A Moment of Silence for Paris

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Last October I was blessed to spend six amazing days in Paris.

My sister and I went to celebrate her fiftieth birthday.

She had never been, and I had only been there once before a whopping twenty-six years earlier when I went for a few days as a starving student on a youth hostel tour of Europe.

We were completely blown away by everything – the food, the art, the buildings — and now understand what Ingrid Bergman’s character meant when she said to Bogie, “We’ll always have Paris…”

What struck me beyond the indescribable beauty of the place (every single thing in the city is a work of art — from the door knobs on every building to the street lights on every corner!) was the indescribable beauty of the people and their way of life.

Everyone not only looked great (the men and women were dressed impeccably everywhere we went), but they were SO warm and friendly we were almost disappointed.

Cab drivers gave us enthusiastic impromptu tours, sharing incredible details about the history of the city and its early architects.

Waiters sang to us for no reason.

Maitre D’s kissed us goodbye.

Patrons at cafés shared local favorite places to visit.

Strangers on sidewalks went out of their way to help us when we were lost.

It was like the whole city was drunk on friendliness, generosity and kindness.

Where were the rude Parisians we’d heard so much about?

Nowhere we could find…

(And they let cats live in cafes! What more could you want??)

I have been obsessed with Paris ever since and have not been surprised to learn it is the most visited country in the world.

I constantly fantasize about going back, affectionately calling Paris “my town.”

So I was devastated – along with the rest of the world – to learn of the terrifying events on Friday there, and of other acts of terror in other places as well.


Now, I’m not a world astrologer – I don’t predict world events, or the rise and fall of world markets. That is a whole branch of astrology that I have not studied, and it’s extremely complicated.

But you may recall that I interviewed a woman who is excellent at predicting world events back in March for the Vedic New Year (Vedic astrologer Joni Patri), and she cautioned that next year we would see increased world violence (and possibly war) because of a scary combination happening from February to September in the sign of Scorpio.

(The planets of war — Mars and Saturn — joining in that combative, emotional sign for an unusually long time).

So I’ve been bracing myself for next year, and concerned about the rise and rapid growth of the Islamic State.

Apparently France just did their first air strikes in Syria in October.

So, sadly, Friday’s events are not really a surprise given the state of the world and the intensity of emotions around such turbulent, violent situations.

Even though I am not trained in Mundane astrology, Friday’s stars were pretty darn ominous, particularly for Paris.

Here’s why:

On Friday (which was all the more creepy of a day because it was a Friday the 13th, I don’t need to tell you)… there were a few key things going on that led to these events being successfully carried out.

(Please keep in mind, everything I’m sharing is using the calculations of Vedic astrology which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign.)

The Moon (which represents the emotional nature of a situation, as well as the people and the public in astrology) was in its weakest sign, the sign of Scorpio, where it’s considered debilitated.

It joined Saturn, the planet of loss and associated with death.

But that happens once a month, so by itself is not significant enough to be a concern.

For a major “game changing” event to occur in the world, there have to be many planetary combinations involved…

Friday’s main issue was that the North Node of the Moon (called Rahu in Vedic astrology) was joined by Mars within just three degrees in the sign of Virgo, which is the 6th sign of the zodiac.

The sixth sign, or sixth house in a chart is the sign of conflict and fighting, and for this reason Virgo is considered the sign of war.

Mars has been in Virgo since November 2nd and it stays there with Rahu until December 23rd.

When Mars and the Nodes of the Moon get together (which happens every couple of years), it dramatically ramps up the energy of Mars, causing murderous rage.

(You commonly see them together in the charts of violent criminals. John Dillinger, serial killer Ted Bundy, and — oh gee! — O.J. Simpson all have this, to name a few… and actors in violent movies like Clint Eastwood.)

They reach their pinnacle of intensity especially when they are exactly together (called “conjunct”), which Vedic astrology considers within three degrees of each other.

(On 9/11 Mars and the South Node of the Moon were exactly conjunct at 8 degrees of Sagittarius in a much more violent constellation).

So that was really the problem – Mars and Rahu were within three degrees of each other, in the sign of war… with the Moon debilitated with Saturn.

Venus, one of the planets of peace and diplomacy, was also caught up in the celestial drama by being in Virgo as well, where it is debilitated so unable to help.

And I can’t help but notice, that the two most dramatic, upheaval-causing outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, were also involved by being opposite the action (in the case of Uranus opposite Virgo in Pisces) and squaring it (in the case of Pluto in Sagittarius).

When we overlay all of this on the chart of France, it’s pretty crazy…

There are many different charts for France because the Republic has been created and broken down and reformed multiple times (they’re on their 5th round).

But there are two charts that astrologers use most – that of the First Republic, formed on September 21st in 1792 and the most recent Fifth Republic, formed on October 4th in 1958 but not officially “sealed” until October 6th.

Amazingly, the planetary energies on Friday hit the chart first chart of France exactly…

The most important points in a chart are the Ascendant (also called Rising sign), Moon, and Sun.

When we look at the first chart of France from 1792 (which is when France was first “birthed” as an official government in modern times, so is a relevant chart even though there have been rebirths with each new version of the Republic) or the fifth chart of France — it’s stunning what happens.

In the first chart the Sun is in Virgo with Rahu and Venus, and the Moon and Mars are in Scorpio… and so on Friday that chart had the Rahu/Mars/Venus combo hit its Sun within less than five degrees (Mars less than three – the magic number!) and the debilitated Moon and combust Saturn hit the chart’s Moon and Mars – all VERY violent combinations!

In the second chart of the modern government from 1958 the Sun is in Virgo again with Rahu and Venus and Mercury (weird that the combo of the Sun/Rahu/Venus happened again – maybe they planned it!) and so the Mars/Rahu/Venus combo hits the French Sun again…

And the Moon and Saturn hit the natal position of Saturn (causing the current chart to be undergoing its Saturn Return, which is always a time of great difficulty and restructuring due to losses and setbacks…).

But the thing that jumps out at me in that later chart is that the rising sign is 27 degrees of Pisces, and on Friday (and still) Uranus was close to there at 23 degrees of Pisces.

Another key point in any chart is called the Midheaven, and it’s at 16 of Sagittarius and on Friday Pluto was (here we go!) within three degrees of that, at 19 Sagittarius.

My friends who do world predictions tell me that for major events and cultural shifts to occur, the outer planets have to be involved.

So let’s review: Friday was unusually violent and deadly… and the energies all hit the main power points of the first and current charts of France exactly [Mars and Rahu on both the first and current Sun positions, Saturn and the debilitated Moon on the first chart’s Moon position, Saturn on the current chart’s Saturn position (the dreaded Saturn return!), and Uranus and Pluto on the modern rising sign and Midheaven positions…].


I’m very saddened for the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives… and for the lost souls who are being lured into this dark fight.

I pray that those who were injured are able to fully recover, with their hearts healed most of all…

I pray that the world makes it through the coming months with a spirit of humanity and goodwill that the French embody so well…

And I pray that I see “my town” again very soon.

Viva La France! Viva Le Monde!

Until next time, may God and His planets and stars shower you with PEACEFUL love!

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