Stop the presses. Put down the personals. Don’t go on another blind date! I have found the way to find your ‘Mr. Right’!

Ok. Here’s the scoop…


It doesn’t happen often…but sometimes- there’s the rare occasion…that I am left speechless.

Such was the case the other day when I sat down with Vedic Astrologer, Carol Allen.

I know what you’re thinking…’What’s Vedic Astrology? I thought you were going to get me a husband…’

First-things-first…Go check out Carol Allen’s website.

It has brilliant, easy to understand descriptions of what Vedic Astrology is and how it differs from Western Astrology (the form of astrology that we’re mostfamiliar with. It’s very cool.

Now what you’ll really find interesting is that due to the fact that Vedic Astrology, takes the “precession of the equinoxes” into account, – “most people find that they are the Sun sign prior to the sign they have always believed they were! Not only that, but your ‘rising’ sun and your Moon sign could also be different.’

(Anyway, stay with me here…I’m getting to the ‘wedding dress’ part in a minute…)


I was very intrigued at the thought of having a reading – yet to provide full disclosure, I don’t actually know that I believed – or perhaps it’s more that I don’t UNDERSTAND what it’s all about. Also, I was a bit nervous. Knowing what lies ahead could be scary you know…What if she said something like, ‘You were meant to be a horse. You really should be out to pasture’…I dunno…it was just a bit daunting.

So, I called Carol and we arranged to meet.
The day came and I drive to the coffee shop we’d agreed upon.

Carol arrives. The first thing I notice is that she’s really beautiful. She’s got that ‘ray-of-sunshine’ kinda thing happenin’. We say ‘hey’, she spots me a café _mocha and we sit down to begin.

First off, she pulls out this paper that looks like one of the many calculus or trigonometry tests that I tanked throughout my school years.

I’m perplexed, but she looking at this sheet like it’s as easy to understand as the back of a cereal box. (Turns out, this is the Vedic Reading that she’s calculated. It’s all a bit mathematical…).

Individualized Daily Vedic Astrology Insights Calendar


(By the way, you get to keep this sheet! – Plus if you want, you can get a Day to day – Vedic Astrology Personalized Calendar to help guide you through everyday of the year!)

So, Carol begins telling me what my chart says about ‘Me’. My personality, my tendencies etc. etc.

Ok. I’ll spare you the actual details but let me just tell you – Carol says she is NOT AT ALL A PSYCHIC, but it was truly as if she was reading my mind – or asif she had known me from childhood. It was jaw-dropping and so helpful in validating my own personal observations.

Now, here’s where you get to go buy all those wedding magazines…

Carol’s specialty is RELATIONSHIPS – she’s a master at it! She’s been a study of the topic for many years and brings that knowledge with her in her Vedic readings.

Check this out… One of Carol’s favorite experiences was with a client – (who is also a really good friend) that was desperate to meet ‘Mr. Right’. She was despondent that she couldn’t, and was terrified that she’d ‘grow old alone’.

Carol explained to her – her basic analogy of ‘the search for love’, and finding ‘the one’…

She said: “If for example you want apples – You can stand under the apple tree all day long waiting for an apple to grow. You can water and fertilize the tree. You can beg and plead, but if it isn’t ‘apple SEASON’…you just aren’t going to get any apples!…

(get it? Apple Season is the ‘time’ that you are going to find Mr. Right!)

With that in mind, Carol studied her client’s chart and finally had to inform her that it said that it would be 6 years until her ‘apple SEASON’. That’s six years before her client would meet Mr. Right! *Note: (Carol calculated this 6 years in advance!).

Carol also read through the chart – that ‘technology’ was involved – so she suggested that the client place a personal ad on the internet. Carol even told her the EXACT WEEK that she should do it!

Long story short. The client did as told. The second man that the woman met via online…is now her husband…of 5 years. Carol was in the wedding. Wow! There’s my point. This girl’s got the goods!

Check out Carol’s site to learn more about this fascinating study.

Then, finally, you can go to Tiffany’s or Harry Winston and actually start trying on rings.

Just give Carol a call first to know when to order the cake.


I thought you might like to get to know your new BFF (best-friend-forever) a little better.

Now, since I can’t read detailed cosmic charts…I just asked her…

A-List : What’s your latest obsession?
Carol : I can’t live without English Breakfast Tee – hot or iced. I like to think I was a titled, proper lady in a past life – eating my crumpets and playing croquet.
(That, and my husband. I’m having terrible withdrawl from him while he’s away at the moment! …A good reminder why most of my clients are single women, sick of being single. We’re definitely not wired to be alone.)

A: Favorite escape?
C: I love to go out to a nice meal! I just love being served and having lots of yummy choices and sitting in a great atmosphere.

A: Last purchase?
C: Two fabulous kitchen throw rugs from Crate and Barrel for my kitchen. My husband and I just bought a house last year and I’m still obsessed with accessorizing it. I am so grateful for my house I just want to kiss the floor boards all day!

A: Gotta mantra?
C: My mantra is “God loves me and everything is all right”. It kinda covers it all…

A: What’s your poison?
C: Diet coke with lemon.

A: Plain or Peanut?
C: Peanut – any color will due.


‘Everything ‘HOT’ & ‘COOL’!

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