REPLAY: Dating And Relating In Mid-Life… (So good!)

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Whew! We had a record turnout for my live call last night with “mid-life dating” experts Lisa Copeland and Jonathon Aslay.

Just as I suspected, this is info. so many awesome women NEED to know!

And, as usual, I couldn’t believe how fast the time went.

And how GREAT the questions were!

We dove right in, talking about so many important things you MUST know if you’re trying to date after forty (and beyond – and WAY beyond!), and/or are dating men in their “twilight” years.

Jonathon and Lisa knew everything about everything, and gave amazing insights and told fantastic stories covering everything from:

1. Where to FIND great older men in the first place

2. The fact that a MASSIVE segment of the population is over 40 (so it’s NOT true that there are “no men”)

3. What to say on internet dating sites if you’re (uhum) over a certain age (is it okay to lie so the men you want to meet even SEE you’re there? When do you “come clean” and confess if you DO lie?)

4. How to make the most out of internet dating so you don’t get “passed up” and overlooked

5. How to have “safe sex” talks (and why they’re SO IMPORTANT – in some ways MORE important – in this later-in-life chapter…)

6. What men REALLY think of women’s aging bodies

7. How to get over shame if you’ve got scars, missing parts, or what you think is “unattractive evidence” from when you’ve given birth (and when to disclose this stuff!)

8. How to know if a guy is truly available, or if he needs more time after his separation/divorce/death of a spouse…

9. What to do about “money issues” and why older men are often so cautious to partner again

10. Why older men can sometimes INSIST they’re ready for love, but then suddenly pull back (and how to make sure this doesn’t happen to YOU!)

11. The sexual shame older men often carry (and how to possibly SAVE A MAN’S LIFE!)

12.Why we all need to move to the Midwest immediately (Kidding! Sort of…)

And so much more!

If you missed it, I hope you get a chance to listen to this great call here.

If you’d like the men in your life be REAL men, and not just “Arthur Itis,” “Ben Gay, and “Charlie Horse” (my grandma’s old joke…) then here’s what will REALLY make the difference that makes the difference….

If you haven’t already, I STRONGLY encourage you to immediately download the gifts of wisdom Lisa and Jonathon have shared. They’ve both spent thousands of hours working with clients, and dating in mid-life! So they REALLY know what they’re talking about):

Jonathon’s gift is a recording of “The Five Qualities Men Look for in a Soulmate” is here.

And Lisa is giving away an awesome report called, “Finding Love With A Quality Man – Dating Advice Every Woman Over Fifty Wants to Know” here.

This report will tell you where to go to meet men, how to get motivated and ready to meet men, what dating sites are her favorites for later-in-life dating, and more.

Once you’re meeting tons of great men, and going on all those dates, you may need more support knowing how to make yourself and the men feel great with the process, and keep ‘em coming back for more…

(She swears the thing that made all the difference in her love life, that took her from getting tons of first dates but no second dates to being in the best relationship of her life is this program here.)

Whew – I’m in mid-life, so I’m pooped now…

Let me know how it goes!

And, as ever, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love – at every age!

Carol Allen

P.S. Interviewing my friends and other experts doing great work is my favorite thing (next to being in women’s circles), so I hope you’ll listen to this great time we had, and the powerful info. they shared.

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