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Hilary Clinton – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Nov 14, 2016 Comments Off by

This was written days after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy… I’m sure you’ve heard the big news. Yup, Hilary finally announced on Sunday what we all pretty much figured…. She’s running for president – again. Now, no matter your politics, you’ve gotta appreciate how momentous this is… A woman is running for president of the […]

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Donald Trump – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Jul 28, 2016 Comments Off by

As you know, when I write about famous people it’s usually couples, and it’s usually about their love lives…. But this past week and a half, all the press seemed to be focused on was the ongoing media-frenzy that is Donald Grump – I mean, TRUMP, current front-runner for the GOP presidential candidacy… (While we […]

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Purple Pain: Prince – Astrology Tip of the Week

May 10, 2016 Comments Off by

Wow. What more is there to say? I’m sure you’ve been amazed and perhaps even agog at the outpouring of love and appreciation the world has shown over the loss of this beloved mega-musician a week ago. I don’t remember this kind of reaction to the death of anyone ever – not even the weeks […]

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Jul 07, 2015 Comments Off

I’ve been getting asked for days to write about Ben and Jen… and have taken awhile because, as a woman who just celebrated her wedding anniversary over the weekend (one of them – we have two!), I didn’t want to think about it… Divorce is always sad, and the breakup of a family is always […]

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Prince George – England’s Little, Mighty Royal…

May 04, 2015 Comments Off

The British royal family apparently has a long history of looking to astrology… Princess Diana was rumored to be a big fan, and frequently visited her personal astrologer. My favorite story involves Queen Elizabeth the First. When she was a teenager, and before she became queen was imprisoned in the Tower of London by her […]

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The Stars of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – Like Her Grandmother And Great-Grandmother In More Than Name…

May 04, 2015 Comments Off

I’m sure you heard the exciting news that William and Kate’s baby finally came on Saturday, just in time for the big boxing match… And in keeping with her every oh-so-seemingly-perfect step, Kate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! (You know – you have the male heir, and then the darling female “spare.”) Charlotte […]

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WTH? Johnny Depp Got Married – Astrology Tip of the Week….

Mar 25, 2015 Comments Off

Did you hear the news? Johnny Depp and his gorgeous fiance and “Rum Diary” costar, Amber Heard, got married in February not once but TWICE (at their home in L.A. and again days later on his private Island in the Bahamas.  Yup, Jack Sparrow style!) Yeah, me niether… I heard he hurt his hand a couple […]

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Harrison Ford – OMG…

Mar 11, 2015 Comments Off

 I’m sure you’ve heard the startling news that Harrison Ford had a scary emergency landing on a golf course last Thursday in Santa Monica while piloting a small vintage plane. Unfortunately, the plane had clipped a tree before landing, and the golf course had soft, muddy soil so it didn’t land well… resulting in Harrison sustaining […]

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Bruce Jenner and The Transgender Movement – Astrology Tip of the Week…

Feb 12, 2015 Comments Off

Greetings! If you’ve been “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” then you’ve likely discovered along with the rest of the world that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to being a woman. The tabloids have been hinting at this for a long time, regularly commenting on Bruce’s nail color, ever growing hair, diamond earrings, and strange Adam’s Apple […]

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