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Hillary Clinton March 2016

This was written days after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy…

I’m sure you’ve heard the big news. Yup, Hilary finally announced on Sunday what we all pretty much figured…. She’s running for president – again.

Now, no matter your politics, you’ve gotta appreciate how momentous this is…

A woman is running for president of the United States, people!

And she’s got MASSIVE support (and massive opposition) to do so! (It’s expected that she’ll raise and spend more than a whopping $2 BILLION trying to get the job…)

Despite being progressive and ground breaking in so many ways, the U.S. is downright lame when it comes to women’s participation in politics, lagging far behind must of the rest of the “civilized” world.

India has had a female Prime Minister… So has England. Germany CURRENTLY has a woman in the “top job” –  Angela Merkel – and she’s considered one of the most powerful people (if not THE most powerful) in the world because of Germany’s strong economy and power in the European Union.

Many countries have quotas that must be met for female participation in their representation.

This excerpt from an article in USA TODAY back in 2012 says it all:

“Eighty-nine is the number of nations that still surpass the U.S. in terms of women’s representation in government. Some nations not known for human rights. Nations such as RwandaUgandaTajikistanSouth Africa and Cuba. Given all its wealth and principle, our country still ranks an embarrassing 90th out of 186 worldwide.

“In March India voted to require 30% female representation in government. In January, France voted to require 40% female board membership in business. Today, half of all national governments include some form of legally required minimums for women, while the U.S. remains on the sidelines of an international race to equality. Our absence offers a clear reminder that other countries — and many countries considered less advanced — deal more openly than Americans on issues of gender inequity.

“Though our own government would never consider such mandates, we could surely tackle the structural impediments to equal representation. The gender representation gap — women make up only 17% of Congress, but 51% of the U.S. population — demands as much.”

The biggest problem with this? It’s been found that when women aren’t in the room, women’s issues (and children’s, as well) are not supported – if they’re so much as mentioned at all.

Did you get that? When we’re not in on “the conversation” we do not benefit from the decisions!!!

This is why we all have to THANK Hilary for at least trying to “normalize” the idea, no matter if you agree with her politics, and whether she wins or not.

As for whether she will…


I’ve spent the last two days on astrology chat sites, pestering my mentors, and checking seventeen charts to try to figure out what the heck I think about it all…and my head is exploding.


There’s confusion about the “official” announcement chart.

(When a candidate “throws their hat into the ring” – you cast a chart for the moment the person shares the news, and that chart can shed light on how it will all go…)

It was “pre-announced” in the media on Saturday that she WOULD announce on Sunday…

Then it was planned that she’d let the world in on the no-longer- big-secret on Sunday at noon by posting her “I wanna be your champion” video on her website, and then Tweeting it to the world.

Simple enough… But her campaign was having “server” problems (???) and wasn’t able to post the video until hours later.

(I’m sorry, but REALLY? What is this, 1996? Everyone and their grandmother’s cat has a website these days, and if low-budget, technologically LAME little old me can figure out how to have a website with video clips, and is able to send something out to my email list EVERY OTHER DAY, then I don’t see why Hilary and her bazillion dollar dream team can’t get it together…)

This is where the story gets murky for someone like me.


Her campaign manager sent an email to staffers and key supporters at 2:33 p.m. that the video was ready to go… but it wasn’t actually put on her site until a little after 3 p.m., and then it appeared on Facebook at 3:10 p.m. Hilary finally Tweeted the world at 3:27 p.m.

So, what time, and thus what chart do we use as the “hat in the ring” moment? The chart for the “pre-announcement” the day before? The chart for the time her campaign manager emailed staffers and key players? The chart of when the video was posted to her site? Hilary’s Tweet?

(Or, my favorite – the chart for when Saturday Night Live brilliantly spoofed the whole thing?)

My colleagues who specialize in “World predictions” and politics say what matters most isn’t the chart of the announcement… but the chart of the candidates themselves.

This makes my head explode all over again…

Hilary’s birth time isn’t verified. Astrologers seem to have narrowed the possibilities down to two options, one in the morning and one in the evening, with most using the time in the morning.

So, we aren’t sure of her birth chart, either.


What are we sure of?

