The Stars of Barbie and the Barbie Movie…

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Unless you’ve been in a cave in a coma, you’ve heard that there’s a Barbie movie.

Perhaps you’ve even dressed in pink and gone to see it with your similarly-costumed and over-accessorized girlfriends (or gay boyfriends) in tow.

I saw it the first week it was out with my darling nephew, who made his own “Magic Earring Ken” outfit, and loaned me his red heart sunglasses. (Look up the history of that version of Ken, and set your face to “NO WAY!!!” ;))

We had a ball.

The movie has since been on the cover of TIME, crushed Oppenheimer in the same opening weekend, and has gone on to cross the BILLION dollar mark in a mere three weekends (that’s BILLION with an ILLION – I stole that joke from my nephew. He’s hilarious).

The internet has practically broken over emotional responses to the film – much like the doll, no one seems to have a lukewarm feeling about it. People either think it’s the best thing ever, or the most soulless, cruel, terrifying commentary on men and society… (Shock: some people are offended. That seems to be an addiction these days.)

Anyhoo, I got VERY excited about the astrology of Barbie and the film, and what a perfect educational tool they are to illustrate the many MIRACULOUS uses of astrology.

So I made a little video about the Barbie movie and the STARS of it all – looking at the astrology charts of the launch of the doll back in 1959, the premiere of the film last month, the launch of the global release of the film a couple of weeks later, and the charts of star and producer Margo Robbie and director Greta Gerwig (and the compatibility of Greta and Barbie – which is OFF THE CHARTS!!!! Seriously – those two had a “date with destiny” that can be seen in the stars! ;))

I had a little too much fun…

It’s the goofiest, most accessorized, and surprisingly possibly most important video I’ve ever made (hey – what does THAT sound like?). Special thanks goes to my awesome nephew again for all of those crazy sunglasses!! 😉

I hope you’ll take a looksy.

And if you haven’t seen the film and come to your own strong opinion, grab your favorite a pink outfit (or polka dot bikini, astronaut suit, or supreme court robe, and a friend, and GO!)…

P.S. I hate to say it, but the way Ken is depicted in much of the film is how ANY man will be if you don’t know how to inspire his best… and if you don’t know how to communicate with them in a way that makes their more mature, nuanced, healthy parts come forward. To do that, be sure to check out my favorite advice from men about men in my programs, “What Men Want” and “Make Every Man Your Hero.” And watch Ken become so much more than “KENough” for you. 😉

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