Be MY Valentine – Join Me With My Favorite Spiritual Healer, Sherri Anderson

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I actually misspoke in my subject line today – I don’t want you to be MY Valentine this year… I’m blessed to already have the Valentine of my dreams…

While I love you (I swear I do!), there’s someone I want you to love more than you ever have before, because it’s the KEY to having everything you want, and making EVERY DAY be a day of love.

That’s right – I want you to be YOUR Valentine.

I want you to LOVE YOURSELF first and foremost… and LOVE YOUR LIFE every day, not just on holidays.

But HOW do we do that?

It’s such a nice idea… but soooo tricky to actually DO.

I’ve been blessed to know some pretty amazing people, including a veritable parade of jaw-dropping healers, psychics, mediums, and practitioners of all kinds.

And I’ve always had a small army of helpers I can turn to – (I don’t know how anyone gets through life without a few cats, and a LARGE support staff!).

But when I have BIG, BIG, LIFE AND DEATH stuff going on, there’s pretty much only one person I call…

An empathic intuitive counselor I befriended years ago when we lived in the same small community in New Mexico named Sherri Anderson.

Sherri is truly one of a VERY small percentage of people who’s as ALIVE and JOYFUL and IN THE MOMENT as she is.

She’s figured out this SELF LOVE stuff, and thus is free of the usual “mental chatter” and inner anxiety, criticism, and attachment the rest of us mere mortals struggle with.

And it FREES UP her life like you wouldn’t believe, and creates SO MUCH SPACE for her to just be in joy and peace and share those gifts with others.

In December two “terrible” things happened to Sherri.

Sherri’s house went up in flames while she was at a yoga class.

She lost everything she owned… included her beloved dog and cat.

And she TRIED to be upset as she pulled up to the raging inferno, and tried to feel loss as she watched the firemen come too late, and everything literally go up in smoke.

But instead she just witnessed it all, and completely trusted that all was as it should be.

Weeks later her accelerated got stuck and she totaled her car.

Again, she couldn’t get upset.

She remained joyful and grateful.

She laughed, saying over and over, “Everything is lost but nothing is missing.”

I’ve talked with Sherri for years about possibly sharing her with you, but when I saw how much she walked her talk in the midst of all this “misery” I knew it was time… and I knew that Valentine’s Day (a day that is often so disappointing and painful – whether you have a Valentine or not) was the PERFECT day to do so…

Sherri will share her simple, powerful methods for being so positive even in the face of so much adversity, AND do “on the fly” mini intuitive sessions with callers. Here’s a taste of what she wants you to know:

“When people ask me to address dysfunction or disharmony, the response always includes loving and comforting yourself more, and being kind and respectful to yourself to help you surrender to your soul, where all the love is.
It is simply what we are, this infinite love stuff, and at a certain point it just oozes out, flows out, and gushes and rushes out like a tsunami.
There’s just never any recourse except love, there’s never any antidote except love. You simply have to love yourself more and more and more.  All the parts of yourself and the personality are just looking for love like everybody else. Just give love to yourself, and all the parts of you showing up in your thoughts, and soon you will see the tangible changes for yourself.
I don’t want you to be my fan. I want YOU to be YOUR fan. I want you to enjoy being the Infinite love, Authentic, Intuitive powerhouse you are. Then you can enjoy yourself and everyone else, and fulfill your mission and purpose.
I’m sure love is the change agent you’re waiting for, and I would like to help you experience yourself as infinite love. I’m standing for your greatness. Won’t you join me?”

Listen in to the replay here.

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