Well, there are a few things, and they aren’t great…

Remember those pesky eclipses (total Solar and total Lunar) just last week, and two weeks before that? Well, the combo of the Solar eclipse is still present (the Sun is still with Ketu, an eclipse point) until mid-week this week.

So, Hilary’s announcement chart (as well as Republican candidate Marco Rubio’s, yesterday) has the Sun being eclipsed in Pisces.

That ain’t great… the Sun is the “King” of our solar system.

You don’t want it eclipsed in a chart having anything to do with becoming an authority of any kind.

Then, the Moon is in Capricorn being strongly aspected by Saturn in Scorpio.

And that is NOT fun. The Moon indicates the emotional nature of a situation, and Saturn is an unhappy influence.

Saturn aspecting the Moon indicates that Hilary won’t feel supported… and she won’t have a happy campaign, won’t exude optimism in her talks and media appearances, and likely won’t have a happy outcome. (Which could mean anything – it’s not a particularly “happy” gig – take a look at any “before” and “after” photos of presidents and how they seem to age decades in just four years.)

It also means her campaign will start off hard, and get slowly easier as it goes… (her team’s technology glitches yesterday already reflect that!).

Mars is powerful in Aries in the 4th house from the Moon in this chart, and that means what we already know – she’ll be constantly on the road, glad-handing voters, and kissing babies.

Mars is strongly aspecting Jupiter in Cancer, and this helps to encourage the idea that she will raise beaucoup bucks. (Jupiter and Mars are often seen together in some way in the charts of wealthy people and businesses…)

The best thing in the chart? Venus, the planet of WOMEN is SUPER STRONG in the sign of Taurus, in the 5th house from the Moon, which is glorious and promises what I said above – Hilary’s bid for president will help promote the issue of women being in politics at all, and will help women’s issues get more positive attention and support.

So, what do I think? I think we need to wait and see who she’s up against… but there’s something I’m very concerned about.


In Vedic astrology there are five ways we look at “the quality of time.” A chart can SEEM weak or strong, but when you look deeper at these “quality of time” issues, a strong chart can become weaker, and a weak chart can become stronger… and a good chart can become great, and a bad chart can become downright tragic.

On Sunday, the five things we look to for this were mixed, with the most important of them being BAD.

These five things make up what is called “The Panchanga” of a day, and it involves looking at the day of the week, constellation of the Moon (which is good for some things, but not good for others, depending on the activity), lunar day, lunar half day, distance between the Sun and the Moon, and then a combination of a few of these factors at once (the day of the week, lunar day, and constellation of the day).

For big events, it’s this LAST thing that matters most…

So for something as MASSIVELY challenging as  trying to BECOME THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, and the FIRST women in the history of EVER to do so (in 240 years, to be exact!) you HAVE to have this working for you…

There are beautiful and horrifying descriptions given to the various “day of the week/lunar day/constellation” combos (literally called “Vara Tithi Nakshatra Yoga” – sorry if I just made YOUR head explode!).

Some are especially lovely and have names like “three lotus flowers” and “auspicious” and “accomplishment” while others are especially negative and have names like “death bell,” “bad luck,” and “calamities.”

On Sunday, for ALL of the possible announcement charts for Hilary, the “Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yoga” was called “death,” and “loss.”


That, combined with the eclipsed Sun, Moon squished by Saturn, and ruling planet of the whole chart in the 8th house (which I didn’t even mention – indicating DISAPPOINTMENT for Hilary and MORE scandals we have yet to hear about, and tons of sudden ups and downs), makes me glad I’m not Hilary Clinton.


So, more will be revealed, as they say!

She’s a brave woman, who is going to need a lot of positive mojo.


Now, as I think I’ve made clear, I don’t specialize in predicting politics.

I barely read the newspaper or watch the news, and I get ENORMOUSLY depressed about politics when I do.

(The majority of Americans report in polls that they feel, as I do, that the system is broken. I always tell my ultra conservative relatives when they start lecturing me on why I should get involved and be more informed, and why they typically hate the candidates I like, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”)

I prefer to focus on LOVE.


So, you may be wondering what the heck the stars say about Hilary and Bill, and how they’ve managed to stay together all these years with all their dramas, scandals, pressures, rumors, innuendo, media scrutiny, time apart, and more…

Are they still even really a couple, or is it all for their mutual political benefit?

Are they more of a “brand” than husband and wife?

