Jupiter Moves Into Leo (Joining Venus Again!) Bringing Abundance And Love – Astrology Tip of the Week…

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One of my all-time favorite things to do with astrology is BLOW people’s minds.

You know – tell them something I couldn’t possibly know otherwise.

Or give them the answer to a problem they’re having that SAVES THE DAY…

Or describe just what they’re feeling or going through without them telling me – and have them be UTTERLY reassured.

(That’s the best – making people feel better… Ahhh…)

The thing that really amazes people most is when I make a prediction that comes true in a BIG WAY.

(This still blows MY mind, actually…)

Now, I’m fortunate, because I live in Los Angeles which is a very open-minded, New-Agey city.

(Seriously – throw your arm out in most of Southern California and you’ll hit a Reiki Master, shaman, channeler, ghost buster – you name it… Being an astrologer here is downright run of the mill! :))

But even here, I run into the occasional skeptic.

And it’s THE BEST when I can “do my magic” for one of them.

A couple of years ago I was talking to the boss of a friend of mine.

This guy is a TOTAL rationalist – a very successful businessman who had only ever relied on his own smarts and “elbow grease” to build an empire.

He’d never turned to outside insight of the “woo woo” variety like astrology.

But he’d told me his birthday once, and I’d looked up his stars and remembered his astrological particulars.

“Mr. Rational” was telling me that he’d had some recent unusual financial challenges – some expensive new business developments hadn’t worked out and he’d ALSO been hit with a massive tax surprise.


I told him what the stars had to say, and predicted that he’d feel this way for the next several months – but then reassured him that things would turn around MUCH for the better, and gave him a specific date in which he could expect his usual “Midas Touch” to come back.

He was cordial but pretty unresponsive.

Well, months later I ran into him again and his eyes got as big as saucers when he saw me.

“Carol, I don’t know WHAT YOU DID, but things occurred EXACTLY as you said!

“I just happened to launch a new branch of my business the VERY month you predicted things would get better for me and it was a MAJOR success right away.”

Now, I’d love to tell you this was because I’m such a genius…

But it wasn’t ME – it was THE PLANETS.

I knew just what he could expect because of the movements of specific planets in key places in his chart that cause expenses and income.

When they were triggering expenses, he had expenses.

When they were triggering income, he had more income.

It’s pretty simple, actually.

This is how astrology works – “good guy” planets going through any part of your chart make that part of your life have “an upswing.”

“Bad guy” planets going through any part of your chart make that part of your life have more problems.

So, “good guy” planets going through the “love and relationship” parts of your chart (called houses) bring you love.

Whereas, “bad guy” planets going through these same houses cause you to have romantic stress or breakups.

It’s just like reading a map and following the way the roads twist and turn.

Now, I told you this long story because something VERY nice is happening until August of 2016 – Jupiter is in the royal sign of Leo.

Here’s why this is such a good thing…

Jupiter is one of the most major “Good Guys” – astrologically ruling abundance, banking, finances, as well as marriage and husbands.

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), since July of 2015 Jupiter has been in Leo, one of its strongest signs – and it stays there until August of 2016.

This only happens every twelve years and lasts for roughly a year.

The last couple of years the economy has been booming because Jupiter has been in powerful signs – the stock market has consistently been almost at record highs, the housing market has recovered to pre-2008 levels (Cancer, where Jupiter was before Leo, is the sign of real-estate, after all), the job market has been better than in years…

(Interestingly, in late June and early July of 2015 when Jupiter began transitioning from Cancer to Leo, straddling “the cusp” of both signs – something considered WEAKENING, in astrology, to the planet making the switch – we saw world economic markets become more vulnerable… the crisis in Greece, the stock market dramas in China, etc. AMAZINGLY, as soon as Jupiter moved into Leo yesterday, an agreement was struck for Greece and the crisis seems to have been averted…

Things became so incredibly dramatic in things Jupiter represents – banking, finances – so quickly in part because the “cusp point” between Cancer and Leo is considered especially weakening or negative, because this is a juncture between a water sign and a fire sign… Heck – even the New York Stock Exchange was shut down one day! These water/fire junction points always bring turbulence when planets are there… Whew! Glad that’s over.

