Libras – In Love With Love

By Carol Allen

The sign of Libra is almost synonymous with love. Those born with either the Sun, Moon, or rising sign here LOVE love.

Being the “seventh” sign of the zodiac, it’s the natural sign of partnership. And, it’s “ruled” by Venus, the planet of sex and romance. Because of this, they can have a very hard time being single… and have to watch becoming LOVE addicts!

Being ruled by Venus, they’re often attractive and graceful. Libra women are said to be the most beautiful. Libra men are said to have very refined, almost pretty features.

They’re indulgent and ADORE anything having to do with beauty, art, or music. They definitely like the finer things in life…

So to lure one, be sure to dress well, have scented candles lit at all times, and only give the most thoughtful, luxurious gifts.

Better to take him for tea at a four star restaurant than a big meal at “Smorga Bubba’s.”

Libra is an Air sign, and the Air signs are the most SOCIAL and busy, busy, busy… The Air signs LOVE freedom and feeling unconfined. (I always think of butterflies when I think of the Air signs. Beautiful but flighty…)

So if you’re involved with a Libra man, let him have his tons of friends and activities. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be with you, it’s that he gets his inspiration from flitting from thing to thing…

But of course, there are those Libras who get their inspiration from flitting from LOVER to LOVER.


Libras CAN be hard to pin down, and can get easily bored in relationships. In fact, my own husband is a Libra (in Vedic astrology, that is – he’s a Scorpio in Western astrology), and he gave me the “I’m never getting married” speech about a hundred times.

“Libras can be hard to pin down, and can get easily bored in relationships.”

That is until he BEGGED me to “marry me or let me go” – but I digress…

The Air signs are intellectual (though Libra is probably the least intellectual of them) so to keep his interest, have plenty of eclectic hobbies and topics of conversation of your own.

Libra is what’s called a “movable” or cardinal sign, and as such, they’re commonly VERY ambitious. So Libras are often business people and professionally proactive. But they tend to have a hard time figuring out what business to go into and where to focus their large ambitions. They’re typically multi-talented and adaptable so are known for being indecisive.

It’s not that they don’t want to work hard – it’s that by committing fully to one thing, they’re shutting down all the other things… And that gets in the way of that “freedom” feeling they crave.

A healthy Libra will be humble and happy to give credit where it’s due and will do very well mingling and mixing with all types. (Hence their being known as great diplomats and “connectors.”)

But an unhealthy Libra will DEMAND respect and appreciation in ways that will inspire anything but – and will alienate others.

So if you’re involved with a Libra or are a Libra yourself, what does that mean about the way you and he FEEL together? Will your relationship last or will your lover get bored and fly away when you least expect it?

Amazing as it may seem, your astrological connections and “disconnections” with a man don’t just reveal how the two of you will get along – they also predict exactly how your relationship with him will unfold!

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