REPLAY – Relationship Magic and Sizzling Sex Tips With Susan Bratton… OH MY!

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Okay, I know I can be a tad enthusiastic… and may seem a bit excitable.

And I’ll admit I’ve been accused of being prone to hyperbole a time or two.

But I mean it when I say that last night’s “Love is in the Stars Radio” was SMOKING HOT…


My guest, sexpert and relationship magician Susan Bratton, was AWESOME.

And the women who showed up and chimed in were, too. And they WENT FOR IT…

Everything about it exceeded my (already high) expectations.

First, Susan shared her genius wisdom as to how to give your partner your “Relationship Satisfaction Blueprint” by knowing and communicating your core values in way they can hear…

(Which is seriously powerful enough to save you years of therapy, and tons of wasted effort on the wrong guys.)

I thought that was our “money’s worth” in itself.

But then she got to the good stuff and talked about sex.

And I’m NOT exaggerating when I say (again!) that I learned things from her I’ve NEVER heard anywhere before.

Best of all, everything she shared was THE BEST NEWS!!!!

(Like that we have THE BEST sex of our lives in our fifties and sixties and beyond – Susan has clients having incredible sex in the 90s! And that we can all revive our “atrophied” private parts no matter our age or what we’ve been through. We just need to know how! And we don’t even need a partner…)

There were questions about Female Ejaculation (or “squirting” as Susan called it – something she swears we can ALL learn to do!), erectile dysfunction, how to talk to men in bed so they’ll do what you want AND want to, and so much more.

Most of all, Susan offered SO MUCH HOPE, and told us we have SO MUCH POWER.

I’ve been getting the best emails and Facebook comments all night.

One anonymous woman posted to us in the “chat”:

“Great stuff! Best webinar I’ve listened to in a long time.”

Another, all the way in Stockholm, Sweden (where it was 2 a.m.) wrote:

“Thank you!! It’s one of the most precious and beautiful presents I have received for my birthday.”

And yet another said:

“Loved your call tonight Carol Allen – you did a great job on Q & A & Susan Bratton was fabulous! Thanks … you answered my key questions.”

If you’d like to find out how to have the most clarity in your relationships on how to MAKE each other happy, as well as how to have the best time in bed with a lover you’ve ever had…

Then listen here.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to grab a free book by Susan with four fabulous sex tips we should all heed (and we all need!).

And discover how to set your relationships up to make you both happy from the start with her oh-so-simple-but-profound book on values here (less than $10).

Until next time, have a great weekend, and I’ll try to calm down…

Much love,


P.S. I don’t want to give it away, but Susan actually said you have the power to MAKE A MAN’s member GROW… (and I don’t mean for just a few minutes in the way that you think. I mean there are things you can do to – like any muscle – make it stronger and bigger! I couldn’t make this up if I tried… you GOTTA listen!)

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