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It’s common for women not to know the specifics of their man’s birth time and place, so here are some tips to help you make sure your report can be accurate and helpful.

(Remember, your report will be more accurate because I’m using this information. I know it’s easier to just tell me his name and birth date, but this is a much much better way, as that can provide you with a wildly inaccurate report.)

Q: I don’t know his birthday

A: Ok, I can’t help you on that one. Go find out! That’s a deal breaker.

Q. I don’t know exactly where he was born

A: Good news! You have options. The crux of this information is knowing the TIME ZONE he was born in. So East Coast vs. West Coast, PST vs EST vs other time zones.

If you know he was born in California (but don’t know if he’s from LA or San Francisco) that’s all I need. You don’t need his zip code – just time zone. This is what creates the accuracy of this component of your chart. Give me what you’ve got!

Q. I don’t know what time he was born.

A: This is critical – we have to know the time he was born or your report will not be accurate.

Many people know when they’re born – the tricky part is asking a man without him figuring out you’re trying to do some “celestial scooping” on your relationship. Here’s my favorite way to find out if he knows his birth time…

I often tell my clients to say something like: “You know, I heard if you’re born at night you’re commonly a night person, but if you’re born in the morning, you’re a morning person. Do you notice that about yourself?”

He may tell you exactly when he was born as an answer to this seemingly unrelated question!

Q. I don’t know what time I was born

A: If you do not have a birth certificate, report or baby book and were born in the U.S., Canada, or most Western countries, your birth time is recorded in the county or region of your birth with the Office of Vital Statistics, County Clerk, or Health Department. Call one of these and specifically request your birth time – do not request a copy of your birth documents or they will send an abbreviated version without the time. We would offer this as a service for you, but this is private information only you can obtain.

Carol has had many clients not fully understand their dynamics with a man for a while. Initially he can seem one way, but later prove to be another. This can take months to be revealed. So, perhaps your sense of the man isn’t matching what the report describes yet, but it later will.

Carol suggests you keep in mind the content of the report and keep your eyes open. If your relationship is not new and the report is incorrect, then perhaps you have provided the wrong birth information for one or both of you. If the birth times were from someone’s memory and not off of a document, like a birth certificate or baby book, that could greatly alter the information in the report. If you’re not sure, Carol urges you to verify the birth information of you and the man you ran the report for.

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Here is the link for you to create your Birth Chart: Chart Creator

I’m sorry, but due to our return policy, we can only refund electronic products up to 30 days after the date of purchase.

Thanks for asking about Carol’s personal astrological sessions. She has a private practice which you can learn more about by going to Her services and fees can all be found on her “Services” page. She works with clients in person or by phone from Los Angeles, California (since Carol is not a psychic and works solely with your astrology chart, her sessions are just as accurate by phone, allowing her to work with clients anywhere in the world), and all sessions are recorded. Please contact her through her private practice website for more information or to schedule a session.

I’m sorry, but due to our return policy, we can only accept an electronic product cancel up to 30 days after the date of purchase. And a shipped product may be returned for up to 90 days from the purchase date for a full refund. In addition, the returned program must be in the condition you received them and include the original packing slip.

The content of the “Right Man Reports” is between 9 and 11 pages long.

Carol wants you to be able to receive the information as quickly as possible, and in a format that will get you reading immediately. The eBook format is the fastest and easiest way to get the information you need, and you don’t have to wait on shipping (or pay shipping costs) and delivery times. Once you receive the file, you may of course print it out and the ebook is 175 pages and 630KB in the .PDF version.

The eBook enables Carol to keep her costs down, and deliver the product to you quickly, safely and get you on the road to learning valuable relationship advice when you need it, which is usually; right the heck now.

We hope that explains the reasoning behind the format, and if you’d like to purchase, you can go here now and start learning all about what attracts a man, how to build his attraction for you…and most importantly…his desire to make you the ONLY woman in his life:

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Carol practices and writes about Vedic astrology, the system of ancient India. The biggest difference between Vedic astrology and the more commonly known system here in the West, known as Western astrology or Tropical astrology, is that the calculations of the two systems are different. The Western system uses the Western zodiac which relates the Earth’s Tropics to the Sun, whereas the Vedic system uses the Sidereal zodiac (meaning “of the stars”) which relates the Earth to the positions of fixed stars. The difference between the two zodiacs typically gives the same person with the same birth information two very different charts, as the Sidereal zodiac is 24 degrees behind the Western zodiac (almost an entire zodiac sign), pushing most people’s Sun, Moon, and rising sign into the sign BEFORE that of their Western positions. There are valid arguments as to the merit of both zodiacs, and there is much debate and disagreement amongst astrologers as to which is correct (though astronomers prefer the Sidereal). Carol has only ever worked with the Sidereal calculations and has found them to be very accurate. To learn more about the two zodiacs and their differences, Carol recommends you look up “Sidereal zodiac” on

While we currently do not have any products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of same sex couples, many of the theories and techniques that are taught are universal.

I would suggest that you browse through the list of products we have available and read through some of the descriptions to see if any of the individual products might apply to your current need or situation. If you want to try one out and it DOESN’T meet your needs for whatever reason, you always have 30 days to preview the program and can return any program for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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Astrology is a wildly popular topic these days, thanks largely to the internet making so many astrology resources and products available to the public… Long gone are the days of having to calculate charts by hand by looking up astronomical positions of the planets in the different constellations. The miracle of software enables ANYONE to have access to astrological information in minutes.

But no software does what a flesh and blood astrologer does, which Carol explains in great detail in her book. But because of the sensitivity and complexity of astrology, Carol does not do personal readings via email. She appreciates that you’re seeking her out as a resource for answers in your life’s journey, and whole-heartedly recommends that you find a competent astrologer who can work with you personally… Carol is passionate about helping women with their love lives, and thus is busy writing full time and continuing to pursue other outlets to reach the public with her information, as she’s seen it have such a positive impact on so many women of all walks of life. For this reason, she no longer works one-on-one, and feels she’s better able to help the women of the world through creating more products through her interviews, teleclasses, seminars, and more.

The easiest way is to contact us via email and send us your updated credit card information. Contact Us

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It’s Carol’s sincere hope that these reports help women to have clarity – not more confusion with the men in their lives! The report only illuminates one of FIVE critical areas of relationships – that of if you and a man will have a strong emotional connection and affinity.

No report can tell you if a man is a good man, or ready to be in a relationship, or if he has the necessary relationship skills to be a good partner. Astrology can help to determine if a man is a good man or if he is emotionally “afflicted” which would make it harder for him to partner with anyone, and if he is in the right timing to be in a full relationship – but this cannot be done by “Right Man Reports” – for that you need a flesh and blood astrologer to do a full consultation.

Your “Right Man Report” covers the most critical of the five issues: if you have enough basic understanding and connection with a man to make finding out the rest worthwhile… Carol does not do such sessions via email, though she encourages you to find a competent astrologer – especially a Vedic astrologer – to assist you with that.
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Right Man Report

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