What If You Knew When Love Would Come For You?

Cycles of Saturn

Are you starting to wonder if you might have missed your chance for love, that you’re cursed to be alone forever, or even that you’re just not lovable? Then you’re about to breathe a sigh of relief.

What if you could just relax and stop constantly racing around, thinking, “Will I meet him this weekend? What if I miss him? What if this guy is my last chance for true love? What if I’m going to end up alone forever?!”

Well guess what? When it’s not your time, it doesn’t matter how many weekends you go out “looking” for your soulmate or how many men you meet and date…

And when it is time, you won’t miss him and he may just show up when you’re not even trying.

Isn’t that a huge relief?

I know what you’re thinking: “Well when the heck IS my time, and why is finding love so darn difficult?”

Blame It On Saturn

In astrology, there’s one planet largely responsible for most of life’s problems, especially romantic ones: Saturn. When he’s “taking center stage” in your horoscope, you’ll feel like love is just a fairy tale that you’re never meant to have. You’ll feel bitter, heartbroken, and hopeless.

This feeling of desperation for answers is the “breakdown” that precedes the “breakthrough.” That’s right -these difficult phases are commonly followed by easier, wonderful times. And suddenly, all the pain and misery of what you’ve gone through makes sense and gives you the strength and the clarity to make the most of things for years to come…

That’s how Saturn cycles work – they make your life (and love life) feel more out of control and hopeless, so that you’re willing to make the positive changes that will lead you to what you really and truly long for, deep down.

Everyone goes through these “Cycles of Saturn” at some time or another, a few times throughout their life. No one is spared. In that way, Saturn is “the great equalizer”, touching the lives of us all, rich or poor, young or old, no matter how “good” or “bad” we are.

Saturn’s Curse Is Its Blessing

There’s so much value in knowing about your Cycles of Saturn. The influence of Saturn is meant to help you become fully who you really are and to live a life that’s right for you.

But guess what? For most of us, there are a lot of things we THINK are right for us, and that we have to let go of first, but we’re often not willing to do that without a struggle.

Saturn slows things down, and makes them harder to come by, so that we have no choice but to question our plans and dreams, and do what we need to do to ensure our real dreams come true…

It’s as though Saturn is saying, “Is that really what you want? Are you sure? At your core??? What about now?”

“Saturn slows things down, and makes them harder to come by, so that we have no choice but to question our plans and dreams, and do what we need to do to ensure our real dreams come true… ”

Saturn and Your Love Life

When I learned about my own Cycles of Saturn when I was 23, it helped me make the most of the next six years of my life, until I finally was ready to marry and be on the right career path. And, for almost two decades now I’ve been giving literally thousands of clients the same “Saturn Speech” when they come to me feeling in despair and hopeless about their love lives.

I tell them, “It’s just timing. You’re not meant to have love work for you right now.” Time after time after learning this, they practically hug me with relief and amazement…

“You mean it’s not ME?” they’ll say. “Yes, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. And that’s exactly when it started! Amazing!”

I am also able to tell them when the men in their lives are going through their own Cycles of Saturn – which can keep them from being as available or supportive as they used to be, or as ready to commit as they’d like.

Wouldn’t you feel a lot more relaxed knowing that you didn’t have to take his rejection personally?

The Bright Side of Saturn

It’s so rewarding to be able to help a woman know that this isn’t her imagination, and it isn’t her fault, either…

That’s why I created an in-depth, multiple page report that pinpoints YOUR cycles of Saturn so you know when they’re coming and what to do about them.

But don’t despair – the Cycles of Saturn report is not all doom and gloom. It is actually full of good news, too. Included are times when Saturn is delivering his lessons with much more ease and grace, allowing you to feel in “the flow” and achieve your goals without all that questioning and effort, and with much more enjoyment and happiness.

There are even Saturn cycles that support commitment and marriage, so they’re part of the report as well.

Yes, “into every life a little rain must fall”, the saying goes, but if you bring an umbrella and wear “sensible shoes” you’ll have a much better time in the rain, and it won’t ruin your plans. Cycles of Saturn work the same way. There’s power in understanding what’s going on, allowing you to prepare and respond accordingly to make the best of things.

Clients tell me over and over again what a comfort this knowledge is to them, and how valuable it proved to be, even though they may resist it at first (because, hey – you go to an astrologer because you want good news, right?).

So, here’s what you’ll learn from your Cycles of Saturn report:

  • When commitment or marriage opportunities are blocked – and when they’re not -so you can stop thinking it’s you, and can look forward to a “brighter day” …

  • When it’s okay to keep your “close but not quite” boyfriend, and just enjoy him for what he brings and not worry that he’s “in the way” of Mr. Right – because he’s not!

  • Why you may be more depressed or run down than usual, and what to do about it. That’s right, you’re not just being a big baby or “whiner” – you just need extra TLC and support.

  • The best and worst times to get pregnant, so you can ensure things go more smoothly, and you can avoid times they might not

  • Periods when you’ll likely be drawn to “impossible” relationships – they’re part of your journey, happening right on schedule, and not your fault.

  • If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll prepare for the times when things may be more strained or difficult, so you can prevent them by facing anything that needs “fixing” ahead of time, and actually become closer and more of a team than ever.

  • When you’ll find yourself having more fulfillment in love, and making huge profits… (Seriously – this is when you’ll swear you have the “Midas Touch.”)

  • Times when you must get to know someone thoroughly before making a commitment. If you’ve really gotten to know him and are sure you have compatible needs, habits and life goals, then it’s a great time “get serious” or marry – if you haven’t done your homework in this regard, there may be painful surprises that “ruin the party” later…

Just think what it could do for your life to know this kind of incredible secret about the timing of your love life…

Cycles of Saturn

You’ll feel totally reassured knowing what you’re going through is real, it isn’t your fault, and it will pass.

When I’ve worked with clients who have come to me feeling hopeless and in agony over their horrible love lives, and discovered that they’re in a Cycle of Saturn, it completely turns their life around.

Multiple Pages All About YOU

This report is totally custom to you and your specific astrological chart, because it’s based on your personal birth information. It looks at the last ten years to give you context, and then forecasts for the next twenty.

It includes three distinct kinds of Saturn cycles and their differences. Then it breaks all three down into three sub-cycles and what to expect and do during each.

Then it includes the three shorter positive Saturn cycles, as well as a period when Saturn is EXTRA good (the “golden” phase I mentioned) and when it’s extra hard (a “disturbed” phase – don’t worry – it’s relatively short, but you’ll definitely want to know what the heck is happening when it’s going on… )

Most astrologers don’t even know about Saturn’s extra good cycles, or “golden” phases, since they’re unique to Vedic astrology. So, even if you tried to pay a professional hundreds of dollars for this sanity-saving information, you couldn’t get this kind of information.

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Read Your Cycles of Saturn Report

Ready to find out if you’re in a love-blocking Cycle of Saturn and what to do if you are?

This report creates the biggest “AHA!” moments of clarity for my clients, because they finally understand why everything seems to be not working in their lives – and I’m positive you’ll have the same “AHA!” moment too, but I want you to be absolutely sure about it.

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I’m so excited to share this information with you, help you make peace with your past, understand your present, and plan your fabulous future, so it can be even MORE fabulous…

(That’s right – it’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades!)

When Will Love Come For You?

Read your Cycles of Saturn report and learn:

Cycles of Saturn
  • Your love-blocking cycles and when they will end
  • Your best times to fall in love and when to focus on you
  • If your temperaments match for fun and friendship
  • When to make a commitment or get to know him better

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And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen