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Unless you’ve been on a remote tropical island or in a cave in a coma somewhere, odds are you’re pretty tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen and his latest drunken, violent, scandalous escapades.

I don’t mean to add to your “Charlie Sheen Overload” but it got me thinking…

This guy has been married THREE times (and engaged yet another), is the father of FIVE – he has a grown daughter that recently got married -and it NEVER goes well…

This “bad boy” has shown signs of trouble since he was very young.

He was expelled from high school for his poor grades and low attendance.

He “accidentally” shot his first fiance, Kelly Preston (yes, THAT Kelly Preston, John Travolta’s wife) back in 1990.

He was named as one of Heidi Fleiss’s best customers in her prostitution ring back in 1995.

And he’s been in and out of rehab since overdosing on cocaine in 1998.

And yet beautiful, young, seemingly nice women keep falling for him, marrying him, and bearing his children.

And they keep having to (literally) run for their lives.

(Wanna hear something crazy?

My hubby and I happened to be in New York for a much needed mini vacation – having dinner at the Plaza Hotel, no less – the day after Charlie Sheen’s scandalous night with an “escort/porn star” in which he did $7,000 of damage to his room there.

We missed him by “that much…”

Lucky for us! Our trip was dreamy… ahh… We did have one “celebrity spotting” – we saw CNN’s Anderson Cooper at a restaurant on our last day having lunch with a bunch of journalism students. Fun!)

Whenever I talk to clients dating “bad boys” like this, I get so frustrated.

They always fall for the guy’s GOOD qualities, and choose to focus on those. (Because even BAD boys have good qualities… that’s what makes them sooo confusing!)

And they always say things to me like, “Can’t he grow? Shouldn’t I love him through it? If he’s got such big problems how can I abandon him?”

Or, they make the MASSIVE mistake of thinking that if they’re astrologically compatible with him, they’ll be able to “make things work.”

So they’ll use my work against me, saying, “But YOU SAID we were compatible!” as though that meant he’d always treat them well.

It means no such thing.

In fact, when it comes to being treated well, you’re better off being with a good guy who you’re NOT very compatible with, than a bad guy with whom you are…

Let me explain….

When I first started studying astrology, I, too, thought, “compatibility conquered all.”

But I was blessed to have some of the most wonderful teachers in the world.

And the FIRST thing my teachers taught me about compatibility was not about how to tell if two charts “fit” together or not.

It was something MUCH more important…

They first taught me how to tell if the charts of the individual people indicated they had the CAPACITY to DO RELATIONSHIPS in the first place.

In other words, more important than asking, “Is this man compatible with me?” is the question:

“Can this man DO RELATIONSHIPS at all, with anyone?”

If a man has poor “relationship capacity” – if his chart indicates he’s got low character, or a bad temper, or addictions, or selfishness, or you name it – then being compatible with him won’t be enough to be happy together.

In fact, you’ll likely wish you WEREN’T compatible.

Because it’s that great connection you feel – that chemistry, that affinity, that feeling of rightness – that will make you believe in your love to the point that you overlook his “bad boy” history, his poor behavior, his weaknesses, and more – only to be sorry later.

And that’s the problem with Charlie…


Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

Charlie has the classic “low capacity” chart.

Think of it like you’re looking for a man to play professional piano, but you chose a man who only has four fingers.

Then the HUGE lie women tell themselves is, “If he loved me, he’d behave differently.”

Think how silly it would be if you hired a piano player who only had four fingers and then blamed his inability to play Beethoven on his lack of love for you.

That wouldn’t be silly – that would be crazy.

But that’s what women do. They find a guy who is LIMITED and then decide that he doesn’t love them…

So they try and they try, and they stay and they stay – trying to MAKE THE MAN LOVE THEM.

Which is the wrong way to look at it all together.

Here’s what Charlie’s chart says…

It has a lot of great things about it, which is why he’s so talented, fortunate, successful, etc., but it has SEVERAL “afflictions.”

First of all, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign, he has the planet of addictions and obsessions (it’s not really a planet, but an eclipse point called “Rahu” or “the North Node of the Moon”) in the house of the self.

Worse, it’s in a small constellation within the sign of Taurus ruled by the Moon.

So it’s a Rahu/Moon combination.

