RADIO REPLAY – Human Design Reveals Your (Personal and Professional) Success Blueprint

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  One of my favorite spiritual teachers used to always say, “All you have to do is DO YOU. That’s your ONLY job. The rest will take care of itself.”

Isn’t that great? (He was an American Indian Medicine Singer we were close to in New Mexico – he married us, actually, and was one of the most joyful, relaxed, comfortable-in-his-own-skin people I have ever known…)

It’s such a relief – you don’t have to DO what others think is right unless you agree… or BE anything but YOURSELF.

So simple.

But NOT easy!

It can (and DOES) take a LIFETIME to figure out this “who am I and what should I do with my life?” stuff… and along the way, we get lost on OTHER people’s paths, and in OTHER people’s agendas for us.

(Especially us females, I’m afraid! Darn estrogen! Ha ha…)

Because knowing who you are and what WORKS for YOU is sooooo critical in EVERYTHING in life (including health, career, relationships – the WORKS!) I just LOVE anything that can help us to have greater self-acceptance, self-love, and understanding of who we are, and why we’re here.

There’s really NOTHING more important in life.

When you’re good at “DOING YOU” – EVERYTHING works.

You can figure out your right path, you can make good decisions, you can trust yourself to become close to the right people and say NO to the wrong people.

You can be at peace day-to-day, and (just like the Medicine Singer) you can be comfortable in your own skin – which leads to that amazing PEACE he had, that we ALL want.

Which is why I LOVED last night’s interview on “Human Design.”

Just like astrology, it helps you have insights into YOURSELF and OTHERS in powerful, years-of-therapy saving ways!

But unlike astrology, it has such SPECIFIC applications… helping you understand HOW you make decisions, HOW you respond or initiate in life, HOW you process information, HOW you show up to others, and so much more… (You can figure this all out with astrology – it just takes a lot more “analysis paralysis!”)

Like astrology, it wasn’t “created” over time… Human Design was apparently “DOWNLOADED” in an eight day and night FLASH of insight by an unlikely person (we learned all about this amazing origin story on the call), and seems to be the perfect methodology for the modern age…

My guests, Carola and Chetan, shared so many cool stories about how it helps people understand if you’re in the right careers (and what ARE the right careers for them), how to support your children (sharing INCREDIBLE stories about helping kids stop acting out and helping them avoid unnecessary psychological medications!), and how to stop taking your partner’s behavior so personally when it may not be personal…

They shared their amazing personal stories, client stories, answered questions for listeners, and helped me understand why I’m a tea addict (I’m not kidding!), can’t seem to stop being goofy and playful (even at times when I SHOULD NOT be – seriously, I get the giggle at FUNERALS!) and have to FEEL into my decisions (yet constantly tell clients to NOT follow their own feelings! Turns out I’m RIGHT – ha ha…)

I just loved every minute of the call and think you will, too! You can listen to it here or download the transcription.

Although based on your birthday, time, and location (just like astrology) and using what they also call “Charts” – Human Design is NOT astrology… Just take a look at how nutty their charts are with this example…


 Founder of Apple Inc.

Innovator of the I-phone

 If you’re now super curious about your own Human Design, and that of those you love – (you can learn your “type” and “authority” and “profile” and on and on) Chetan and Carola have two ways you can dive deeper…

You can check out their “down and dirty” report about your most important key Human Design personality indicators here.

Or you can access a longer program of twelve videos and a 70-page workbook they’ve created to not only to learn about your own Design, but also to understand the Human Design of anyone in your life here.

Carola and Chetan are offering the Love is in the Stars community both the reports and the longer program for 33% off… so generous of them!


You don’t have to engage in endless study, and you may not wish to learn to use Human Design professionally, but you and those you love (or think you could love) can benefit enormously, by learning to use the Keys for Success written into your (and their) unique Design.

Chetan and Carola are awesome guides, making all of this clear and fun, and extremely applicable to all aspects of your life. I strongly encourage you to check it out! 

I do believe we are all created to be exactly who we are, and that very little of it is even up to us!

There is a perfect Design for your Life, a map of your inner being with exact instructions how to use the codes in your unique blueprint to achieve success and greater fulfillment in everything you do…

Through astrology, numerology, and so many methodologies, humanity has been given marvelous ways to directly access the perfect pattern imprinted in our DNA, so we not only understand ourselves, but we are actually given the Key to Co-Creation of our life’s journey.Human Design gives specific, unique insights and answers I’ve not seen before.

I hope you’ll give yourself this gift of wisdom and understanding by listening in, and diving deeper!

Until next time, may God and His perfect “Design” shower you with love!

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