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I used to write about celebrity charts a lot… and it’s always gotten a big reaction.

People I never would’ve dreamt would be interested (like the stuffy university professor husband of a friend of mine, and my clients in their 70s who are retired from “real” jobs in big corporate positions), all go cuckoo for the celestial and planetary fortunes of the rich and famous.

But it always kind of made me feel slimy.

This is a divine science, after all.

And I don’t know these people. And having their astrology charts is a bit like having access to the map and train schedule of their very souls…

And who the hell am I to comment on that stuff, unasked? But the cacophony of requests I’ve received to take a looksy at Taylor and Travis has become deafening, so I’m succumbing.

(I’ve decided to offset the “slime” by only saying “nice” things… Which is pretty easy to do! ;))

Sadly, Taylor’s birth time isn’t certain – there are two rumored to be hers. And Travis’ is unknown.

But there’s still much I can say… (because, thankfully, on their birthdays the most important influences don’t switch signs. Whew!)

So let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

The Stars of Superstars…

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), Taylor Swift is everything we’ve seen her be.

She’s a Scorpio (one of the “power” signs), with the oh-so-ambitious, strong, passionate, athletic planet, Mars, joining the Sun. Mars happens to be extra strong in Scorpio (as it’s the “ruler” of the sign), making it very helpful in enabling Taylor stand up to her “haters” and the music business “powers that be.”

Not to mention, to help her tirelessly put on three-hour shows with 40+ songs, in giant arenas all over the world!

Her Moon sign is in Gemini, known for its multi-talented versatility, entrepreneurship, and writing and composing abilities.

Scorpio and Gemini, it’s interesting to note, are noted for helping a person have success early in life.

More important than what signs make up her chart, however, is what are called “Yogas” – the combinations formed between the planets, signs, and sections of the chart called “houses.” (Since we don’t know her birth time we can’t determine her houses, but we can read the chart from her Moon sign, and see a lot of yogas without the houses.)

One simple one is to consider how many signs her planets are in (this technique doesn’t include the outer planets, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus, or the eclipse points, Rahu and Ketu).

For both Taylor and Travis, that number is four. People who have all of their planets in four signs are considered to have high character, and always be productive, able to generate their own opportunities, improve upon whatever they are doing, and make money. (Uh… yeah, just kind of. ;))

Another simple yoga we look to is to consider what kind of signs the bulk of their planets and the Sun and Moon are in… and again, in both of their cases, they’re mostly in what are known as “mutable” signs. The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are the most adaptable, flexible, versatile, and, well, changeable.

People with this commonly have a lot of “chapters” in their lives – can live a lot of different places, have a lot of different skills and therefore jobs, and partner with a lot of different kinds of people.

(This is certainly true of Taylor, as we all likely know, who has been paired with many boyfriends, and plays multiple instruments in several musical genres – pop, country, folk, rock, and alternative – and owns at least ten homes in numerous cities all over the country…)

And Travis was so famous for enjoying “variety” in his social life, that he had his own reality television show called “Catching Kelce” on which he met and dated one woman from every U.S. State! 😉

Taylor’s been paired with numerous celebrity dates and mates (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.), and is best known for her breakup songs those experiences inspired and this isn’t a surprise, as the planet of fame and DRAMA (or should I say “melodrama?”), Rahu, is with Venus, the planet of love and romance. When Venus and Rahu join, it can create obsession and the highest of highs and lowest of lows in the private life.

They’re in the sign of Capricorn, which is a “late-blooming” sign, and part of why Taylor has not married yet.

As for Travis, he has the Sun in the sign of Virgo, with both Mars and Mercury. Mars/Sun people are athletic and aggressive, and Mars/Mercury people can be blunt and direct (did you see him yelling at the coach during the Super Bowl? That was a tad intense…)

What’s impressive about the Sun in his chart, is that the “ruler” of the sign it’s in is exalted (Mercury in Virgo is the ruler, and is in its most powerful sign). This imbues the Sun – which is the indicator of the career, confidence, and masculinity of a man – with a lot of strength and oomph…

What strikes me most in Travis’s chart in terms of his massive success (he’s won THREE Super bowls!) is the relationship between the Sun and the planets with it, and the Moon… the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in his 11th house from his Moon sign. (Virgo in relationship to Scorpio.)

When looking up what this means in ancient texts, it’s pretty crazy…

They say things like, “The native will attain an illustrious position, honor, wealth, and freedom,” and, “Enables one to exercise power and authority over the country, elevation to leadership of a village and general happiness,” and “Bestows position, health, and wealth. Favors and success in all actions.”

Check… check… check…

Venus is the indicator of women in a man’s chart, and he has Venus in the super sexy sign of Scorpio (oh gee – at EXACTLY the same degree of Scorpio as Taylor’s Mars. That’s HOT!!) with his Moon. My ancient book says the most hilarious thing about this:

“The native will act the part of a bee on the lotus of the face of an intoxicated, or proud, young beloved…”

So, I’m guessing Travis has met a few ladies who’ve responded well to him before running into Taylor. 😉

The Compatibility of Travis and Taylor…

Although I don’t have their birth times, there’s some important things I can for sure see between their stars.