That combo is extremely common in the charts of addicts.

Rahu in the sign of Taurus is common in the charts of people involved in sex scandals or in relationships tarnished by infidelity.

Because it’s in Charlie’s rising sign, which I said above is the sign of “the self,” it’s Charlie who is the philanderer…

If Rahu were in his 7th house, the house of his partners, it would be more likely that his partners would be “caught with their pants down.”

In Vedic astrology, we give more emphasis to a person’s Moon sign and placement than we do the Sun.

Wherever the Moon is in the chart is where the person typically puts a lot of their emotional attention and focus.

Charlie has the Moon in the eighth house, the house of scandals and sex. (Another example of this was Sigmund Freud, the sex-focused father of modern psychiatry… and Tiger Woods who has the Moon in the 8th sign, which makes for the same thing…)

He also has Venus, the planet of women, in its weakest sign – the sign of Virgo.

This is extremely common in the charts of men who need a lot of sexual activity and who have a lot of difficult lessons to learn in the area of love.

Not only that, but Mars, the planet of sex and passion, is in the sign of Libra – which is a lusty place for Mars as Libra’s ruled by Venus (the planet of sensuality) and is the natural sign of partnership.

It’s in a section of Libra ruled by Rahu. So again – his sexuality has a Rahu element, which always contributes to compulsive, obsessive behaviors, and is also the astrological indicator of deviance and “base” behaviors and people (hence his penchant for prostitutes and porn stars).

Add to that, the weakest part of his chart is the house of partnership, the 7th house… Ketu (a.k.a. “the South Node of the Moon”) is there creating lots of stops and starts and ups and downs in his relationships.

One of the greatest contributors to his success, but also his romantic dramas, is the position of Saturn in his chart.

It’s extremely strong, in the sign of Aquarius, its own sign, in his career house.

This creates a powerful combination in Vedic astrology called a “Maha Parusha Yoga” which means “Great personality combination.”

But this is the most difficult of the five “great personality combinations” because it creates a lot of fear and insecurity.

And in relationships, it makes a person tend to be very controlling and dominant.

The ancient books of Vedic astrology describe Charlie’s good qualities with this by saying:

“He is valorous, strong, lively, virile, crafty, and fond of women. A royal favorite and skilled in all assignments, he will be the chief of a country, a mayor, a king, a minister or a general. Spirited and bountiful, he is famous.”

But they go on to describe his bad qualities:

“Interested in the fair sex, he is inclined to have intrigues with women not his own, playing the paramour with the objects of his guilty love. Cruel hearted and wicked, he usurps other’s wealth and is happy.”

Now, I don’t know about the “usurps other’s wealth” part, but you gotta admit he’s “spirited “with “guilty love.”

I just LOVE Vedic astrology. It’s so right on!

Add to all of this, Charlie has the kind of chart where he doesn’t want to answer to anyone or be told what to do…

This is in part because he has the Sun just a few degrees away from Uranus and Pluto – a combo that makes him not want to play by the rules or do as he’s told.

So he’ll have the arrogance to not want to follow tradition or be beholden to anyone. Not even the mother of his children, or the woman he’s pledged his life to…

As I said, Vedic astrology emphasizes a person’s Moon sign more than their Sun sign. And it especially looks to the twenty-seven original signs, smaller clusters of stars within the twelve “normal” signs we all know.

Charlie’s Vedic Moon sign is called, “Mula “and is what’s called a “demon” sign.

Mula is a constellation associated with having many relationships, and also prone to drama and even calamities…

People born under “demon” constellations are not necessarily bad – but they’re more independent, unconventional, and dramatic than most people, and tend to have a harder time in relationships as a result.

I created a whole program on these amazing little-known original signs of Vedic astrology and they can tell you SO much about a man and if you can get along with him or not – it’s these signs that matter in terms of compatibility…

You can learn about this program, which comes with a detailed description of all the signs and a way for you to look up everyone in your life and learn JUST how to connect more deeply with them from now on, by clicking on the link below.)

Signs of Compatibility

Even though Charlie’s relationship problems would occur no matter who he’s in relationships with, I thought I’d take a look at the most significant women in his life and see how they “fit” according to the stars.

And guess what?

