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If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, then you’ve likely noticed I tend to write for WOMEN looking for MEN.

This is for a few reasons… The first being that I’ve always been a “boy crazy” girl, so I can speak to women looking for men from my own experience.

The second reason being that in my 23 years of working with clients as an astrologer, 99.9% of my clients have been boy crazy girls.

(Seriously – men only come to see me when dragged by a woman, and I can count on one hand the number of lesbians who’ve called… unless they just didn’t mention it!)

So, when I decided to help spread the message of love in the stars in a larger way, I decided to tailor it to the same people I’ve always talked to – you know, boy crazy girls…

But I sincerely want EVERYONE to have love… and care deeply about the happiness of men and “girl crazy” girls – and so don’t mean to exclude them here… I just didn’t think they’d want to join my “love is in the stars party.”

But I want to take a moment out of our usual scheduled programming, to pause and reflect on the momentous changes that occurred in the U.S. last week in regards to marriage equality.

If you’re a conservative, traditional person upset by the two decisions handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court last week, you may want to close this newsletter and pretend you didn’t notice it…

If you’re anyone else, this is cause for celebration, big time!

And, amazingly, it can all be seen in the stars! (You know – kinda like everything!)

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?


In astrology, the sign of partnership is Libra.

And, no surprise, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), two major planets that bring change and restructuring have been sitting in the sign of Libra for quite some time.

Saturn (considered “exalted” in Libra) has been there for the first time in thirty years since November of 2011, and Rahu (called a “shadow planet,” a mathematically calculated eclipse point – not a physical planet) has been there for the first time in nineteen years since January of this year.

When Saturn moves into a sign, outmoded ways of being and thinking having to do with the areas of life governed by that sign, are reevaluated, corrected or let go…

When Rahu is in a sign, there are often sudden, BIG reversals and upheavals having to do with that sign – in an untraditional, unconventional, rule-breaking way.

So, Saturn came along to Libra and made everyone go, “Hey – this rule that gays can’t marry seems out of step with the times…”

And Rahu came along to Libra and made everyone go, “Hey – it doesn’t matter that this has never been the definition of marriage before. Doing things the way they’ve always been done doesn’t matter if the way they’ve always been done isn’t the RIGHT way. Let’s buck the system and replace it with a better system, no matter how many rules we have to break…”

(It’s interesting to note that the last time Saturn and Rahu were together in the “sign of relationships and partnerships” was in 1865, when the Civil War ended, giving slaves the right to legal unions, too!! Yup, before that time they couldn’t legally wed, because you can’t legally wed when you’re considered property… ugh…)

The other thing about Saturn being in Libra, is that – as I mentioned – Saturn is exalted in Libra. When a planet is “exalted” it means that its highest, best qualities come forward. In astrology, Saturn is associated with fairness and equality, anyway – it’s the planet of the underdog, the common man, the populace – and when in Libra, it tends to LIFT up and democratize everything, so everyone has an equal say and an equal stand…


I wrote last month that Jupiter switched signs for the first time in just over a year, moving into the sign of Gemini for the first time since 1990.

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of marriage and the law. (Venus is the planet of love, romance, and sex, but Jupiter is in charge of legal unions.)

Gemini, it’s interesting to note, is a sign often associated with homosexuality and bi-sexuality (or, as one of my teachers used to say, “Try-sexuality,” when referring to people who’d try anything or anyone at least once… ha ha). This is because Gemini is the only sign that is symbolized by TWO people, who are both a male and female.

It’s what’s called a “dual” or “mutable” sign, meaning it easily changes and adapts, and sees all sides of a situation.

So, Jupiter, the planet of marriage, only just recently moving into Gemini, a changeable sign associated with homosexuality that sees all sides of things, is a big reason this happened…

(It also MUST be mentioned that Jupiter is all about ENLIGHTENMENT and EXPANSION and FREEDOM, and Gemini happens to be the 7th house – the house of partnership and the public! – in the chart of the U.S. So, Jupiter moving into Gemini created FREEDOM and EXPANSION in the area of partnership, uplifting the public.

People, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…)


Mercury, the planet of contracts, paperwork, and agreements, went into retrograde the day before this all went down, on the 26th. When Mercury is in retrograde, unfinished business comes back to be revisited and redone. We “dust things off,” fix things up, and take them to the next level…

In the chart of the U.S., Mercury – being the astrological “ruler” of the sign of Gemini – rules the “house” of partnership.

So, when it went retrograde (causing change and restructuring to the U.S. definition of marriage), it was just one more (of many!) factors that sealed the deal…

It seems the cosmos are all for gay marriage, too, so perhaps soon we’ll be seeing this phenomenon not just in other states and countries across – maybe there will be gay weddings on other planets, too!

(Can you tell it’s getting late?)

Until next time, may God and his planets and stars shower you with legally-supported love!

Carol Allen

P.S. If you’re in a same-sex relationship (or want to be) and would like to know if you’re compatible with someone, you CAN get a “Right Man Report” and look to the ancient technique of India used to arrange marriages – even if your relationship doesn’t include a man!

Here’s what to do – the report is actually mostly gender-neutral… it just asks at the top who “the man” is, and who “the woman” is, so that it can tell the reader how “the man” and “woman” will feel (instead of naming them). It also DOES look at the topic of “who is the initiator” as it is best in boy/girl relationships if this is “the boy.”

So, if you want to determine this, when it asks for “the man” put in the person who tends to be the initiator. (The “topper,” as they say…) And then go ahead and see what the report has to say, and please forgive me for the pronouns!

Love is love, and the “rules” of relationships work for all of us… In fact, the most rigorous, scientific study on relationships of all time (by the Gottman Institute), has found that same-sex couples have a lot of advantages over opposite sex couples, since they have an “inborn” understanding of each other (they “speak the same language”) that opposite sex couples don’t enjoy…
P.P.S. A couple of months ago, I happened to catch an episode of Charlie Rose in which he interviewed one of the leading lawyers arguing for marriage equality before the highest court in the land. I was amazed to discover that the two attorneys leading the charge on behalf of the gay community had been bitter opponents years before in one of the other most famous supreme court cases of all time – Bush v. Gore.

Did you get that? The guys who fought over THAT huge controversy back in 2000 when the presidential election was essentially a dead tie – the guy who represented Bush, and the guy who represented Gore – came together for this.

And that means one guy (the Bush lawyer) is a super duper conservative republican, and the other guy is a democrat.

Turns out even the super duper conservative republican guy thinks that marriage is a fundamental right, and that gays were being treated unfairly by the law to not be able to exercise that right… And so the old political and professional enemies decided to come together and join forces.

In this hour-long interview, the democratic attorney explained why he was certain the court would hand down the very decisions they did, explaining the legal precedents over time that ensured they’d have to. I’m so glad he was right!

Let Freedom Ring!!!


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