and empowering to read.”

Rori Raye, author of “Have The Relationship You Want”

Evan Marc Katz

Most guys – myself included – aren’t into astrology. Yes, I’m a “typical Leo”, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten with it. Still, when I was about to propose to my wife, Carol offered to give me a reading, using her unique skill set. Naturally, I said yes. It was VERY cool. To this day, Carol remains a good friend and mentor to me – because she doesn’t just give readings, she writes incredible relationship advice, all through the prism of Vedic astrology. She’s good people – and she’s even better at her job. So if you’re interested in relationship advice that combines my honesty and wit with a woman’s spiritual touch and insight, do yourself a favor and check out the amazing (and amazingly inexpensive!) compatibility report called “The Right Man Report” that will tell you if your relationships are a good match, and what to do if they’re not. Sign up for her newsletter and she’ll also send you free astrology and love advice. You deserve all the support and help you can get on your journey to find and keep lasting love, and I completely trust my good friend, Carol, to guide you.”

Evan Marc Katz, dating coach and author of “Why You’re Still Single” and “Why He Disappeared”.

Carol is cooler than karma.”

Daily Candy