Katherine Woodward Thomas On Love Is In The Stars Radio – Call In YOUR One (Or Consciously Uncouple!)

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Years ago I was blessed to host a radio show on relationships, and I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE… and met so many wonderful people.

One of those people was such a great interview, and such an awesome woman, that we had her on multiple times, and she’s since become a good friend. Her name is Katherine Woodward Thomas.

And, boy, has her star risen!

She had a beautiful, successful book then (Calling in the One) and has literally changed the world since… by leading ongoing courses for tens of thousands of women over the last decade to help them heal their past, get clear on their vision of love, and “Call” it in…

(I’ve talked to countless women who have found this work SO profound and comforting, and who just adore her!)

A couple of years ago, one of her courses got a CRAZY avalanche of media attention because it inspired Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s beautiful stand they took to stay friends, and keep things amicable when the announced their divorce, calling it by the same name: Conscious Uncoupling…

So she wrote another beautiful book (also called “Conscious Uncoupling”) that came out last year, and landed her on The New York Times Best Seller list.

I happened to see Katherine last week (when she and a bunch of my favorite love coaching friends took me out for my birthday!), and begged her to come and share all her genius with us.

And, since it was my birthday – she couldn’t say no!

(Who’s the genius now? Haha…)

Listen in to the call here.

Katherine will share with us:

  • The specific ways you’ve been unconsciously generating your disempowering patterns in love – and how you can quickly move beyond them to create an unprecedented experience of happy and fulfilling love.
  • Clean up and clear out the 4 main types of baggage, blocks and barriers to love – leaving you more open and magnetic than ever before to receive and give wholehearted love.
  • Identify and challenge the core beliefs that have been covertly sabotaging your love life – and discover the deeper truth of your own worthiness and power to love and be loved.

And, of course, if you’re considering leaving a love, or are in the middle of a divorce or break up:

  • Why being “strong” and moving on without looking back can actually sabotage your chances for future love
  • How to release blame and shame in order to reclaim your power
  • Why time does not, in fact, heal all wounds, and what you can do to catalyze your own healing
  • And so much more

Oooooh, it was FUN!

Catch the replay here.

Much love,

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