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Hilary Clinton – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Nov 14, 2016 Comments Off by

This was written days after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy… I’m sure you’ve heard the big news. Yup, Hilary finally announced on Sunday what we all pretty much figured…. She’s running for president – again. Now, no matter your politics, you’ve gotta appreciate how momentous this is… A woman is running for president of the […]

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Donald Trump – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Jul 28, 2016 Comments Off by

As you know, when I write about famous people it’s usually couples, and it’s usually about their love lives…. But this past week and a half, all the press seemed to be focused on was the ongoing media-frenzy that is Donald Grump – I mean, TRUMP, current front-runner for the GOP presidential candidacy… (While we […]

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REPLAY: Dating And Relating In Mid-Life… (So good!)

Jun 06, 2016 Comments Off by

Whew! We had a record turnout for my live call last night with “mid-life dating” experts Lisa Copeland and Jonathon Aslay. Just as I suspected, this is info. so many awesome women NEED to know! And, as usual, I couldn’t believe how fast the time went. And how GREAT the questions were! We dove right […]

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Purple Pain: Prince – Astrology Tip of the Week

May 10, 2016 Comments Off

Wow. What more is there to say? I’m sure you’ve been amazed and perhaps even agog at the outpouring of love and appreciation the world has shown over the loss of this beloved mega-musician a week ago. I don’t remember this kind of reaction to the death of anyone ever – not even the weeks […]

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Happy Vedic New Year – And Change Your Life With Rhonda Britten

Apr 13, 2016 Comments Off

Do you compare yourself to who you THINK you should be? Do you wish you were further along in life than you are (you know – married with 2.3 gorgeous children, in your big perfect house, with your huge bank account?)? Me, too. It’s human. It’s universal. And it sucks… I don’t so much care […]

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Be MY Valentine – Join Me With My Favorite Spiritual Healer, Sherri Anderson

Feb 18, 2016 Comments Off

I actually misspoke in my subject line today – I don’t want you to be MY Valentine this year… I’m blessed to already have the Valentine of my dreams… While I love you (I swear I do!), there’s someone I want you to love more than you ever have before, because it’s the KEY to […]

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Katherine Woodward Thomas On Love Is In The Stars Radio – Call In YOUR One (Or Consciously Uncouple!)

Feb 18, 2016 Comments Off

Years ago I was blessed to host a radio show on relationships, and I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE… and met so many wonderful people. One of those people was such a great interview, and such an awesome woman, that we had her on multiple times, and she’s since become a good friend. Her […]

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Happy Year Of The Monkey! Astrology Tip of the Week…

Feb 18, 2016 Comments Off

February 8th, 2016, began the Chinese New Year, calculated every year by using a combination of the lunar calendar and the Gregorian, and always falling in late January or early February according to their solar calendar… (Don’t ask me to explain how it’s done – I barely know what day of the week it is…) […]

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Workshops In January and February – Let’s Read Your Chart & Heal Your Heart

Jan 05, 2016 Comments Off

In October I tried something new – I hosted two workshops and had a blast with each group, teaching universal relationship tools and truths that we all should have learned in 7th grade (but didn’t!)… and then did a private astrology session for each woman so she’d know how to apply what she learned to […]

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Jupiter Moves Into Leo (Joining Venus Again!) Bringing Abundance And Love – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Dec 31, 2015 Comments Off

One of my all-time favorite things to do with astrology is BLOW people’s minds. You know – tell them something I couldn’t possibly know otherwise. Or give them the answer to a problem they’re having that SAVES THE DAY… Or describe just what they’re feeling or going through without them telling me – and have […]

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