Happy Vedic New Year!!! – Yup, In March…

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Happy Vedic New Year!!!

It began on March 20th

You see, the Vedic new year is considered to be every year when the New Moon is in Pisces (which always occurs when the Sun is in Pisces – the new Moon is always when the Sun and Moon are together… fyi!).

So it’s every year between the middle of March and the middle of April.

It’s according to a lunar calendar, not a solar one.

(The regular old New Year we celebrate worldwide on January 1st is because of the solar calendar – always right after the Winter solstice, obviously.)

The ancients believed that the beginning of each year was at this time because it coincided with the birth of Spring, when the world seems to be “reborn” after winter ends. (You know – those Northern Hemisphere ancients, that is. The Southern Hemisphere ones were too busy sweating out the summer at this time of year…)

Last month (with its TOTAL solar eclipse and TOTAL lunar eclipse, and other fun celestial happenings) was an extra turbulent, distressing, “hold onto your hat” kind of time… and many of us are still feeling the effects.

It was also a “don’t believe your own thoughts and feelings” kind of time – for individuals as well as the collective (groups, markets, companies, countries, etc.) and it’s a time when we ALL need more support.

The New Year is actually an excellent time to do what we always do at the time of the New Year: Make out with a stranger…

(Did I type that out loud?) Errr… No, I mean FOCUS YOUR INTENTIONS and plan for what you want!

So, I hosted a big group hug (so to speak) by having my very first ever “Love Is In The Stars Radio Show” – and it was LIVE…

And I had an AMAZING guest, Vedic astrologer Joni Patri, who is super successful at “mundane astrology” – making predictions for the world…

Joni and I discussed everything you need to do to make the coming year great (from this Spring to next Spring) – and what to do and not do at critical times for each of the signs of the zodiac.

Joni shared some incredible stuff:
>> The link between her family and the Kennedys
>> The incredible astrological prediction that made her want to become an astrologer
>> The stock tip she predicted and recommended for 2014 (that ultimately was the most successful stock of the year!)
>> The one oil company she thinks we should all be investing in
>> The shocking truth that just last week she predicted a big airline accident would happen soon – just five days before the German flight crashed into the Alps…
>> Her positive take on the solar eclipse for all of us
>> Her concerns for the stock market after Jupiter moves into Leo this summer
>> Her expectation that something amazing is going to happen in July and August, especially for those of us with key Leo placements (and some amazing people – and spiritual leaders – will be born!)
>> Why we all MUST go star-gazing in the late Summer
>> What she thinks about Hilary Clinton’s presidential chances
>> Her love advice for each of the 12 rising signs (especially for those of us with Virgo and Pisces rising)
>> And so much more…

If you think you might want to study Vedic astrology, or deepen your studies of it, you DEFINITELY want to hear this, and learn how to predict events for countries, markets, and the importance of comparing everything to the backdrop of the fixed stars… like Regulus, and more!

(I want to take a class with Joni on this stuff!)

To find out what you missed, or to hear it all again, it’s all here.

(If you don’t know your rising Vedic sign, or what house Pisces and Virgo fall into for you, run your chart here to get the most out of what Joni shared.

You’ll see two charts – the same chart in two formats. To keep it simple, look to the chart on the right, and find the box with the number 1. That’s your rising sign, or Ascendant as Joni called it. To discover where the eclipses occur in your chart, look to the box with PI for Pisces for the recent Total Solar eclipse on March 20th, and see what number is there, and VI for Virgo for the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on April 5th and see what number is there. The houses correspond to the numbers. Whew!)

And to find out more about Joni’s readings, classes, books, and all-around grooviness, go to Joni’s world here: www.galacticcenter.org.

I shared a juicy discount (a whopping $75 off!) of my “Personal Success Calendars.”

If, on top of the details Joni shared for the general themes of the year ahead for you – you want DAILY insights into how to make the most of every day, and find out your:

1.       Best days for love, health, money, travel, creativity, contracts, and more…

2.       Days to take it easy, and take extra good care of yourself

3.       Days you want to avoid any conflicts – or they won’t go well

4.       Special dates like eclipses, retrogrades, lunar phases, etc.

If you’d like your very own 13 month calendar for just $49.97 down from $124.97, simply go here and type HAPPY (all caps) in the coupon code box before Monday.

I hope you take a moment to listen to Joni and me to help you have a great time for the rest of 2015, and the first quarter of 2016 – it was more fun than making out with a stranger! (At least I think it was – I can’t remember that far back!)

And stay tuned to join me and another special guest next month for “Love is in the Stars Radio.”

Until then, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

P.S. To recap – find out what the coming astrological year (from late March of this year until about now next year) has in store for the whole world, the U.S., and YOU by listening here.

P.P.S. Get a super-duper Happy Vedic New Year personalized daily calendar using your entire astrology chart, helping you to know just what to do to have the best life possible every day for the next thirteen months (and get your discount by typing HAPPY (in all caps) in the coupon code box by going here.

P.P.P.S. Feel free to forward this to all your friends. Thanks!


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