Trump’s indictments – Why now? What the stars have to say…

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The legal challenges against former President Trump keep escalating, and on August 14th the state of Georgia charged him with his fourth indictment this year, this time citing felony racketeering and numerous conspiracy charges among the 41-counts. 18 co-conspirators including members of his staff, his legal team, officials in the Republican party, and fake electors are also named…

The President has led a (mostly) charmed life, with seeming unstoppable, untouchable protections, always able to “bounce back” and prevail even when things seem otherwise… So, why now? Why has his legal luck changed, and has it really, or is this all just a bureaucratic process that will lead to nothing?

See what the AMAZINGLY nuanced and chillingly accurate insights of Vedic astrology have to say, looking to Trump’s astrology chart – his planetary periods, the transits of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in relationship to his chart – and the myriad ways they spell out EXACTLY what is happening now with hair-splitting specificity and mind-blowing accuracy.

The ancient seers knew what they were doing. May God bless America.


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