When I looked up his astrological compatibility with Kelly Preston (his first fiance), Denise Richards (his second wife), and Brooke Mueller(his third wife – who he’s now divorcing) it totally proves my point…

He has excellent astrological compatibility with ALL of them.

Seriously – I’m so glad none of them were my clients – or they would have ALL done what women in relationships with guys like this always do to me…

They would’ve forgotten all of my warnings about his “low capacity” and only heard the part about their compatibility being so good – and then when he threatened their safety or held a knife to them, they would’ve called me and complained, “But you said we were compatible!”

I honestly believe he loved them all.

When I run the most important compatibility technique in all of astrology – used for thousands of year to arrange marriages in India, and at the basis of “The Right Man Report” – an amazing 9 to11 page compatibility report – he gets virtually a perfect score with all of them.

And it doesn’t matter.

Compatibility is not enough…

The reason I wrote my ebook, “Love Is in the Stars” is I wanted women to understand what REALLY matters in relationships – and to stop being hurt by misunderstanding how the stars REALLY affect our love lives.

So I explain that there are FIVE CRITICAL KEYS to compatibility.

And getting along is just ONE of them. A critical one – but only one of five critical things.

As I’ve said, the MOST important thing is that both people be healthy enough to be in a relationship at all.

In “Love Is In The Stars” I included an entire chapter on the topic of “astrologically afflicted men” like Charlie – which is another name for men with “low capacity” for being in relationships.

It’s the most important chapter in the book.

In it, I tell you how to tell – BEFORE you lose your heart and possibly your sanity – if a man is afflicted or not.

If you’re already with such a man, I tell you how to actually GET ALONG with him in spite of it, and make the best of things.

Many women partner with or marry men like this when they are young and starry-eyed… and so it’s very common to have children with them.

So it’s not easy to simply say, “Run from a guy like this!” (Though, if you do happen to tripover Charlie Sheen any time soon, please run!)

I included the chapter because I wanted to help women get along as well as possible with men like this in the event that they were already committed to one, or raising children with one.

So if this is YOU – if you suspect your guy is astrologically afflicted – (which I explain in the book is a spectrum that goes from being merely “annoying” all the way to impossible) I STRONGLY urge you to get the book.

Seriously – it’s chock full of super valuable advice about how to set boundaries with a man like this and take care of yourself as much as possible -and inspire his best in a way that will make you both as happy as you can be!

It covers everything from how to stop fighting, how to build goodwill, how to get more of his help, and how to be as close as possible.

If you try everything I suggest, you’ll likely find that your man goes from “snarling to darling.”

Or – if he’s more on the “impossible” side of the “afflicted spectrum” you may find that nothing you do is enough.

And then you’ll get clear that the problem is NOT YOU.

So it’s excellent information to help you know if you should “stay or go.”

I take this information so seriously and care so much about women and children in relationships with these types of men, that I even had a good friend who is a therapist read the chapter over to be sure I wasn’t forgetting anything or being irresponsible in any way.

And I’m happy to say, she loved it.

So don’t suffer alone anymore – and quit thinking it’s enough that you “love him.”

Be reading this possibly love saving chapter in mere minutes (you can return the ebook for a full refund if it doesn’t help you!) by going here: Love Is In The Stars eBook

As for Charlie, the guy’s got just way too many things going on to ever fully “grow beyond” his issues, or be “loved through it.”

When a man’s Sun, Moon, house of partnership, rising sign, Venus, Mars, and Saturn ALL point to relationship problems, it’s just too much.

He’s truly being exactly who his stars indicate he’ll be… and living out his destiny.

Astrology is complicated and most of us will have one or two things that indicate relationship challenges. But when there are several all saying the same thing – that’s when it’s more than anyone love can fix… or any woman should ever think she can handle.

So I hope Charlie never marries again. And that going forward, he’s honest with the women he loves about who he is and what he’s capable of giving them, and that he doesn’t try to be or promise anything other than that.

I hope his children can recognize the truth -that their father’s actions have nothing to do with how much he did or didn’t love them or their mother(s)… but more to do with his own limitations within himself.

May they all find peace and renewal in spite of them, and enjoy Charlie for the good that he can provide.

As for you – may you never make the mistake of thinking “love is enough” or that you can completely personally heal a truly broken man…

Photo By: Joella Marano, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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