Your Personal Success Calendar

Your Personal Success Calendar

It’s often said that “timing is everything.” Astrology is called “The Science of Time” and no system of astrology is more predictive or specific on the topic of timing than Vedic astrology. I’ve spent years studying the astrological influences that create positive and challenging timing. I’ve put those years of study into the creation of a personal calendar that you can use daily to understand your life.

Your “Personal Success Calendar” is a 13-month calendar that’s custom made for you (by tracking the motions of all of the planets as they relate to your entire birth chart – not just your Sun sign), showing your best, mediocre, and worst days for love, money, health, socializing, creativity, travel and more.

What’s a good day to meet someone special? When’s the best day for that big interview? What month should you plan your dream vacation? When should you be extra careful of expenses? When could you get that nasty cold that’s going around (so you can be sure to stock up on vitamins and Chinese herbs)… What night should you throw your party so that you’re sure to have a blast? Don’t just guess – do these things when forces are on your side!

Take control of your daily life by better understanding the ebb and flow of your personal and professional cycles.

It’s all here.