In Vedic astrology we care most about the compatibility of the Moon signs, as that is what reveals how two people will FEEL together, and if they will want the same things in life.

Hers is in Gemini, his is in Scorpio.

Those are pretty darn different signs… Scorpio is INTENSE and DEEP.

Gemini is LIGHT and likes to stay on the surface of things…

But I said I was going to stay all positive. 😉

I think their chemistry is AMAZING. (The exact Mars/Venus conjunction between them that I mentioned above.)

Their Sun signs are better together (being in the position of “friend and family” to one another), and I love that his Venus is in the same sign as her Sun. This is one of my favorite friendship connections between two people.

His Moon sign is the same as her Sun sign, and that makes two people feel familiar and connected right away… It’s very bonding.

It’s best if it’s the man’s Sun with the woman’s Moon and not the other way around, as the Moon is more sensitive and feminine, and the Sun is more “the leader.”

(He may feel that he “revolves” around her, as the Moon does the earth… and both do the Sun.)

Because I don’t have their birth times, I can’t be 100% sure of their “Right Man Report” and look to the incredible 15-step compatibility technique we have that’s been used for centuries (and perhaps millennia) to arrange marriages. No matter their birth times this technique does say that Taylor is “the leader,” and may always be ready for what’s next before he is.

What’s interesting to mention is Taylor is the oldest of two siblings, and Travis is the youngest of two… and those are complimentary positions, and does put him in the more “laid back” role to her “authoritative” position. Birth order has been found to be very impactful on our relationship success or failure, and complementary positions are recommended. 😉

They’re also likely to share a connection called “Sense of Purpose” (it’s present between their charts unless they are both born in the first couple of hours of their birthdays). This is an extra special “soulmate” connection that makes two people feel a lot of meaning and purpose together.

The Timing Between Them…

Both Taylor and Travis’s charts point to things getting more serious in the Spring when Jupiter, the planet of grace and blessings, moves into Taurus, the sign of partnership in relationship to his Moon and Venus (the two planets of women and “the wife” in his chart) and her Sun and Mars (the two planets of men and “the King” in hers) for a year.

He has the kind of temperament that indicates that once he’s in, he’s ALL IN… (Ladies – I HIGHLY recommend you find a man that has his Moon and Venus in a “fixed” sign – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – as these are the most loyal signs that enable a man to be happy to focus on just one woman and stay in long relationships. It’s what I did! ;))

So hopefully she won’t crush him like a bug…

As for why they’ve both been in such an insanely expansive time (with her world tour raking in BILLIONS, being chosen as People Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2023, her recent Grammy wins, and his third Super bowl win…!!), it’s easy to see in Taylor’s chart…

She’s had Jupiter, the planet of success and abundance, in the very best position to her Moon since last April, the 11th house. My ancient book says about this time, “Huge profits… Elevation to a distinguished station in life.”

And neither of them have Saturn, the planet of delays, setbacks, obstacles, and loneliness blocking them now (at least not from their Sun or Moon signs, which are the most important). Whew!

What Chinese Astrology and Numerology would say…

When I don’t have a person’s birth time, and can’t look up their whole chart and all of their combinations, I like to see what Chinese astrology and numerology have to add to the story, because they can give amazing “brush strokes” with just the birth date.

According to Chinese astrology, both Taylor and Travis were born the year of the Earth Snake (1989).

Earth Snakes are thought to be delightful, entertaining, level-headed, great investors, deliberate, and thoughtful people who love animals! (My favorite thing about Taylor is she is a fellow crazy cat lady! 🙂

Each of the 12 Chinese signs has two other signs that are the most compatible with them, and all are considered compatible with others of the same sign.

This current year (the year of the Dragon, which just began last weekend) is supposed to be a good year for those born the year of the Snake.

In numerology, Travis is a “master” number, 33. (If you add up all the numbers of his birth date, 10/5/1989, it’s 33.)

People born on a day that adds up to 11, 22, or 33 are considered exceptional. 33 is especially thought to be sensitive and expressive, and family-oriented. (All things Travis seems to be.)

His birth date is a 5, which is the number for fun and pleasure.

Taylor’s numbers all add up to 34, which is then added together to become 7. 34/7’s are considered geniuses, who need to spend a lot of time alone. (Which artists always do, or they can’t master their art…)

Her birth date is a 13, which becomes a 4. 4’s are thought to be the hardest workers, able to put their heads down, taking big projects to completion. (I think her 14 albums attest to that!)

I sincerely wish Taylor and Travis the best… and look forward to watching their continued world domination unfold. (But mostly I look forward to seeing her get more cats. ;))

And may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!


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