Happy Vedic New Year – And Change Your Life With Rhonda Britten

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Do you compare yourself to who you THINK you should be? Do you wish you were further along in life than you are (you know – married with 2.3 gorgeous children, in your big perfect house, with your huge bank account?)?

Me, too.

It’s human.

It’s universal.

And it sucks…

I don’t so much care what other people are doing – like if my friends or family are doing better than I am (they usually are!).

But that INNER Carol Allen – the one I’m SUPPOSED to be – that B!0tch is the bane of my existence.

Know the feeling? I know you do. In reading after reading lo’ these many years, clients from ALL walks of life confess to being tormented by the same thoughts – WISHING they had “more” or WERE more and falling short of their plans.

Which is why I was sooo excited last night to interview my good friend, the amazing celebrated life coach, author, TV personality, and fear expert, Rhonda Britten.

She talked about these very things – and how you can support yourself and easily have far more progress and a lot more fun!

She gave genius advice as to how to recognize your fears, and determine exactly WHAT kind of fears they are so you know JUST what to do about them (this was INSANELY helpful).

Then she gave a fear Rx – to help you do daily baby steps to encourage yourself, and get back your passion and excitement to create the momentum you need to get and stay unstuck – in any area! (Love, health, finances, creative projects, the works).

It was awesome…

We had so much fun we couldn’t stop – and we stayed on the call even after it was over to answer questions.

Listeners loved it, and I woke up to rave reviews via email, Facebook, and Twitter (that’s NEVER happened).

Here’s a sample of what people said:

“WHAT AN AMAZING CALL! I know, I’m sorry I’m yelling. But I heard so many things I needed. Thank you, Carol, for just miraculously bringing all the goodness out of the moment in every way. After tonight, I know you see yourself as the slow bloomer…but that which comes forth slowly grows richest and best. You have already been a miracle in my life, and I’m incredibly grateful…!”

“That was a really good call! I have been dating a guy for 2 and a half months and I have been so worried about possibly “wasting time” because I want to know NOW if it is not going to work out! Hahahaha She nailed that as fear. All I can do is what I know TODAY!”

“Thank you for everything – I needed to hear this.”

“I love your chemistry together…”

I hope you’ll do yourself a favor and listen. It’s here.

Rhonda has spent years working with clients, leading workshops, and learning JUST what gets people to shift past their resistance and achieve their potential.

She’s spent the last 18 months creating a new online learning center, and it’s gorgeous and interactive… full of videos, audios, her writings, and community access to her trained “Fearless Living” coaches.

And in honor of her new site, she’s giving us first-time access to it all… and sharing two of her best programs at a ridiculous discount just for us.

If you want to get over your fears (whether it’s fear of success, fear of getting hurt, fear of being embarrassed, fear of failure – whatever!) and get to your dreams like never before, then her “Change Your Life” program will give you the kick in the pants and heart healing you need. This is her most popular program that clients take again and again… and she’s sharing it with us for a massive savings (only $197 down from $447) here.

If you’d rather take a “baby step” and cautiously check her methods out, you can do one module of the larger “Change Your Life” program and get her “Stretch, Risk, or Die” videos (for a measly $17 down from $47) here.

I’ve known Rhonda for almost two decades, and she totally walks her talk, and she sincerely LOVES it when she helps someone have a breakthrough… it’s truly her passion, and her soul’s calling (something she shared about on the call – how to tell if your goals are just “ideas” and “wants” or YOUR “soul’s calling…” Ahhh…

This was the perfect way to start “the new year…” And an evening where my “inner Carol Allen” was darn impressed with me! Haha…

See why I’m so excited to share all of this with you here. (Replay).

And until next time, may God and His planets and stars shower you with fearless love!


P.S. Rhonda’s “Change Your Life” program will totally kick your butt (her words) in a good way… You’ll have NO excuses now! (And I’ve never heard of anyone giving this kind of whopper savings – it was completely her idea!).

And her “Stretch, Risk, or Die” videos discuss the BEST idea – how to recognize that the “bogeymen” you THINK your fears are, actually aren’t so bad (a tiny investment that can lead to humongous improvements.)

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