Do you see what I mean about astrology working whether you believe in it or not?)


Leo is the sign of government, and “kings.” During the thirteen months that Jupiter is here (since July of 2015), expect to see expansion and improvement of governmental matters, and the rise of new, positive leaders.

Interestingly, Leo is the sign of the stock market, so you would think that while Jupiter is in this sign, the stock market will expand… and it will in SOME ways. Overall, however, Jupiter is the planet of spirituality and HIGHER TRUTH. Experts have been saying for years that the stock market is over-valued and that the foundation of our booming markets is actually weak… so it’s expected that there will be a “correction” in the stock market while Jupiter is in Leo.

(But that means it will also be a great time to enter into the markets, once the correction has occurred… so stay tuned!)

For YOU personally, Jupiter will benefit whatever part of your chart it will go through (whatever house Leo happens to be for you, and whatever planets may be there).

Your personal horoscope is complicated and involves far more than just this one influence, but Jupiter’s energy is so important there are some general things that can be said.

(It’s one of the MAIN things I had in mind when I made the accurate predictions for “Mr. Rational” in the story above…)

So – below check out what YOU can do to make the MOST of this wonderful time, and get Jupiter’s Mojo WORKING for your highest good in your PERSONAL and FINANCIAL LIFE…

In Vedic astrology we emphasize the effect of the motions of the planets in your life NOT from looking to your Sun sign, but instead from your MOON SIGN.

To determine your MOON SIGN, take a moment to calculate your Vedic astrology chart (which I mentioned earlier, differs by almost an entire sign in relation to the more commonly known Western system) and look for the sign of your Moon in the “Planetary Details” box by going to my “chart creator page” here.

Are you back? Cool…

Here’s some insight into what you can expect from now until August 11th of 2016 based on your Moon sign (You can read for your Sun or rising sign, too… but emphasize the Moon):

LIBRA: Congratulations! You enjoy greater
vitality and finances, more support from
friends and powerful people, and an increase
in prestige, power, and authority. This is an
excellent time to join groups or organizations.

SCORPIO: This is a time of improved career
opportunities. If you’re wanting a new job,
a promotion, or to lead a big project, now’s
the time to “go for it.”

SAGITTARIUS: This is a lovely time to travel,
expand your spiritual or academic interests,
enjoy your relationship or seek a new one.
You seem to have an angel on your shoulder,
assuring your success in all areas.

CAPRICORN: This is a positive time to receive
more help than usual from your partner, or
to have financial aid from “unearned” sources –
inheritance, loans, royalties, insurance, etc.
Be careful of overdoing or overworking.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter is sitting in your house of
partnership now, so if you’re single then
get out and mingle! If you’re already in
a relationship or married, you may notice
a lift in your union and that your partner
is having more success and happiness now.

PISCES: This is a good time to overcome any
obstacles you may be facing – improve your
health, make gains on any debts you have,
get a “leg up” in any legal battles, and be
of greater service to others.

ARIES: This is a sweet time for romance,
happiness in terms of children (your own
or other people’s), creative and artistic
pursuits, and socializing in general.

TAURUS: This is an excellent time to buy
a new vehicle, upgrade your home or land-
scaping, and spend time with your family.

GEMINI: This is a great time to dust
off any writing projects and take another
“crack” at them, spend time with friends
and neighbors, and enjoy short trips.

CANCER: This is an excellent time to
make more money and to have more romantic
attention. If you’re in a relationship,
spend more time together as it will go well.
If you’re single, this is a nice time to
meet someone.

LEO: This is a good time for your
spiritual and romantic life. Your optimism
and health should be greater than in the
last few months.

VIRGO: Your spiritual life can improve
now. This is an excellent time for foreign
travel. Your increased optimism can lead
you to have greater expenses so be careful
of that. You’re happy doing your own thing
and may be less social than usual.


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