That depends on what your definition of “is” is… (Okay, if you get that joke, meet me at the next AARP meeting!)

It’s getting late, so I’ll just say a couple of crazy amazing things…

When we look at the compatibility technique used in “the Right Man Report” – they have a decent “wavelength” score, so would have good basic agreement between them.

But there are some big problems.

There’s one way that Hilary has been a “leader” for decades… it’s with Bill. When the woman is “the leader” in a couple, she feels that she is in the more masculine role.

Interestingly, in their early years together, she was the bread winner.

This also – over time – can make the woman feel more bonded sexually to the man than the man is to her.

Bill DEFINITELY has combinations that indicate he’d be sexually impulsive and voracious… (Mars is in his first house, with debilitated Venus. Porn stars often have this!) So you could argue that he’d be less bonded to a woman than ANY woman would be to him.

(Scientists say about 40% of men have a hard time “pair bonding” to one woman, and being faithful… it’s even hard for them to just focus on one woman emotionally. It’s how they are WIRED and is NOT something a woman should think is her fault… or because of how she looks or behaves… why don’t they teach us THAT in Sex Ed.?)

Mars in a man’s first house (also known as his “rising sign,” or “ascendant”) is difficult for marriage, but great for politics… it makes him motivated, decisive, brave and able to speak well “on the fly.”

Interestingly, scandal-ridden former Vice Presidential candidate Senator John Edwards has this placement, too.

When I ran a “Chart His Heart Report” on Bill Clinton to determine his relationship capacity, it said this:

Independent Mars is right next to this man’s ascendant. Mars can actually give a man a lot of desirable qualities such as strength of character, strong will, an action centered personality and a logical nature, so it’s really easy for a woman to fall in love with a man with this Mars position. The downside is that Mars needs his independence more than he needs a woman. Mars is happy single, does his best on spur of the moment adventures and can find the committed relationship lifestyle to be a bit boring. Not to mention, Mars does not want to be held back by anyone or anything, including the love of his life. So regardless of how much this man may love you, he will still need a lot of independence. He will be really strong in doing what he needs for himself and will never sacrifice that for a relationship. If you are the type of woman who can give this man a lot of independence, and if the things that he is focused on accomplishing in his life do not conflict with a relationship, then you can have a good relationship. But if you need this man available all the time or if his ambitions too great, then this Mars position will be the source of a lot of frustration in the relationship. 

And, for his placement of Rahu in his chart (another eclipse point), it said this:

“A man needs to be aware of how his actions are making others feel, something this Rahu position often neglects.”

One other big bugaboo in the astrological compatibility between Hilary and Bill is the fact that they have a combination between them called “Misfortune.”

There are a few ways that this can show up, and theirs indicates they’d have a hard time creating things together…

Which is interesting, because when Bill was president, he made the unprecedented move to appoint her to a major role, to lead the charge for Universal Healthcare… and it failed miserably.

Then, when she ran for the presidential candidacy in 2008 (which she didn’t get, Obama did, in case you didn’t know or don’t recall…), things were going well until Bill started talking to the media, hoping to support her. He instead offended voters by referring to Obama’s campaign as a big “fairy tale” and snarkily minimizing Obama’s win in the South Carolina primary by comparing him to Jesse Jackson.


Hilary and Bill have some very nice connections for love and communication, so no matter the true nature of their relationship, I sincerely believe they are close friends and confidantes.

I personally want to thank Hilary for her fearless willingness to represent the women of America, and I wish her luck with her campaign… and look forward to more hilarious SNL sketches.

If you’d like to know if the man in your life is perhaps too independent to be a good husband (or too angry, depressed, inconsistent, sensitive, workaholic, or more) – should you wholeheartedly ENDORSE him, or IMPEACH him? (Okay, it’s getting REALLY late now.) Check out his “relationship capacity” here.

To discover if the two of you are on the same “wavelength” and can easily agree on the important things of life (can he be the leader in your relationship, or will you always feel that the pressure is on YOU? Can you create things together that SUCCEED, or do they fall apart? Will your life together be riddled with “misfortunes” or will it be blessed?), check out “the Right Man Report” here.

(These two reports are both just under $20, and can save you sooo much confusion and heartache!)

Whew – this was ridiculously long… much like presidential campaigns!

Until next time, may God and HER planets and stars shower you with love!

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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