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Carol Allen

When I was twenty-three, a session with an astrologer changed my life. He predicted I’d become a counselor or teacher of some kind, and that I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) get married until I turned thirty. I was so impressed by his insights that I started studying with him, and was soon giving readings as well, in the process making his first prediction come true.

And I quickly figured out two amazing things:

1. All anyone wants is love. (With career and money being a distant second – but only so they can get more love.)

2. Even the most otherwise successful, wonderful people typically have no clue how to succeed at relationships. But they desperately want to. (Refer to #1 again)

I should probably mention that my own life was exactly like that of my clients – I desperately wanted to find my soulmate and get married, but I had no idea what I was doing. And thirty was a long way off.

Lucky for me, the system of astrology I’d been studying and practicing is Vedic astrology, from India. It’s been used for thousands of years to arrange marriages, so its insights and techniques into romantic compatibility, predicting when love will come, and revealing a person’s deep inner psychology (and therefore their relationship-readiness) go way beyond the “normal” astrology we all know, and taught me so much about how to counsel my clients and understand my own journey.

But after a couple of years of doing readings and presenting this oh-so-accurate and in-depth wisdom to hundreds of women of all walks of life, I noticed some surprising things: as amazing as astrology was, much of what I’d always read and heard about it wasn’t true (discovering, for example, that Sun signs aren’t all that important in love, and that most of us aren’t even the sign we think we are). And, even more amazing, – astrology was not enough.

Here’s what I mean: a woman would come to me wanting to know about her compatibility with a man. And it would be just perfect. But then she’d tell me they were miserable. Then another woman would come wanting to know about her man, and their compatibility would be just “so-so” and yet, she’d report that they were very happy.

This was so confusing. Shouldn’t good compatibility be some sort of guarantee that a relationship would work? (Before you go thinking I’m saying compatibility is all hogwash, let me assure you that the couples with very incompatible charts were never happy, even if they really loved each other. Phew – had to make that clear!)

In my own life, I’d been seeing an amazing man for a while, and one of my astrology mentors had said we had the best astrological compatibility he’d seen in twenty-nine years of doing readings, and yet we broke up.

What was going on here?

Why were some of my clients with just mediocre astrological compatibility with their men happy and staying together, and yet others (including me and my guy!) who enjoyed perfect compatibility went their separate ways?

In a nutshell I realized there are actually FIVE critical keys to love. And only ONE of them is compatibility. But they’re all critical. So if a couple is missing any of them (even if they feel they have a soulmate, “wow” kind of connection) they won’t be able to reach “happily ever after.”

Linda Goodman never mentioned that!

Once I discovered the five critical keys, I was able to help my clients – and myself – like never before. You see, one of the keys has nothing to do with the stars – it has to do with YOU. It’s having good relationship skills. When I figured that out (and that mine were sorely lacking, and were to blame for my amazing, “perfect match” boyfriend heading off into the sunset without me) I went on a quest to learn all I could about relationships.

I studied with a relationship institute for a couple of years, and even led one of their programs. I read every book and dating and marriage study I could get my hands on. I eventually had my own radio show for three years on which I interviewed some of the most influential authors, practitioners, therapists, and coaches on the topic of relationships of our time.

And I found out there are rules to love, and that they can be learned – by anyone.

When you follow the rules, you end up happy. When you break them, your love ends up broken.

Best of all, when you follow the rules of love AND the stars align in your favor – well, that’s when life becomes truly magical.

Learning the rules of love has proven to be the greatest gift of my life.

It not only got me my amazing boyfriend back (who has now been my wonderful husband for over a decade! Yup – we got married right on schedule when I was thirty, just as that first reading predicted all those years before) but it’s worked for thousands of women as well through my private practice, seminars, and free newsletter.

So please let me teach you what took me years of effort and heartache to figure out – the real truth of how astrology impacts your love life (whether you believe in it or not) and the fact that you have so much power to shape your own romantic destiny for the better.

Are you compatible with the man in your life (or the one you’re wondering about?), and can both of you DO relationships in the first place? Is it your time for love? What does he specifically need to feel closer to you? This can all be seen in the stars – And just as importantly, if not more so – do you know how to make a relationship last once you’ve found one?

Can you inspire a man’s best? Can you ask for his help in a way that will make him happy to give it? Do you know how to bring a man closer, and attract a great one in the first place? All of this can be learned – no matter what your stars have to say… And I can’t wait to share all of this with you and more.

So take this leap with me, and help me bring you the very best ancient, spiritual wisdom of the East along with the most cutting-edge, real-world tools and tips of the West to give you a love life you’ll swear you’ve waited lifetimes for.

And please let me know how it goes!

May God and his planets and stars shower you with love,

Carol Allen

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