Why Cancers Suffer In Love

By Carol Allen

The sign of the Crab is one that most longs for relationships, and those born with the Sun, Moon, or rising sign here need to connect and have meaningful interactions with everyone as much as possible.

Being a water sign, they respond from their emotions, and tend to only be happy when those around them are happy, too.

There’s nothing that makes a Cancer feel more alive than relationships. They love to MOTHER others, naturally protecting, providing, and attending to the needs of those around them FIRST.

You see, Cancer, a feminine sign and the natural fourth sign of the zodiac, relates to all fourth house matters – home and hearth, family and feelings. It’s the only sign ruled by the Moon – the indicator of the emotions… so their empathy, sensitivities, and “sixth sense” can be very strong.

The Moon waxes and wanes, and is the fastest moving, most changeable heavenly body in all of astrology. For this reason, Cancers can be fickle and unpredictable – cracking jokes one minute, weeping at a sentimental dog food commercial the next…

They’ll fall for whoever pays attention to them (even if already in a relationship if they’re not getting lots of energy from their partner).

They want FULL union, needing lots of physical contact, emotional displays, and reassurance.

This tendency to over give can make them choose partners who need more than their share of SUPPORT. Being so smooshy can cause them to be romantic fools, going by how they FEEL around someone, more than if that person is good for them.

So they have to watch out to not bond to lovers who aren’t healthy for them, or able to GIVE BACK as much as they’re giving.

Thus Cancers can find themselves in CODEPENDENT relationships… GIVERS tend to attract TAKERS. They’re SO gifted at making other people feel good, safe, and cared about that they make excellent therapists, teachers, and counselors.

“Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon – the celestial indicator of feelings and intuition, so their emotions, empathy, sensitivities, and ‘sixth sense’ about others can be very strong.”

But they often choose partners that should be CLIENTS.

Sometimes Cancers can be takers, too. If afflicted, they can become endlessly needy to the point of not wanting to let their partner out of their sight.

They can want SO MUCH togetherness, SO MUCH physical connection that they can suck all the air out of the room… But don’t tell them that!

Just give them a back rub, join them for a bubble bath, and set them up with a new brownie recipe (they love to bake!) and tell them when you’ll be back to cuddle in front of the fire later.

And then they’ll let you leave the house without them…

Cancers are happiest tending to their gardens, visiting sick friends, rescuing lost kittens, volunteering with their neighborhood girl scout troop, and enjoying time with those they love.

Don’t be fooled if they sound wimpy. This is one of the Cardinal signs, and as such they can have a lot of spunk, drive and authority. They’ll just say “pretty please” after every command, and rule with an iron skillet full of chocolate chip cookies more than an iron fist.

Because they care so much about the people and things that matter to them, if you cross them they can STRIKE out with incredible force in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Being crabs, they can be HARD on the outside, because they’re protecting their soft insides. So although they give and give, they have a point where they won’t go further. If you ask for too much, you may just get pinched between their sharp claws as they scoot sideways away from you…

All they want is love, and appreciation. If it’s not given, they’ll pull back and be very hurt.

To woo them again, do something romantic and sentimental and admit to all of your bad behavior – they’ll pretend everything is fine as they HATE confrontation, and don’t want to seem demanding.

All will be forgiven, and you’ll be enjoying foot rubs, homemade brownies, and their undying devotion again in no time. Lucky for you because a happy Cancer lover is the best kind – keeping the home fires burning and giving all they’ve got.

There are actually THREE kinds of Cancers – and they’re VERY different from one another, which is why you can get along great with one, but terrible with another…

And – some Cancers are LESS emotional and mushy than others – seeming almost stoic, in fact!

Why? Because of the differences between the three different signs WITHIN the sign of Cancer.

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